I will scatter them, and then I will gather them: Deuteronomy 4:27; 28:64; 32:26; Isaiah 11:12

Jeremiah 23:8 / Read about the African Slave Trade in Deuteronomy 28 th Chapter. 




N E W S L E T T E R #14 




"Take direct action against the U.S. government!"  Dr. Robert Brock 







Note from the REPNOW Newsletter Editor: 


Just when you think things are settling down, WHAM, you find a need to put on some hip boots because of the deepening muck floating around involving first one thing and then another with politics taking center stage.  The Scriptures say, "There is no peace to the wicked."  But then amid all the feces hitting the fan, there is increasing HOPE for the Reparations Movement.   


If you were watching the Fox News (Cable) Channel on February 19, 2001, this past Monday night on Paula Zahn's program, you had an opportunity to see and hear one of OUR fearless, voice "our" concerns for Reparations for descendants of Slaves.  Sitting in for Ms. Paula Zahn was John Gifford hosting a debate on Reparations for descendants of Slaves between Julianne Malneaux, the Syndicated Columnist and David Horowitz of the Center for Study of Popular Culture.   Surely you have had the unpleasant experience of hearing him or reading one of his biased articles that totally declass and humiliate Blacks.  Because Horowitz reiterates the thinking of the Slave Masters, there is no question that his forebears were the master minds of this lucrative Slave Trade in Blacks out of Africa.  It's his caliber of White folks who continue to think that Blacks are insignificant and can endure and tolerate oppression and affliction and do not deserve compensation for our human rights being violated since being stolen from the shores of Africa. 


Horowitz, the epitome of sleaze, had the nerve to say that Blacks seeking Reparations were "the mother of all shakedowns and extortion operations and benefited from Slavery."  He also said that "Blacks should be thankful that their ancestors were brought to the States, and that it was time for Blacks to stop whining."    


[I guess Horowitz is afraid that the flow of billions of dollars to Israel every single year and into White Jewish programs will diminish when Blacks receive Reparations for upgrading the ghettoes, establishing quality schools, receiving better healthcare, obtaining funds for small businesses, and for moving out of the United States to pursue the happiness that is unfounded in the United States because of people like him.] 


Of course Ms. Malneaux was objecting to every degrading statement he made, and she did not back down off that racist bigot, either. And when addressing one of her statements, he had the nerve to say that (White) Jews were not involved in the African Slave Trade.  Either the man has a poor education, or he is afraid to admit to Jews being the Mother of all Slave Traders for fear of repercussions from his fellow cohorts. I guess he doesn't know that there are some Jews who have already admitted to this heinous atrocity, therefore, his efforts to divert attention from the Jews will not work.  Actually, there are many books written by White Jews confirming their involvement in the African Slave Trade.  How do you think Blacks found out about it!!!    Awww, but it's all coming out in the wash - all of it - slowly but surely, and the best truth of all is yet to be revealed.    


Julianne Malveaux made it quite clear that a debt must be paid to descendants of Slaves.  She was emphatic and clear that people [Blacks and Whites] are ignorant concerning the history of Slavery, and need to know what Slavery was all about.  Ms. Malveaux stated that the country needs to acknowledge the evils of Slavery, pay Reparations, and then discuss the dollar amount.  She said that the United States should "institutionally make us whole."  Ms. Malveaux was right on the money in just about every respect! 


By the way, did you know that ten cities are involved in the thrust for Reparations?  Well, guess what?  Don't feel too badly; I didn't know it either!  John Gifford, the man subbing for Paula Zahn made this revelation.  I am learning that it pays to watch the Fox News Cable Channel and C-Span, and I am finding myself glued to these stations more than ever. Not that they are catering 100% to airing Black concerns, but because they are trying really hard to be fair to all their viewers by giving everyone an opportunity to have their say.   




Almost two weeks ago, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Mary Robinson was on C-Span.  You should have seen me getting myself together to call in to speak with her on Reparations.  That is certainly a matter for a Human Rights Commissioner, right?!  Well, I got my chance, and I reminded her that she stated she was a voice for those who had none.  Then, I reminded her of the atrocities of the African Slave Trade and the discrimination and race hatred that affects descendants of Slaves today.  I also mentioned that I had written to her several times regarding Blacks being the victims of the worst ethnic cleansing known to man, and that we are also victims of forced migration.  [These are two of her major concerns, but unfortunately she has not equated these crimes with the African Slave Trade.]  I further informed her that we, descendants of Slaves, have never been given the opportunity to leave the countries that took us captives.  I asked her if she would please tell me of plans, if any, for Blacks who seek Reparations for the barbaric human rights atrocities against our forebears and for the human rights crimes committed against us in the White societies in which we now live.  Then I was cut off.  But, GOD knows that I appreciated getting that much said.   Mrs. Robinson IMMEDIATELY started talking about the Slavery that now exists in Africa, but later in her two minute, if that long, response admitted that something must be done for descendants of Slaves.  However, she was vague on exactly what that was.    




A few weeks ago, Tavis Smiley of BET was responsible for presenting a program on The State of Black America Forum/It's About us on C-Span.  Actually, there were two segments to this program and on the forum of both were some very important Black VIP's.  Raymond Brown, MSNBC Legal Analyst was the panel moderator of the first forum with Tom Joyner, the Radio Talk Show Host assisting, as well.   Professor Charles Ogletree, Harvard University Law Professor and one of the 100 "Influential Lawyers in America" hosted the second forum.  The discussions were interesting and worthwhile, dealing with discrimination/racism, racial profiling, unfair economic practices, healthcare, talk of a "plan," etc., etc., and "What is the follow up of the forum?"  I listened intently to both forums, sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting nervously for someone to mention Reparations for descendants of Slaves.  None of the members of either forum took the initiative to speak about our right to Reparations.  I was so very disappointed.  However, at the end of the second forum during the question and answer session, thank goodness for N'COBRA's presence: one sister raised the Reparations issue, but little or nothing came from it.   Na'im Akbar said, "Be willing to stand behind it."  That was it, and a few minutes later, the program was over.  Reparations is also "about us," and I hope that Mr. Smiley will organize another forum that will devote the entire discussion to Reparations for descendants of Slaves.    



Remember that man named Pickett who was shot while brandishing a gun and shooting at security guards at the White House?   Ask me how I knew that Pickett was White before is was made public knowledge!  Ask me!  Please ask me!  Well, I'll tell you.   They tried to talk him into putting the gun down, and when he didn't, he was only shot in the leg.   That's how I knew!  Had that been a Black man pointing a gun - just pointing it or going into his pocket for his wallet, they would have shot him 100 times without saying one word to him.   Unfortunately, the Truth is the light, and this speaks volumes about the double standards, injustice, and lack of compassion for Blacks that exists in this White society even in the absence of Slavery. 


Do I think that Blacks and other people of color will ever enjoy happiness, equal opportunities, and justice in White societies?  No, I don't; not EVER!  You might ask, "Well, what about the growing numbers of people of color; won't that make a difference?  After the apartheid regime was eliminated in South Africa, did that at all acquire parity and an equal distribution of wealth for the Black South Africans?  NOT AT ALL - not one iota!  And it won't happen until the Blacks in South Africa are empowered and running their own country.  Blacks are not empowered now nor will they ever be in the United States.   


Don't you know that the reason Whites did not want to educate Blacks is because with education is a burning desire for freedom, liberty, empowerment, and self determination.  Black Africans don't have this in their own White ruled country, nor do Blacks in any White society.  Now that we have access to an education, rarely the best, it's high time we realized that we will never obtain justice, equality, prosperity, and happiness in these United States or in any European country that enslaved people out of Africa.  It doesn't take the chief rocket scientist to verify the truth of this matter.  Regardless of the number of Blacks and other people of color, White folks are not going to relinquish power and authority to descendants of Slaves and make us the "Movers and Shakers."  They would die first!  This is their World System, albeit, a One-sided World System for privileged Whites ONLY, and as long as it exists as such, Black folks don't have a chance in their World.  And you are deluding yourself if you believe otherwise.  Think about it, we have made only marginal progress since 1865, and that "progress" is a travesty. 


So, what to do?  As long as this is a White World, there is but one thing to do.  If we truly want to better the lives of Black Peoples, we must relocate to countries where we can build and establish our own ideals for the betterment of our posterity.  We must:  educate our children according to "our standards," establish our own economic means of industry and trade, exercise self determination and empowerment, and be disciplined to work with and for the prosperity of Black Peoples.  Unfortunately, this could never happen in the United States or any other White dominated society.  They won't allow it.  Let's not forget "Black Wall Street."  But the best chance for this opportunity is in "Africa," the same place from where Slaves were taken.  With Reparations for the raping of "Africa" and for descendants of Slaves, this can be a reality.   Contrary to popular belief, the United States might be a filthy rich "Super Power" nation, but it is not the greatest place on this Earth for Black peoples and for rearing our children. 


Sure, I know that only a fraction of Blacks choose to leave the countries of our captors.  Believe me, I know this all too well.  And if you are among this group, then fight for Reparations to upgrade your Communities, acquire better healthcare and a better educational program for Blacks by Blacks and other people of color, preferred employment practices, and funds for small businesses.  Or, why stay here and live in poverty, disharmony, racism, discrimination, and constant oppression?  Not by any means is this list complete for enduring the institution of Slavery from which we have no legacy and its stigma of chains and servitude.  But it's a fair start.   


Personally, I am among the few who choose to relocate to a friendly country that does not tolerate discrimination and racism and one that satisfies my "religious" needs.  And with Reparations (in addition to establishing the same necessities listed above) we will build a K-12 school, purchase a farm and farm equipment, and establish a Health Center and be happy in serving and worshipping Our GOD.   


Whatever our desires to improve our lot, we must be about speaking out for REPARATIONS NOW IN OUR LIFETIME for descendants of Slaves or resign ourselves to living in oppression and affliction and grieving continuously because of the death of our young Black uneducated men, women, and youth due to drugs and due to an uncaring White society designed specifically to leave us behind and promote our failure. 


WE MUST ALL MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO KEEP REPARATIONS THE BUZZ WORD UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED!  Even the smallest positive mention of Reparations is an honorable mention. 


And by the way, you WANT to read this issue! 


Tziona Yisrael, Editor 

REPNOW Newsletter  





Reparations May Spur Needed Debate  

February 5, 2001  




We're in a real mess in this country when it comes to dealing with racial issues. You know it, and I know it.  We can't even talk honestly about race. There's too much pain and too much resentment. Most everybody hides their true feelings and opinions. It makes us too uncomfortable.   For those reasons and more, I don't think I can write with total honesty about race, either. But I'll do my best.  


I went to the National Reparations Convention that was held over the weekend at McCormick Place. I didn't go there in a supportive frame of mind. I left knowing that this column would be a lot harder to write than I had anticipated. The reparations movement, as you probably know, seeks some form of financial compensation for the descendants of African slaves.  The idea behind reparations is that we've never as a nation faced up to the massive damage inflicted by slavery, which stripped Africans not only of their freedom but also their language, culture and religion and destroyed their family unit.  


The thinking is that the problems created by slavery have been passed from generation to generation, and as you look around at our society, it's hard to say that's not true.  At its essence, the case for reparations is that this created a debt that must be repaid.  The debt is both moral and monetary.  While reparations could take many forms, the proposal that stirs the most interest--and the strongest antipathy--would have the federal government cut a big check to each African American.   There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to become the single biggest debate in our country over the next decade.  I don't need to consult any public opinion polls to know that support for reparations is gaining steam in the black community or that whites are digging in their heels.  


And as much as I may fancy myself a bleeding-heart liberal, I know that the reparations issue stirs a negative reaction in me, too.  I'm aware of my own prejudice, which still lingers somewhere in my gut despite my efforts to purge it and overcome it.  I figure most white people are the same way, but I don't really know because it's not something anybody talks about.  


I grew up in an all-white town outside Peoria, an experience that I don't think was that different from growing up in a white suburb of Chicago.  We were raised not to be prejudiced but exposed to bigotry at many turns. Prejudice is a poison easier to get into your system than to expel.  That's why I've always felt that all people could really do was to acknowledge their biases to themselves and try to deal with them--and to dedicate themselves to making sure they weren't passed along to the next generation. Maybe it was some hidden prejudice that caused me to respond negatively to the concept of reparations.  Maybe it was the feeling of being blamed for something I didn't do, or more than that, of getting punished for something I didn't do.  Maybe it was the sense that paying out a bunch of money isn't going to help the underlying problems of racial animosity.  


At the reparations convention, I was reminded how little I really know about slavery and the African peoples who were enslaved.  I listened to the genealogy expert who explained how probate records of plantation owners could help them find their ancestors because slaves were listed by name on the property schedules.  I saw the photos of the "barbecues"--the remains of black men who were lynched and torched, not during slavery but during the century that we just put behind us.  I talked to Ald. Ed Smith (28th), who still knows the pain of growing up in a segregated Mississippi and being sent to the back of the bus.  


As I sat there, it occurred to me that what we really need is some sort of national sensitivity training, which the reparations debate could provide. At the end of it, maybe we'll have to pay out some money, or maybe we'll find it's not necessary.  


You might as well get it started today: Ask a co-worker of another race about reparations, and hope for an honest answer.  


E-mail Mark Brown at markbrown@sun times.com.  





At the recent African regional preparatory meeting for the World Conference Against Racism both the non-governmental organizations (which met first) and the countries of Africa, stated that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was a crime Against Humanity and that reparations are due.  The attached document gives some flavor of the opposition to these truths.  Please spread the information as widely as you can and plan now on how to get to South Africa August 28-September 7. 



Contributed by Rhazard, N'COBRA 





Some 170 Non-governmental organisations and representatives of African and international civil societies have recommended that slavery, slave trade and colonisation be declared as crimes against humanity. The recommendation is contained in a document titled the "Dakar Declaration", which was adopted Tuesday in Senegalese capital, following their 2021 January forum. The declaration has been forwarded to the African regional meeting, which ends on Wednesday after preparing the continent's position document for the world conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance, to be held in Durban, South Africa from 31st August to 7 September 2001.  


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, attended the African conference, opened Monday by Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade. In that declaration, the NGOs asked the African conference closing on Wednesday evening to "recognise and declare that slavery, slave trade and colonisation, of which the African continent and the Diaspora suffered, are crimes against humanity."  It calls for the recognition of the right of Africans in the continent and the Diaspora to "fair and equitable compensation."  


The position of the NGO's contradicts President Abdoulaye Wade's claim in his opening address the previous day that racism was no longer a "major problem" in the current world.  Wade shocked the audience by saying he personally disagreed with those who have been pressing for financial compensation on behalf of the black race, which suffered enormously as a result of racism. This declaration was not well received by several participants, including some within the Senegalese delegation.  A member of the team preparing the conference's final draft document told PANA that the Dakar meeting could suggest the creation of a compensatory mechanism for victims of slavery and a compensation fund for development. Wade's statement was also received with reservations by non-governmental human rights organisations, who have been pressing for reparations to blacks who suffered enormously under slave trade and slavery. 


The NGO's urged all African states to ratify all conventions related with slavery, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and the arising intolerance and "to harmonise their legislation with the said treaties".  They also urged the African governments to take measures for the practical application of these laws. 


(Panafrican News Agency) 


News from the African PrepCon see more on the I CARE NEWS: 








Statement to the First UN PrepCom of the "World Conference Against Racism" at  

the United Nation Commission on Human Rights in  

Geneva, Switzerland May 1-5, 2000 


     For the December 12th Movement International Secretariat and the International Association Against Torture, NGO's in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC 


   The December 12th Movement International Secretariat (D12) and the International  Association Against Torture (AICT) fully unite that next year's World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (WCAR) must be action oriented if it is to advance its goal of eradicating racism.  It is from this perspective that we make the following observations and proposals. 


     The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Slavery of Africans in the Americas and the Colonization of Africa are Central to an Understanding of the Development and Propagation of Racism.  Although some countries insist: "Don't look back!  Just look forward" we cannot eradicate racism without a clear understanding of its origins. 


     Racism is based in economics. Colonial expansion and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were, at bottom,  economic ventures. The consequent need for European Christianity/Catholicism to find a moral justification for its enslavement of and trade in African human beings gave rise to the ideology of racism. Color prejudice had existed for centuries, but racism, institutionalized and systematized this prejudice into an entire framework of ideas which permeated and, in return, were re-enforced by every institution in European, American ("American" is used in the sense of ALL THE AMERICAS, not simply the U.S.) and Euro-Pacific (Australia, New Zealand) societies. 


   The WCAR can clearly indicate its seriousness in attaining its objectives by adopting the resolution "On the Recognition of Slavery and the Slave Trade as a Crime against Humanity." This resolution, which was originally advanced by the African group at the Commission on Human Rights in 1998, was blocked due to the direct intervention of a leading "developed" country. 


Globalization and Racism 


   The economic basis of racism is not simply a historical footnote. Economic benefit explains why racism has continued and is on the ascendancy. There is a direct relationship between the phenomenon of imperialism, under its current rubric of "globalism/globalization," and arise in racism.  The countries which are the primary beneficiaries of racism and racial discrimination are crystal clear about this connection and fear exposing it. 


    This knowledge and fear have been concretely demonstrated in the struggle to formulate resolutions on this item. At both the General Assembly (GA) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), the developed countries have resolutely opposed drawing any connection between globalization and racism.  In General Assembly resolution A/RES/53/132, the compromise reached was to allude to the connection between economic disparity and racism in the Preamble, but without mentioning the term globalization - i.e. "Noting with concern that racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance may be aggravated by, inter alia, inequitable distribution of wealth, marginalization and social exclusion..." 


   In this midst of this retreat from reality,  the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Sub-Commission) nevertheless produced an excellent report on the Relation between Globalization and Racism.  Sub-Commission Expert J. Oloka-Onyango made an irrefutable case for the connection between the ascendancy of new and old forms of racism and the all-encompassing advance of globalization. 


Compensation for Crimes Against Humanity 


   The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was a holocaust, a crime against humanity and African people, who remain the first and longest suffering victims of racism.  Yet they, of all the peoples of the world who have suffered gross violations of human rights, have received the least redress. 


     In 1990, the Sub-Commission commissioned a study on the issue of compensation. The study found a basis for material compensation going to the Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust, to the Japanese-Americans who were interned by their own government during World War II.  However, when it came to the question of like compensation for the descendants of the victims of slavery in the U.S., the rapporteur stated that it "would be difficult and complex to construe and uphold a legal duty to pay compensation to the descendants of the victims of the slave trade and other early forms of slavery.  "He concluded that "effective affirmative action is called for in appropriate cases as a moral duty." [Emphasis ours]. This refusal to address the gross human rights violations suffered by Africans in the same manner as with other peoples is a further example of the double standard which exists when it comes to redress for Africans. 


     The question of reparations due Africans in the Diaspora and on the African continent is undeniably a sensitive one. But the issue of repair, of making the victims whole, is crucial to any campaign to eradicate racism.  Failure to compensate for the labor stolen, the wealth accumulated and advances made by the "developed" world, all of which flowed from the kidnapping, murder and misery of millions of Africans is a litmus test of any commitment to eliminate racism.  There can no longer be a double standard in the arena of compensation. To paraphrase Sojourner Truth, a great African-American freedom fighter, "Ain't we human beings, too?"  The Importance of the UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of racism, et al. 


          The UN already has an important, but underutilized, instrument in place to address racism, i.e. the Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.  Due to the breadth of his mandate, the Special Rapporteur on Racism has a distinct advantage over the Committee which monitors compliance with the CERD (Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.). The CERD's very mandate is restricted to the narrower venue of "racial discrimination" and it has jurisdiction only over those countries which have ratified the convention.  One of the problems facing the Special Rapporteur on Racism, et al has been the shortage of resources (both human and financial) available for him to implement his mandate.  The WCAR can make a very important statement by endorsing the previous work of the Special Rapporteur and demand that he be provided with the resources necessary to effectuate his mandate. The combination of a strengthened Special Rapporteur working in conjunction with the CERD would pose a formidable international force in combating racism and racial discrimination. 


The Importance of Regional and National PrepComs 


         Europe has scheduled a regional PrepCom for the autumn of 2000.  That fact carries great symbolic significance given Europe's history and its initial opposition to the WCAR.  In distinct counterpoint is the position of the United States which has stated that it will not hold a national PrepCom for the WCAR.  Given the leadership position of the US in today's world, its deplorable history  on the issue of slavery, and its continuing racist mistreatment of the descendants of its slaves, the convening of a national PrepCom in that country is extremely important to the overall momentum towards, publicity around and success of the WCAR.   


The AICT and the December 12th Movement ask that this first PrepCom for the WCAR recommend that the US convene a national PrepCom for the WCAR. 


by Roger S. Wareham, Esq. 


For more information of the World Conference on Racism contact: 


December 12th Movement International Secretariat 

456 Nostrand Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11216 

(718) 398-1766 phone * (718) 623-1855 fax *D12M@AOL.COM e-mail 


International Association Against Torture Asociacion Internacional 

Contra la Tortura 

PO Box 693 

New York, NY 10037 

(212) 234-7788 phone 

(718) 941-6360 fax 

AICT1@AOL.COM e-mail>> 




As we enter the New Year, let's work together to heighten this righteous call for justice.  


Peace and Power, 








American lawyers prepare suits for reparations Accra, Jan 10, GNA - Top African- American legal strategists are considering what is seen as the biggest lawsuit in American history to force today's generations to pay trillions of dollars for slavery and its atrocities their ancestors committed. 


Attorney, Willie Gary, 53-year-old son of an Indiantown sharecropper, who recently won a 240 million-dollar verdict against Walt Disney and Company, is leading the lawyers. Gary said, "I think the nation will be better off for having dealt with this issue (reparation). 


Otherwise, it's like pain without ending. It's always going to be there".  This story was on the Internet and the hard copy was made available to the Ghana News Agency in Accra by the executive committee of African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission (AWRRTC) which is fighting for reparations for Blacks who have suffered from the inhuman trade. 


Some of the lawyers are Alexander Piers of Washington, Richard Scruggs of Pascagoula, Missouri, Dennis Sweet of Jackson, Missouri and Professor Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School. They have all won various lawsuits in billions of dollars in discrimination and land suits against the US Agriculture Department and reparations for resettlement for blacks. 


The lawyers are even planning to file not only one lawsuit, but a series of them against the US government, states, corporations "who continue to benefit from slavery." They said they will "also make the case that while slavery ended in 1865, its effects lingered long afterward through sharecropping schemes, housing discrimination, racial segregation and peonage laws". 


"Maybe it's fitting in the end that slavery should wash on the shores of a judge's bench", they said. They said they are contemplating suing "history books publishers that give Blacks short shrift." The suits "if successful, will win trillions of dollars for American blacks and go a long way to make amends for slavery. 


"But they also could inflame racial tensions and divide blacks who suddenly get to decide who benefits and who does not," they said. They said they are cautious because "it has to be a carefully thought-out lawsuit. "Using the wrong theory and the wrong logic, you open the door for any minority group to bring similar action: the Irish could do it. "Like it or not, it's a huge political issue." 


Contributed by BlackPower 





January 31, 2001 


Reparations and compensation were topics of discussion in recent meetings held in Africa to prepare for the World Conference Against Racism.  According to published reports, at these meetings it was decided to recommend that the World Conference set up an International Compensation Scheme for victims of the slave trade, and a Development Reparation Fund for victims of colonialism.  It was suggested that a follow up mechanism of the World Conference would define the manners and ways of such reparation and compensation.   


Silis Muhammad believes that the decisions on the means and kind of reparations that are due must be made by the people who are the victims: not by the Congress of the US and not by a World Conference follow up mechanism.  This is the reason that he has repeatedly asked for the first step to be UN assistance in the establishment of an inclusive forum of Black leaders.  The UN is experienced in assisting people who have suffered damage in organizing themselves democratically.   


If you would prefer to have a greater voice in determining what reparations and restoration are due, you can support Mr. Silis Muhammad's lobbying drive to the World Conference Against Racism.  He will be attending the World Conference, and once again asking the UN for the forum for African American leaders.  He has invited leaders of organizations to sign on and support this proposed forum.   


More information is available on Silis Muhammad's lobbying drive at www.afre-ngo.org. 


Distributed by  

All For Reparations and Emancipation 

and the National Commission for Reparations 






Oscar L. Beard 




The Reparations Movement's goals are as follows:  


  -  Obtain Reparations from all countries that prospered from Black Slave Labor 

  Schedule Conferences, Marches, and Protests until the White Society apologizes and  

  compensates Descendants of the Slave Trade 

-  Speak at the United Nations on Reparations for Survivors of the Slave Trade in order  

  to gain International Support of all or most countries 

  -  Demonstrate in front of the UN in Geneva for World Attention 

  -  Establish an International Fund for Descendants of Slaves 

-  Target Companies that existed during the days of Slavery for Reparations, and if they  

  do not comply, then list them as "Unworthy" for Black patronage 

  -  Seek support for Reparations from Companies that prosper off of Black Clients  

  -  Seek Celebrity support for Reparations 

  -  Involve the Media 

  -  Make "Reparations" the buzz word for 2000 

  -  Etc., etc., and by "any means necessary" within the Law 








        STEP UP! 




Ahna Tafari 




I am Maia Hadi, Chief Commissioner for the National Commission for Reparations and the Media Director of All For Reparations & Emancipation (AFRE) . I understand that you are putting together a Reparations Panel.  I would be honored to serve on such a panel. 


For information on the work of AFRE, please visit our website: www.afre-ngo.org.  Please feel free to contact me at this email address for additonal information. 









Muhammad Mosque of Islam in Boston, Massachusetts invites you to attend weekly meetings each Sunday at the Dillaway located at: 


     183 Roxbury Street 

     Boston, Massachusetts 

     (Next to the Timilty School, in Roxbury) 


Meetings start at 2:00 PM, but on the last Sunday of the month we start at 1:00 PM.   


For more information and to schedule free lectures on Reparations at your church, school, business or organization, feel welcome to telephone Minister Malik Al-Arkam at (617) 770-2017.   












February 24, 2001 




The Philadelphia Chapter of N'COBRA presents "REPARATIONS AWARENESS DAY".   We will be honoring our "elders:"  Calvin Robinson and Edward Robinson.   



Berean Presbyterian Church 

Broad & Diamond Streets   

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Dr. Leonard Jeffries    


TICKETS ARE  $15.00   PLEASE CONTACT THE PHILA. CHAPTER OF N'COBRA AT  (215) 604-3658  after Jan. 1 2001.  


Submitted by J. Holmes 




February 24, 2001 






The Black Studies Department at City College / Len Jefferies and N'COBRA will host a NYC REPARATIONS DAY CELEBRATION , whose theme is  


David Graves of Our Times Press will keynote along with Yaa Assatuwa Nzingaa who was recently fired for teaching her people that they are "Africans." 


Place:     City College NAC Building 138th and Convent Avenue Manhattan, NY  

Contact: Jahahara Alkebulan-Maat (718) 287-0134 

E-mail:    NCOBRAnyc@aol.com 

Web: www.ncobra.com     




February 28, 2001 






In a rare evening of socializing; discourse; mentoring; and community education and agitation, ABWA will assemble a panel of lawyers and community activists  and discuss the future of the Reparations Movement, featuring Onaje Mu'id (International Commissioner), Attorney Linda Roots, Charles Barron,Stuward Adams Jr. and others. 


Location:   Columbia Law School   

Phone:   (212)332-0748  

Time:   6:00pm  

Email:  Ghillaine A Reid <greid@lswlaw.com> and  

Stacie Yates (syates@kramerlevin.com)  




March 17, 2001 


N'COBRA will hold its city wide organizing meeting to critique the programs and plans coming from the February world wind.  


Place:  Dynamics of Leadership 

Time:   1:00 P.M.  

26 Court Street   

Brooklyn, New York 

Phone: (718)722-7604 





April 4, 2001 




FROM:  Alvin Brown  


RE:        April 4th 2001  


TIME:    1OAM-3PM  








April 15, 2001 




We are asking for the support of all!   For more information, please E-mail me at: 





Luv glo 

Contributed by RHazard, N'COBRA 




May 19, 2001 







June 22 - 24, 2001 




National Co-Chairs: Dorothy Benton Lewis and Hannibal Tirus Afrik 


Location:      Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Site:             Southern University 


Theme: "Positioning Ourselves To Get Paid" 


Convention Contacts:        


Constance Randolph   (225) 237-3065 

  Rev. Carlton " Bahiri" White (225) 778-1561 


Early Registration:        


Before February 25th :       $ 60.00  

 After  February 25th :            $ 75.00 Until June 1st                                                  Thereafter :        $ 90  


Convention registration includes:  


Program book, convention T-Shirt,  ENCOBRA Magazine, membership dues, admission to all convention events, including a tour of the River Rd. African American Museum in Gonzales.   


Make Check or Money Order payable to:  N'COBRA and mail to:    


P.O. Box 75437 *  

Baton Rouge, LA   70874-5437. 


Suggested Hotel Accommodations:  


The New Comfort Suites Airport:  Call (225) 356-6500 - Mention N'COBRA Convention 


Vendors, workshop panelist / leaders, performers, etc. are Welcome.  Call for arrangements.   






August 31, 2001 - September 7, 2001 






The December 12th Movement, based in New York, and the National Black United Front (NBUF) are co-sponsoring a Black Power conference in support of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism.  The United Nations World Conference Against Racism will be held in Durbin, South Africa from August 31, 2001 - September 7, 2001. 


By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill 






January 10, 2001 


To All Concerned African People: 



The United Nations' World Conference against Racism begins August 31, 2001 in Durban, South Africa.  The December 12th Movement International Secretariat is seeking you to be a part of the Delegation of 400 African people to South Africa in support of two crucial issues:  


1) Declaration of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade as a Crime against      Humanity  


2) Reparations for Africans in the Diaspora and on the Continent. 


Malcolm X said that we must put our situation on the international agenda, in the international arena.  We must be there in a massive presence to defend our human rights. 


Join us, if you want to go to Durban in support of these issues. The application is included in the text of this message, as well as an attached document in .rtf format. 



We estimate that the total cost for the trip (the Conference is from August 31, to September 7) , i.e. travel, lodging and meals, will be approximately $2500.  If you are planning to go we need a deposit of $250.00 immediately. 


We, along with the National Black United Front, are working with a Black Travel Agency based in Chicago which has already made airline travel arrangements to and reserved blocks of hotel rooms in Durban. Your check or money order should be made out to AARCO TRAVEL AND TOURS and should be sent to the: 


December 12th Movement 

456 Nostrand Avenue 

Brooklyn,  NY 11216 


For more information on the World Conference against Racism and the struggle to defend the human rights of African people, contact us at: 


Telephone #718-398-1766  

Fax #623-1855  

E-mail:  Error! Bookmark not defined. 





















YES: I want to be a member of the Durban 400.  Enclosed is my check in the  

amount of $_______________. 








"Power never conceded without a demand, it never did and never will - where there is no struggle, there is no progress."   F. Douglas. 



BECOME A MEMEBER OF  N'COBRA. Visit us at www.ncobra.com, write the 

national headquarters at:  


P.O. Box 62622  

Washington. D.C. 20029-2622  


E-mail me for further information about the WCAR at onajemuid4@cs.com or write:  


Onaje Mu'id  

P.O. Box 8003  

Englewood, NJ  07631. 


*Onaje Mu'id is a human rights activist with the International Commissioner of N'COBRA and Policy Chair of the National Black Alcoholisms and Addiction Council-New York Chapter and Ndundu member of the Council of Independent Black Institutions. 






The book listing on Reparations and Black History can be found in REPNOW Newsletters 1 - 5. 




Imari A. Obadele 




"Without Sanctuary" 


The web address for Without Sanctuary" is as follows:  

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Please pass this on to others. 

This information is out of:  




James Allen's photos on the lynchings of Blacks in America 




E-mail Addresses & WebSites On Reparations, Black Issues, and Current Events: 


UNFORTUNATELY FOR SOME REASON, I KEPT GETTING "Error!  Bookmark not defined" FOR ALL THE WEBSITES LISTED, SO I HAD TO ELIMINATE THEM FROM THIS NEWSLETTER.  However, please see the complete list of WebSites in the REPNOW Issue #13.  If someone knows how  to remedy this problem so that I can retain the Website addresses, please advise. 


Tziona Yisrael, Editor 






I am Gregory Carey, Founder and President of Reparations Central, an online reparations searchable database. We would like for you to view our website that is in the development stage at http://www.reparationscentral.com  


We are also attempting to unify and centralize the reparations movement. We are looking for other organizations that are doing reparations work to put on our website. Also, we are asking every organization to consider putting an audio/video presentation on our website. This website is the hub of the reparations movement worldwide. We need your support and help to make this reparations clearinghouse a successful venture.  


In Struggle,  

Aluta Continua Asante Sana 






1.)  I suggest that you approach the city in which you reside for reparations, support for reparations, or information as to how to obtain reparations.  Your strategy may be a model we all may benefit from at the local level. 


2.) Next, demonstrate your willingness to join others in the struggle for reparations. 


3.)  I would hope that you join or start an N'COBRA chapter in your locale area (if there is none) and become an active and energetic member/reparations information resource, for your Afrikan brothers and sisters. 


Submitted by R. Hazard, N'COBRA 




Interesting Information of Significance and FYI: 



Habari Gani.... Hotep.... Peace... Shalom.... Dig this.... 


I am pleased to be answering the E-mails asking for information about the N'COBRA Convention.   I guess the best way to respond is to put all this information (see below) in an E-mail and forward it to all of you.  I pray that everyone will continue to forward this E-mail to your family and friends and get your registrations in early.  I also pray that you will spread the word in your local communities about this historic convention of the descendants of Afrikans in America fighting for payment of the debt owed.  With your help N'COBRA shall remain possibly the largest, the most active and representative Black Reparations Organization, in America.   


"Together We shall Win REPARATIONS NOW!!!" 


Free Your Mind - Join NCOBRA.... Free The People.... Free The Land... 


Robert Hazard 

S.E. Regional Rep. NCOBRA 





           National Co-Chairs: Dorothy Benton Lewis and Hannibal Tirus Afrik 


Dates:      June 22, 23, 24, 2001 

Location:      Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Site:             Southern University 


Theme: "Positioning Ourselves To Get Paid" 


Convention Contacts:        


Constance Randolph   (225) 237-3065 

  Rev. Carlton " Bahiri" White (225) 778-1561 


Early Registration:        


Before February 25th :       $ 60.00  

 After  February 25th :            $ 75.00 Until June 1st                                                  Thereafter :        $ 90  


Convention registration includes:  


Program book, convention T-Shirt,  ENCOBRA Magazine, membership dues, admission to all convention events, including a tour of the River Rd. African American Museum in Gonzales.   


Make Check or Money Order payable to:  N'COBRA and mail to:    


P.O. Box 75437 *  

Baton Rouge, LA   70874-5437. 


Suggested Hotel Accommodations:  


The New Comfort Suites Airport:  Call (225) 356-6500 - Mention N'COBRA Convention 


Vendors, workshop panelist / leaders, performers, etc. are Welcome.  Call for arrangements.   <<See below>> 




We have activities for ages 3 years - 17 years (Pre K - high school) beginning Friday afternoon and concluding Saturday at 5:00 P.M.   Activities will include slide presentations, history lessons, games, songs, quiz bowl, art and craft, tour of the African American Museum  and a visit with the vendors.  Some outstanding presenters are already confirmed and a few more are needed.  Those confirmed are:     Melodye Micere Stewart, founder of Black History Works and former. 


Cochair of the Charlotte, NC chapter. Odinga Kambui, performing artist/historian from Dallas,TX.   Betty Wright, an arts and craft specialist from Baton Rouge 



The preschool teachers of ISED in Baton Rouge The fee for the youth program is $25.00.  This will partially defray the cost of supplies, printing and refreshments, and the tour.   


Pre registration is strongly recommended and it is required for the tour.   It is suggested that you give your child shopping money (about $10) to spend with the vendors who will explain their products and the entrepreneurial concept.  The children will get a lesson in shopping with black businesses and also shopping within their budget. 


If you wish to register children for the youth program, you may list them on a sheet of paper, giving ages, address, telephone, email.  Print your name and sign your registration sheet. Mail with your check made to N'COBRA to Baton Rouge N'COBRA PO Box 75437   Baton Rouge, LA 70874.   


If you would prefer having the official info/registration sheet mailed to you leave your address at this email address. <<105216.150@compuserve.com>> 


Remember you have a few more days to get in on the early bird registration discount for yourself.  Registration will remain at $ 60.00 for elders, full time students and life members only after 2/25. 




"If you are thinking one year ahead, sow a seed. 

if you thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree. 

If you thinking one hundred years ahead ... 

educate the people." 


A Manchurian Proverb 

Compliments of Shakira A. Ali 










FROM:     James Younkin <jay31@gte.net> 


TO:         webmaster@ncobra.com 


RE: Slavery / Why American Blacks DO NOT AND DO Deserve Reparations 


To Who ever: 


How dare the Blacks even to think that I a white male pay them for reparations for Black Slavery.  The Blacks sold their own into slavery on the coast of Africa and are still dealing in the slave trade today.  My Ancestors never owned any slaves and fought and bled in the Civil War to free those same people who were sold into slavery by their Black brothers. 


It is documented that around 1200 Blacks were black slave owners.  What about them, these Blacks who want me to pay them reparations should check their family tree they may be guilty of being through heritage a Black Slave owner.  This is what they are  saying about the White's.  They are implying that all Whites are guilty of owning slaves because Whites owned slaves but Blacks also owned slaves therefore by their reasoning Whites and Blacks are quilty. 


So then who should pay and should the brave men who fought in the Civil War be paid for doing the right thing in fighting to free their Black brothers or as demanded by Black leaders be forced to pay reparation for exactly what they were fighting to stop and did just that they ended Black Slavery. 


It's people like this who want to make a fast buck that is going to start the Civil War all over again and with their constant triad about oh wo is me I am black instead of getting along with their lives and making the best of a situation that no one living today had anything to do with. 


If  they think we the ancestors of the Whites and Blacks that fought and died in the Civil War to free the Blacks are going to do that again they are as dumb as a rock.  We are all brothers and should start to act like it.  A divided house will fall. 


This great land was stolen from my ancestors (I am part American Indian) the American Indians by not only the White man but also the Black man.  And they have the audacity to want me to pay them for freeing their ancestors.  Think about it. 


Every place I have worked the Blacks were given special treatment to their favor because they were Black.  There is no White college fund, no White miss USA, no White Caucasus, no White students union, no lower college entrance exams scores for Whites as there is for Blacks, no White colleges.  No association for the advancement of White people, no White conventions. 


Yes I have heard the saying that I as a White man have all "these" privileges because I am White.  The only privilege I have is that I was not raised to think that I was a victim and should work for what I wanted and not to set on my ass and cry. 


Reparations no way! 


Any way thank you for providing a forum for me to express my feeling.  And if I sent this to the wrong people please over look all. 






TO:     James Younkin <jay31@gte.net> 


FROM: Robert Hazard <RHazard988> 


Please let me say your research into black history is refreshing.  It isn't everyday I run across a white person who seeks knowledge about Black involvement in the American story other than from his/her own status.  I must say that your view of the issue is from an individual perspective.    


Reparations is not being sought after from any individual. True there were black slave owners and true they may not have been as kind as some white masters.  But it is just as true that slavery was and is a crime against humanity no matter who is its benefactor.  True also that it was the Government of the USA that participated in, gave sanction to, and perpetuate the heinous crime of chattel slavery.  It is just as true that the same government, allowed to fester and grow for generations after, Jim Crow LAWS, Discrimination LAWS, Segregation Laws, Laws, we still view as slave laws hidden in the vestiges of slavery.  Driving while black, the crack cocaine laws, red lining, disproportionate punishment policies, etc.   


The government of the USA created and currently owes the debt.  Just like you inherit items from your ancestors.  I inherited a debt for work done by mine.  Just like you expect to be paid.  I expect to be paid.  The only difference is you don't have to demand payment.   The government has sanctioned your inheritance.  They have denied me mine.  Remember, those Blacks who owned Slaves were sanctioned by the same government as those whites who owned slaves.   So too, are they being held to the standard.  It is the sanctioning body of government who owes the debt - not the individual.  Be he white or Black, let them pay for it.  You should be telling them that.   


"It is your debt.  Pay it" and relieve yourself of the guilt. 






TO: Robert Hazard <RHazard988 


FROM: James Younkin <jay31@gte.net> 


First they don't.  I know the deep pocket theory.  The Americans are thought to have money and the other countries including your ancestors are not.  If you rob for money do it where the money is. Your ancestors would not give you a dime and you know it, and if you were to ask them they would probably make a slave of you today and? 




    TO: James Younkin <jay31@gte.net> 


FROM:  Robert Hazard <RHazard988 


Whatever money the Amerikkkan WASP society has (either the richest or fifth richest) was accumulated from the ideas, work, and land belonging to someone else.  They either stole, corrupted, or manipulated the wealth from a people with color or a country of people with color. They sure didn't come here wealthy. The written word and the gun are great manipulators in the hands of WASP. They sophisticated stealing early in their crime to glory advancement.  When they claimed the knowledge from the Pharaohs as their own, it was just stealing. They developed their thievery by stealing Afrika and Afrikans for several centuries.  WASP,  Puritans, Pilgrims, and Pioneers moved on to stealing land in Amerikkka.  The Amerikkkan colonist not only stole land. They stole labor. They stole human dignity and esteem. They stole language, culture, religion, family continuity.   


WASPS originally came to these shores as ostracized invaders without the means to survive by themselves.  They stole the land from the indigenous peoples. Manipulated Afrikans here for free labor.  And corrupted their children to think that "might is right" for control of other countries, their inhabitants, and [their] natural resources. And if you cannot manipulate 'em, fight 'em.  At least have the biggest gun to conquer the wealth.  In my opinion WASPS owe more than just Blacks in amerikkka a Reparations Settlement.  But that isn't my issue.  I support struggle for reparations from any people with a legitimate case against violations of their human rights.  But they must fight their own cause out front as leaders.  Again not my issue.  Some of the Afrikan countries involved in the theft of Black people are indeed offering reparations to Blacks in the Diaspora.  The reparations are available within the borders of these countries.  White Amerikkka should learn from those third world Afrikan countries offering reparations for their part [in the African Slave Trade], i.e., Ghana.  And pay reparations to the descendants of those Black Afrikans brought here as slaves who reside within USA borders.  


P.S. In the mid1860's Ethiopia gave the US of A 3 million dollars for the benefit of the newly freed black people.... The government could not agree as to how to dispense the money.  So that put it in Fort Knox.  It later disappeared.  More thievery ???? 









K_Paiva@hotmail.com  has found some fascinating data on reparations for us. She notes that it was conservatively estimated, in 1972, that the value of the labor of enslaved Africans to the accumulated wealth of the nation was between 500 billion and 1,000 billion (1 trillion) dollars. By 1997 that figure had compounded itself to 5 to 10 trillion dollars! (Do you want to see her full report? Let us know, or contact her directly.)  


Jahkure@hotmail.com writes: I think that reparations has two heads. On the one hand, I agree with Brown33_65@hotmail.com  By granting us reparations "White America" may feel like they gave us our little handout, and then throw our rights out the window. On the other hand, though, we could use that money and do something constructive. Invest in our communities and our education to ensure a brighter future for our people. I am all for reparations, IF we are going to take that money and do something with it. Even though, yes, we are owed far more than the value of any dollar.  


Darwin04@hotmail.com  is right, "No money nor apologies could ever make up for the tribulations that our people endured." It will be up to us to remember what they went through and fought for and died for and NEVER FORGET! Let that be our motivation to better ourselves. Let that be our motivation to enrich ourselves spiritually and economically! It doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you're a Black Woman or a Black Man, our people endured the same trials and tribulations, and persevered, all over the world.... Jahkure@hotmail.com  


The following are excerpts from the responses to the statement by Darwin04@hotmail.com rejecting the call for reparations:  


I didn't realize fightin' for something that so many others were rewarded for would be such a problem, or is it just pride?  


Baerocity@hotmail.com  It is very sad to hear another black person's lack of faith in their brothers and sisters. I am glad we are not asking for trinkets.  True equality, respect, and yes, forty acres and a Lexus(Ha-Ha). In my opinion there can never be a CON side in the reparations "debate", just a capital N for narrow minded individuals who can't see anything but their own success.  


briankar@msn.com  Let's say we are granted $3 billion in reparations. THEN WHAT! I'll tell you what. "White" America will then say we've paid our debt to your people now back off. No more "affirmative action" (we paid you). No more tax breaks for the poor, which include African Americans (we paid you). No more funding to bridge the digital divide (we paid you). No more NOTHING (WE PAID YOU). Reparations? Thanks but, no thanks. I'll make it with or without a damn reparation. I'm not depending on "them", let them depend on me.  


brown33_65@hotmail.com  Just suppose they give us what we want. A ton of money and acknowledgments of our contributions. Does that mean that they are no longer responsible for this "...misdeed..." so now we have all of this money and all of these apologies. Two or three generations from now the money is done.  Chances are we will still be where we are now, and the two or three or how many ever lawyers' generations will still be living off of the windfall of their ancestors!  B.R. RICHMOND 


K_paiva@hotmail.com : In response to Darwin04@aol.com, I am amazed that he believes that reparations for Black America is of no consequence to him because he is West Indian. An essential element of reparations is setting the historical record straight.  Hearings on the many lynchings and wrongful persecutions of our people (I am also West Indian, but I still say "our" people) is what we need.  Everyone needs to know what we have been through to understand where we are today...ourselves included. Everyone needs to know how we came from the palaces to the projects. When you talked about education, my brother, this is exactly what reparations will do, EDUCATE the American people and more importantly the world about our story.   


(She continues) Our people have been wronged in the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean and around the world.  Bringing this issue to light creates awareness among our people in different nations other than United States. There are organizations in the UK who have started organizing around this issue.  This is a topic of international debate everywhere.   It has been taken to the UN. Please see the bigger picture here!! k_paiva@hotmail.com  


AMEN to Darwin04@aol.com on reparations, but let the reparation effort go forth.  I am not schizoid.  It's just that that he expresses my sentiments on the issue.  Perhaps our views are not totally incompatible with the efforts that reparationists are extending. The effort provoked this rich discourse and dialogue in which I found a kindred spirit to my own out here.  God bless him, and more meaningful power to each of us! AMEN LanghorneV@aol.com    




Contributed by MR Kflattop 






I am so sick of apologizing for the situation that I was born into.  I'm not dirt poor or a minority or disabled.  I wish I didn't have to feel guilty about this.  I strongly believe in equal rights and have never looked at, or treated, anyone differently who was born into a difficult situation.  While I'll admit I do benefit from the privileges that come with being a healthy, working class, white girl, I try to take advantage of them, and work towards equality so that in the future, the privileges will be shared by people of all races and classes.  I've donated to the Anti Racist Action, have done volunteer work for the AID's Fund, and plan to join the Peace Corps after college.  In being born into a lucky situation, I feel responsibility to work towards the advancement of people not so lucky.  I do not on the other hand feel responsible for what my predecessors have done to contribute to the prejudice and inequality that exists today.  A child cannot not be held responsible for the actions of a parent.  Or great-great-great grandparent at that. 


In recent years, there has been a debate on whether the United States Congress should release a formal apology for slavery.  Former President Clinton, on a trip to Uganda, apologized to the citizens for the actions of the European-Americans who had benefited because of the slave trade.  He had no right (or responsibility) to apologize to the citizens of Africa for the actions of the early Americans.  While I'm sure he is embarrassed of his ancestor's actions, I can't help thinking that this apology is merely a ploy to increase trade between America and Africa.  Africa has about 700 million potential consumers of American products.  It is so much easier to apologize for offenses that we had nothing to do with than actual faults of our own.  In fact, these expressions of regret are not apologies in any real sense at all.  They are self-righteous declarations of moral purity. 


In recent years Germany's government has apologized for the Holocaust, Ireland's government has apologized for the Irish potato famine and Japan has apologized for enslaving Korean women during wartime.  Why then, is it so horrendous for Clinton to express "regret" over slavery?  Why so much controversy?  People object for a host of reasons:  because slaves and slave-holders are all deceased; because an apology suggests moral complicity in the crime, as if the sins of our ancestors were our sins as well; because tens of millions of Americans, including African-Americans, emigrated to this country after slavery's demise.  I know that the repercussions of slavery are still evident in society which is why I think Americans should concentrate on contemporary issues about race including affirmative action, and the fact that black men consistently earn less than other in the work force. 


I am not suggesting we forget the fact that it happened, or stop teaching about it.  It is an important part of American history.  I acknowledge the fact that it happened and the fact that it was terribly wrong, I just believe that rather than dwelling on it and composing meaningless formal apologies, we should concentrate on correcting the social problems left in it's wake.  I wish the value of a human being was never questioned, but, I do my part in working towards equality, and I do not feel like I owe anyone an apology.  Most of us feel no link to atrocities committed by our predecessors.  And there is absolutely no reason that we should. 


Lauren Talarico, Student 

The Beacon Newspaper 

A student run newspaper serving the community  

of William Paterson University and the outlying areas 

Article in the Diversity Page dated February 12, 2001 




A response to "Guilty of Being White."  


You're right. There is no reason you should apologize for the atrocities your predecessors committed. Nor does any other "healthy, working class, white person" like yourself have to apologize. You didn't do it. You are not to blame. Your predecessors (or ancestors?) are.  All descendants of the slave trade understand that.  In addition, not all descendants of the slave trade request your apology. We already understand your definition of "apology."  "They (expressions of regret) are self-righteous declarations of moral purity."  They do nothing for us. They don't help us deal with racial profiling, police brutality, none the less, segregation in education (which I doubt you will admit exist, have researched, or funded research of). You, the individual, don't have the power to apologize for this, nor the stature for it to mean anything. Only the collective voice of the people of this nation, the President of the United States of America, does this power lie.  When former President Clinton apologized, he had all the right in the world to do so. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Commander-In-Chief of America, speaking for every American citizen, including you.  So... Keep your apology.  We didn't want it anyway. 


At least, I didn't. I want something different. I want some understanding. Some empathy.  Some compassion.  Some compassion toward how my everyday life is effected by these atrocities committed generations ago. I mean, I discuss slavery with white people I know, and it scares me that they truly cannot empathize with what I deal with daily due to the impacts of the American slave trade. They often say that they didn't do it. Granted, they didn't.  They often say it is getting better. It is. They say I should be happy with that. I shouldn't. It repulses me that many of you believe (or, at least, state) you feeling no compassion for the survivors of the American slave trade because it doesn't effect you (or see how it effects us) is ok. Is it?   


The slave trade happened. The slave trade is over. True.  But can you put yourself in my shoes and understand why I feel this way? Why I feel taken advantage of?  Why I feel serious injustices have been committed against my people and are still being committed?  Why I feel bitter?  No, you genuinely can't, don't, and refuse to. That's what scares me. That scares me for two reasons. If you can't, the heartlessness of the slave master mentality still runs in your veins, and if you can, you are a liar.  Either way I'm screwed. 


Have you ever wondered why then it was called capitalism and now it is called an atrocity? Or haven't you reached that step, yet? I have. This country was built on the backs of slaves. Why? Because "Africans were not humans." They were "animals endowed" by the Creator for the economic growth of the southern bourgeoisie. There are many plantations that existed then that still exist now. Many southern white families that survived the Civil War are still flourishing in America. Families that became wealthy from the labor of Africans. Families that beat, tortured, raped, and killed Africans, just to make a profit.  


Are these the atrocities which you speak of? No. You only speak of the beating, the torturing, the raping, and the murdering. I understand. The dollars that were earned(?) by your predecessors (or ancestors?) is not the issue. The issue is your predecessors did something wrong and you cannot be held accountable, similar to how a child cannot be held accountable for the actions of a parent. I understand that, also.  


But, what I don't understand is if a parent stole money and gave it to their child, should the child be responsible in paying reparations to the rightful owner? What if the rightful owner is deceased, should the reparations go to their children? Of course.  


No court in this country, none the less in the world, would rule otherwise, except yours. So, where are my forty acres and a mule?  That which was promised to my great-great-great-grandfather, which he never received? How about the wages of my slave ancestors? How about the taxes collected from the profit of slave labor? How about a multi-cultural educational system that would eradicate institutionalized racism at its roots? How about a nation-wide restructuring of inner city school systems? How about a civil lawsuit against the southern plantation owners that still thrive on dollars earned from the blood of my forefathers?  


I know my view seems outrageous to you, but even the great Martin Luther King, Jr. was considered a radical, controversial, trouble-making, uppity negro during the Civil Rights Movement. Now, he is an American hero that was assassinated because he was trying to help African Americans overcome the institutionalized racism implemented by your predecessors.  I am sure you can't relate to this "institutionalized racism" that I won't discuss here, but ask any African American you know about the subtle hints of racism and they will tell you tales of purse clenching, little racist innuendoes, and weary looks from shopkeepers when we enter stores.  


This nation, by the way, is the same institution now, that it was then, with the same Constitution and the same Bill of Rights. The same institution when it declared independence stated, "...that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights." The same institution that condoned and supported these atrocities. The same institution that abolished these atrocities, and the same institution that [almost] apologized for these atrocities. The same institution that collected taxes on profits earned from slave labor.  


I'm sure the southern plantation owners disagreed with former President Abraham Lincoln, similarly to how you disagree with former President Clinton. This disagreement is merely caused by the resentment and fear of losing your known way of life. While you admit you "do benefit from the privileges that come with being a healthy, working class, white girl."  You also benefit from the privileges that come from being a member of the oppressive class and not the oppressed.  So, you just wouldn't and couldn't comprehend the African-American experience. 


I'm glad that even though you were born during our oppressive times, that you donate to the "Anti-Racist Fund, have done volunteer work for the AIDS fund, and plan to join the Peace Corps after college."  Don't stop, continue to help in your own way. I'm sorry you are "sick of apologizing for the situation" that you were born into.  


Stop apologizing, write your Congressman, and tell him that descendants of the slave trade deserve reparations, whatever they may be. I'm glad you strongly believe in equal rights, and I'm glad you acknowledge that you are "sure he (Clinton) is embarrassed of his ancestors' actions" He should be and so should you. That's why you wrote this, don't you think? If my predecessors, ancestors, or family lineage could be directly connected to the misfortune of an entire nation's people, I would be embarrassed as well. 


I empathize with you wishing you "didn't have to feel guilty about this," God knows I wish you didn't, as well, but, if you didn't feel guilty, then I, undoubtedly, wouldn't feel like a victim. 


Neizkor Nelson, Student 

The Beacon Newspaper 

William Paterson University 

Paterson, New Jersey 

nelsonn@student.wpunj.edu (Nelson, Neizkor)  




Ms. Talarico, if you feel no link to the atrocities committed against the Blacks stolen from Africa, then you are the wrong candidate to "concentrate on correcting the social problems\'85" and  "work towards the advancement of people not so lucky."  Thanks for volunteering, Ms. Talarico, but no thanks.  I have seen the peanuts thrown to the poor in Central and South America and in Africa.  I have seen the missionary work, as well as that of the Peace Corp.  We want more than running water and thatch covered huts and a place of worship.  None of this help has made us free or has created equal opportunities for Black Peoples. 


We want all that our forebears slaved for toward providing YOUR forebears everything that made them and YOU privileged characters.   


You see, you don't know our misery, and you don't know anything about our pain.  Hence, the reason for your lack of a desire to apologize for the cruel and barbaric African Slave Trade.  The founding fathers - YOUR FOUNDING FATHERS of Colonial America and these United States condoned Slavery (grim and heartless as it was) and benefited from the torment of helpless men, women, and children.  The Slave Masters drained their Slaves of hope, love, freedom, liberty, and even life, and they denied them also of a pursuit of happiness, a culture, a family, education, and prosperity, to name a few.   YOU, Ms. Talarico, do not know or understand the magnitude of what this White US society and this White World have done to descendants of Slaves, therefore, you can neither meet our needs nor speak for us.   And Heaven knows your contributions to the Anti Racist Fund and working with the Peace Corps., that has existed ever since, is not the answer to our dilemma.  If they were, justice would have been served a long time ago. 


However, you are so correct about Slavery being "an important part of American history."  You just neglected to mention the fact that Slaves made this country the economic giant that it is.  Hence, there SHOULD BE an apology for Slavery, and there should also be Reparations for this barbaric violation of Black human beings for 200 years and for the resulting degradation and depravity to their descendants unto this day.   


Admit it, Ms. Talarico, the one real reason you do not agree to an apology is that you don't want this stain on your conscience or on your progeny.  Actually, this country is to blame for the enslavement of Blacks out of Africa.  This country, along with others, built the ships to bring my people here, therefore, it is incumbent upon the United States to apologize and produce a legacy for the descendants of Slaves.   


And yes, "an apology suggests moral complicity in the crime."  Indeed it does, and it's no secret, Ms. Talarico, that the United States is guilty of involvement in the Triangular/African Slave Trade, so admit the crime and face the consequences.   


Apologize, pay Reparations, and let's move on


Tziona Yisrael 






Here are some responses to (an) article on the impending suit for reparations:  I agree totally with these statements. Something like this is long overdue. Baerocity@hotmail.com  


I think every minute of the reparations trial should be televised the same way our brothers' and sisters' trials are.  It's an historical event, and I think we can all learn something from it.  I hope the contributions that Blacks have made to this country will finally be documented and recorded accurately.  I personally would like this event to have its own WebSite, and a cable channel, so it can be followed worldwide.  Briankar@msn.com  


This is brilliant. Let's hope this time something constructive does happen and all concerned are dealt with equally and fairly.  These guys should team up with the reparation organisation in the UK which was supported by the late Bernie Grant MP.  Fynad@hotmail.com  


Also ayiti_cherie@hotmail.com tells us: it's that time of year again.  Call Anheuser Busch, the beer distribution company, to order your free Kings and Queens of Africa Calendar.   Each month the large, full color calendar features a painting of one of the legendary African monarchs by an African American artist.   The toll free # to call is 1-877-475-4647.   Leave your name and address.  And yes, it's absolutely free with no strings attached.  


I am staring right now at the one I got last year.   I guess it's to diminish all the guilt that the white corporate execs feel every time they poison another brother or sister with their brew....    


Jahkure@hotmail.com informs us that Martin Luther King stamps are available at the post office now. Get them before they disappear...    




Contributed by "MRKFlattop" 




In this vein, I urge everyone to subscribe to the "Emerge" Magazine before it goes out of print.   




Up You Mighty Race; We Can Accomplish What We Will!!!!   


I Remain to Serve,  

Senghor Baye>> 




What is it going to take before Descendants of Slaves finally decide to do something about our predicament and the injustices we face?  Our children are suffering in every respect, and we have no legacy.  Let's all become "Activists" in fighting for Reparations and our human rights, before our children start asking, to our chagrin, why we have permitted this unfairness and degradation to continue for so long. 


Tziona Yisrael, Editor 

REPNOW Newsletter  









                                                     February 16, 2001 



     The stories of the neglect for Black cemeteries and artifacts are another example of how "The Government" has persisted in the neglected for uncovering the stories of the Chattel Slaves and Freed Black person's in America.  The elected "representatives" have continued to postpone giving us proper financial support for the recovery of The Black American story "from the Black Perspective."  


     I am convinced it is because of the fear for the exposure of white societies' short comings. They cannot and will not look at themselves in the mirror. Let alone pay for the opportunity or privilege.  The improper study of the historic work force that built America has left our story untold.  It is there for the researchers to uncover and it must be exposed.   


     It is truly an embarrassing tale to tell about the legacy those "European Outcast" wove when they settled the "New World."  His-story taught me Europe did not send its best citizen to this country.  The Pilgrims were not welcome there or here.  Many indentured servants and colonial governors where released from prisons or debts or other legal responsibilities then, offered passage to America with land to work on and time to pay off their debts.  They would then be set free. 


     Many of the early settlers of this country were ostracized onto these shores.  They were the white world's derelicts, unskilled poor, thieves, dead beats, murderers, uneducated lower class. (Read the words at the Statue of Liberty).  Compare them to the kings, queens, farmers, craftsmen, skilled laborers, warriors, decision makers placed on the ships for the middle leg, of the middle passage.  At least those white folks did know they needed Afrikans in the New World to do what they themselves did not have the skills or fortitude to do. 


     In our cemeteries and grave yards and other significant places, lie the bones and artifacts of the Afrikan builders and creators of America.  As long as they stay buried white folks can "fanaticize" about how great and powerful they were/are. What wonderful things they did and keep the truth hidden from their heirs. There is nothing to compare it to.  Ignorance is bliss. 


     Allowing Black educators like Dr. Blakey at Howard, Dr. Sherry DuPree at Santa Fe College, Dr. Ted Hemingway at FAMU, Dr. Howard Fuller at Marquette and others, the finances, accessibility to sites, research materials worthy of study and documentation would place the story of our ancestors in contrast to white supremacy. That is one reason why they don't adequately fund our scholars and some of our fact finding programs.         


     The stories of the neglect for Black cemeteries and artifacts are another example of how "The Government" has persisted in the refusal for uncovering the stories of the Chattel Slaves and Freed Black persons in America.  The elected "representatives" have continued to postpone giving proper financial support for the recovery of The Black American story.  From the Black Perspective.  I am convinced it is because of the fear that information uncovered would expose white societies' short comings. White folks try to keep things secret amongst themselves.  They cannot and will not look at themselves in the mirror offered by Black Americans.  Let alone pay for the opportunity or privilege to do so.   


     The historic work force that built America has left "Our Story" buried with the bones of our relatives.  The story is there for the researchers to find. It must be uncovered. It must be exposed.   


     The white historic story is truly an embarrassing tale to tell about the legacy  "European Outcasts" wove when they settled in the "New World."   


     His-story taught me Europe did not send its best citizen to this country.  The Pilgrims were not welcome there or here.  Many indentured servants and colonial governors were released from prisons (or other legal responsibilities), offered passage to America, and land to work to pay off debts.  Many of the settlers of this country were ostracized onto these shores.  They were the white worlds derelicts, unskilled poor, thief, dead beats, murderers, uneducated lower class.  (Read the words at the Statue of Liberty).   


     Compare them to the Afrikan kings, queens, farmers, craftsmen, skilled laborers, warriors, decision makers, packed on the ships for the middle leg, of the middle passage.  At least those white folks did know they needed Black intelligencia in the New World to do what they themselves did not have the skills or fortitude to do:  CREATE A NATION. 


     In our cemeteries and grave yards lay the bones of the creators and builders of America.  As long as they stay buried white folks can "fanaticize" about how great they were and think they are.  Oh my, what wonderful things they did for the heathen of the world.  Whites keep the truth hidden from themselves and their descendants. But, they couldn't hide it from the people of color. 


     Allowing Black educators like Dr. Blakely, Howard University, Dr. Robert Hall, Northeastern University, and others grants to study and document the story of America's Black ancestors, would be too great a threat for white supremacy.  It is clear they don't want us to know the whole story.   


     Studying and preserving Afrikan American cemeteries, buildings, and other artifacts, will reveal information about (both) the Afrikan American and, the white society in which they interacted. That information is just as important to the world as, what's in the tombs in Khemet, the temples in Central America, the ruins in Asia, the diggings in China, the tribal mounds on North America, and the folk lore of the dances in Australia.  


     A fair and equitable reparations payment by the US of A government, would give us the financial resources to pay for our own studies and to determine for ourselves, "Who we are and from whence we came."   


     We can no longer trust that the US government will do the right thing. Since it was with the assistance and sanction of "our" government that began the inhumane treatment of the chattel slave and his descendent, in the first place.  


     Why should we not expect the government to pay for its injustices and seek rehabilitation? We are capable of fending for ourselves when the resources are available.  Even when they are not, we have survived.  We are a scholarly people.  Ask Imari Obadele, read Zora Neal Hurston, remember Marcus Garvey, W.E. B. Dubois, and Malcolm X..  Look at what Carter G. Woodson produced.   


     When a group commits a crime against the government, a penalty is paid.  When the government commits a crime against a group, reparations are paid.  Studying "Our" cemeteries in places like New York City, Brooklyn Il., Tulsa, Ok., Rosewood, & West Palm Beach, Fl. would uncover many unknown health, economic, political, and social factors. 


     For example, many of us were not aware that the grave "Tea Cup" was forced to dig, in the Zora Neal Hurston' book, "There Eyes Were Watching God" is real and has been located in West Palm Beach, Fl. and has been there since September 1928.  If it wasn't for Zora's writings and the elderly Black survivor tales, that site would have been forgotten or taken for fiction.  


     It is still neglected by local government today. There has been no offer of monies to place a marker there.  The white grave from the same storm and story has a marker.  I was told by the elders, the government helped pay for that marker. 


     White folks have inherited a financial legacy from their ancestors to pay for such important designations as monuments to their past.  Black  descendent have inherited graves with no coffins, unfulfilled promise's of equal US citizenship, with "Forty Acres and a Mule."  Who will pay the debt ?  Better yet... When will it get paid?   It is generally accepted that, the government doesn't want to finance the search for the whole story of America.   


     Studying and preserving Afrikan American cemeteries, buildings, and other artifacts would reveal information about (both) the Afrikan American and the white society that he/she interacted with. That information is just as important to the world as, "what's in the tombs in Khemet, the temples in Central America, the ruins in Asia, the diggings in China, the tribal mounds on North America, and the folk lore of the dances in Australia."  


     A fair and equitable reparations down payment by this government would give Black folks the financial resources to pay for our own studies to determine for ourselves, "Who we are and from whence we came."   


     We can no longer trust that the US government will do the right thing. Since it was with the assistance and sanctions of tnd his descendent in the first place.  


     Why should we not expect the government to pay for the injustices demonstrated in the inhumane treatment of the chattel slave, as we seek identity rehabilitation? We are capable of fending for ourselves when the resources are available (even when they're not).  We are a scholarly people.  Ask Imari Obadele with NCOBRA, read Zora Neal Hurston author, look at what Madame C.J. Walker accomplished, remember Marcus Garvey's UNIA, W.E. B. Dubois NAACP, and Malcolm X.  Don't forget to acknowledge what Carter G. Woodson produced.   


     When a group commits a crime against the government, a penalty is paid.  When the government commits a crime against a group, reparations is paid.  Studying "Our" cemeteries in places like New York City, Brooklyn Il., Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rosewood & Palm Beach County Florida, and others, would uncover many unknown health, economic, political and social factors. Questions like: Is hog guts a healthy clean diet?  Did chopping' cotton stoop the back causing hereditary back problems? Did "Octoroons have any influence in the colonies/states political decisions?   


     Learning about the deaths caused by catastrophes can be used to prevent other loss of lives.  For example, The Storm of September 16, 1928 may have killed more Black Americans in Palm Beach County at one time than another event in the history of the US of A. Many of us were not aware that the grave "Tea Cup" was forced to dig at gun point, in the Zora Neal Hurston' book, "There Eyes Were Watching God" is real. A Black man named Coote Simpson was killed by gun shot for refusing to dig the grave.  The grave with 674 bodies without coffins, has been located in West Palm Beach, Florida.  It has been ignored from September 1928, until recently.  If it weren't for Zora's writings and the elderly Black tales of survival, that site would have been forgotten or taken to be fiction. It is still neglected by city and county government. There have been no offers of monies or support to place a marker on the grave from the government or any one else.  (FYI The white grave with 69 bodies in coffins from the same storm has a marker).  The government helped pay for that. 


     White folks have inherited large sums of money from their ancestors to pay for such important tributes as head stones, memorial parks, and monuments.  Black Afrikan descendent of chattel slaves have inherited from their ancestors an unfulfilled promise of equal US citizenship, with "Forty Acres and a Mule."  Who will pay the debt?  Better yet... WHEN !!  So that we can pay for the study of our own artifacts and significant sites. Then we will write and tell "OUR STORY." We will create a great legacy to leave the world. 


What's Your Opinion? 


By Robert Hazard 






Please read the topic below, as it is a must read and should be discussed openly and publicly.  It is the foundation for the Black Self Concept.  Truth be told, we can all see the benefits for both sides of this issue.  


Robert Hazard, N'COBRA 








Thank you for a well thought out reply sir.  You and I disagree on many things but it is without question that I respect your intellect and your position. 


We are approaching the point in question from very different starting points.  I consider myself a citizen of the United States and want to remain so.  I want to claim all the rights and all the opportunities that this nation can produce as my own. 


You, on the other hand, wish to reject that citizenship because of the immense evil of slavery.  Yes, people were dragged from their homeland and brought as property of the white man to a foreign land.  The idea of owning another human being by a supposed Christian nation is repugnant.  It is evil. 


But now I am here.  I look about me and realize that I have been blessed.  I have never sufferred the whip.  And I don't think you have either.  I find myself in a nation where the rights of the "massah" I can now claim as much as he.  I can succeed, produce, prevail here in this my country of America more effectively than anywhere else on the face of the Earth. 


I cannot and will not attempt to justify America's sins.  But my own father was a man who did many things I was not proud of.  I loved him anyway. 


I also cannot and will not reject my citizenship in this land no matter how I came to be here.  I will use the freedom and opportunity to prevail. 


I do not preach to you and demand that you do the same. Each of us must choose our own path.  But personally, I have signed the figurative social contract you so adequately described.  America is my country, my nation, although not where my people originated. 


Randall Stevens 





Dear Mr. Stevens: 


Thanks again for your reply. I find your quote from the 14th Amendment below quite fascinating. For how could a People illegally transported to this territory by force of arms be in any way "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States? Jurisdiction is really rather a sacred matter that People bestow upon governments. In European literature it is treated as a sacred trust, as in Jean Jacques Rousseau's THE SOCIAL CONTRACT. When did we as a People make any social contract with the U.S. Government to give it legal jurisdiction over us? If you know when that occurred please inform us all, because we need to know about it.  Jurisdiction and Domicile of Origin are two of the most sacred Rules of Law in International Law, which I am aware that you reject (International Law) and Natural Common Law. We were illegally transported out of our Domicile (s) of Origin in Africa where we had given legal jurisdiction to a government, Council of Elders or whatever the particular format. It was legal. Just because you are illegally taken from your Domicile of Origin, the domicile of your fathers and mothers, and forcibly taken into another territory, does not change your legal domicile until you the People change it. This is a very strong Natural Common Law rich with case histories that support this position. Your Domicile of Origin does not change until the People illegally taken, change it via a plebiscite, thus giving legal jurisdiction to the new government in the new territory of capture.  


It took White People from 1776 to 1787 or 89 to fully give legal jurisdiction to the U.S. Government. When did African slaves give legal jurisdiction to the U.S. Government? It is just the opposite. That is, we were stripped of our Human Rights, of our Human Identity, of essentially our Human Identity as a People. We are walking zombies who don't know who we are and identifying with the slave master's Unilateral White so-called laws that determine us since we do not have self determination as do FREE People with their liberties! No so-called grandfather clause applies, since we are not Parties to the U.S. Constitution by Human Mutuality, the basis of all REAL law. Our rights are in International Natural Common Law. Brother, we have been "unnaturalized" in the U.S., not naturalized.  We still have a domicile in Africa until we abandon it as a People by giving legal jurisdiction to the U.S. The fact that we do not know where our specific domicile is in Africa, i.e. because the records were not kept, will be part of our Reparations Claim. Many desire to waive the rules of Human behavior to assert that we are somehow U.S. Citizens, even though the original so-called "laws" that assert this did not result from any consultation with us, nor did we request to be U.S. Citizens. But such a sham process is apparently O.K. for slaves. 


It is not too late for the U.S. to finally treat us as Human Beings by asking who would like to be a REAL U.S. Citizen based upon Human Mutuality, which would finally make it legal. But that would highlight Reparations, so the U.S. will never treat us as Humans of their own volition. It will be based upon or demand. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's was based upon our belief that we are U.S. Citizens but that we just weren't being treated as U.S. Citizens.  


Well, how could you be a U.S. Citizen and not be treated as a U.S. Citizen? Come on folks, let's face this. The difference is that White People exercised their Human Rights, using their Mother Tongue and their traditional Religion and Culture in achieving mutuality with becoming U.S. Citizens. We have legislated (by others) so-called Civil Rights in which we had no choice and we got out after 100 years to protest the fact that the legislated by others for slaves so-called rights we thought we had were not being enforced. Our error is in believing that we had any rights that were really legal. That is why they were not being enforced and that is why they still will come up for review again.  


When did we decide to be protected by the 14th Amendment? The historical indicators are that those of us who had not become so beaten down and made docile by slavery, wanted to be rid of White People on land of our own. That is the hole big deal about General Sherman and the 40 Acres and a Mule that was never made law. Forced jurisdiction and forced citizenship are not our only options. We can demand citizenship with Reparations. There are those who will demand Repatriation to any friendly Nation in the world but with Reparations. It is extremely doubtful in my mind at this juncture that any land deal within U.S. Territory is a viable option, i.e. considering how the Washetaw Moors have recently been seized by the U.S. But neither am I a soothsayer. It is like Geronimo told the U.S. General, that, "With all this land, why do you want all of the land?" 


Omowale Za 

African Reparations Activist 



Free the Mind.... Peace... Hotep Folks... 


The two scholars above have given us two sides of an issue every Black Afrikan in America has thought about (or will) at least once in their life.  We will probably be (have been) asked by that one "true white friend, 'What do you people want?'" We have all heard this  "America, Love It or Leave It."  As I read the letters above, I noticed that while the status of Black citizenship was the topic, the fact that neither accept or rejected our ancestors, elders, and in most cases the rest of us is a credit to both.  Our ancestors are well defined.  Their origin and legal status was criminally changed.  That is the foundation on which REPARATIONS IS OWED.  The reparations' payment is a debt owed them.  We, being their descendants, are the "legal heirs" to that debt owed. It is payable to us regardless of our choice of citizenship.  I learn from the discussions of Black folks.  I also accept and encourage self determination.  The bottom line is that the masses are vast and diverse.  Information and discussions like that above will allow for individual sound decisions.  The choice is yours and eventually one must be made. 


Robert Hazard 

Desendent of Chattel Slaves/Servants 

Heir to Reparations 




Free The Mind... Free The People... Free The Land... 


Robert Hazard 


Board Member 

S. E. Regional Representative 






(Here is an Interesting Observation: This was written by a non-black.) 






We can continue to reap profits from the Blacks without the effort of physical slavery. Look at the current methods of containment that they use on themselves: IGNORANCE, GREED, SELFISHNESS.  Their IGNORANCE is the primary weapon of containment. 


A great man once said, "the best way  to hide something from black people is to put it in a book". We live now in the Information Age. They have gained the opportunity to read any book on any subject, through the efforts of their fight for freedom, yet they refuse to read. 


There are numerous books  readily available at Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com, not to  mention their own Black bookstores, that provide solid blueprints to reach economic equality (which should have been their fight  all along), but few read consistently, if at all. 


GREED is another powerful weapon of containment. Blacks, since the abolition of slavery, have had large amounts of money at their disposal.  Last year they spent 10 billion dollars during Christmas, out of their 450  billion dollars in total yearly income. 


Any of us can use them as our  target market, for any business venture we care to dream up,  no matter how outlandish. They will buy into it. Being primarily a consumer people, they function totally by greed. They continually want more, with little thought for saving or investing. They would rather buy some new sneaker than invest in starting a business. Some even neglect their children to have the latest Tommy or FUBU. And they still think that having a Mercedes, and a big house, gives them  "status" or that they have achieved the American dream.  They are fools! 


The vast majority of their people are still in poverty because their greed holds them back from collectively making better communities. With the help of BET, and the rest of their black media, that often broadcasts destructive images into their own homes, we will continue to see huge profits like those of Tommy and Nike. (Tommy Hilfiger has even jeered them, saying he doesn't want their money. And look at how the fools spend more with him than ever before!) They'll continue to show off to each other while we build solid communities with the profits from our businesses that we market to them. 


SELFISHNESS, ingrained in their minds through slavery, is one of the major ways we can continue to contain them. One of their own, Dubois, said that there was an innate division in their culture. A "Talented Tenth" he called it. He was correct in his deduction that there are segments of their culture that has achieved some "form" of success. However, that segment missed the fullness of his work, they didn't read that the Talented Tenth was then responsible to aid the Non-Talented Ninety Percent in achieving a better life. Instead, that segment has created another class, a buppie class that looks down on their people or aids them in a condescending manner. They will never achieve what we have. 


Their selfishness does not allow them to be able to work together on any project or endeavor of substance. When they do get together, their selfishness lets their egos get in the way of the goal. Their so-called help organizations seem to only want to promote their name without making any real change in their community. They are content to sit in conferences and conventions, in our hotels, and talk about what they will do, and award plaques to the best speakers, not the best doers.  Is their no end to their selfishness? They steadfastly refuse to see  that. 




They do not understand that they are no better than each other because of what they own. In act, most of those buppies are but one or two paychecks away from poverty. All of which is under the control of our pens in our offices and our boardrooms. Yes, we will continue to contain them as long as they refuse to read, continue to buy anything they want, and keep thinking they are "helping" their communities by paying dues to organizations which do little other than hold lavish conventions in our hotels. By the way, don't worry about any of them reading this letter, remember, THEY DON'T READ!! 



This was a "Forwarded" message without the name or E-mail of the person who wrote it.  In any case, the writer, at first thought, would appear to be our enemy.  However, don't be angry or disheartened by these remarks, as he/she has presented  words to the wise.  The intelligent way to get a message across is to tell the "Truth."  If one could care less, then one would keep his/her mouth shut.  This E-mail has all the earmarks of truly wanting Blacks to better themselves. 


Tziona Yisrael, Editor 

REPNOW Newsletter 





Dear Friends: 


Thanks to all of you who have disseminated information that should sound the alarm regarding a new threat designed to abort the establishment of an international criminal court.  I refer to House Concurrent Resolution 23, submitted by Republican Representative Ron Paul of Texas and colleagues on Feb. 8, 2001. (He was the only member of Congress who voted against House Res. 34  on  Feb, 13, 2001, calling for peace in the Middle East.) 


H.C.R. 23 expresses "the sense of Congress that President George W. Bush should declare to all nations that the United States does not intend to assent to or ratify the International Criminal Court Treaty... and the signature of President Clinton  to that treaty should not be construed otherwise."  An organization called "The Liberty Committee" (boasting that it has some 50,000 members representing every district in the USA) has launched a nationwide campaign and has reported that some 20,000 people have already signed their petition to President Bush to rescind the signature to the treaty authorized by President Clinton on Dec. 31, 2000. The Resolution has been referred to the House Committee led by Representative Hyde who is reported to have denounced the treaty as "an assault on  our sovereignty." 


Everyone, of course, is entitled to express their own views regarding the court.  But it should be cause for grave concern to see the  Petition of "The Liberty Committee", displaying the American flag and the heading AMERICAN JUSTICE FOR AMERICANS, list on their website a host of press releases and articles, editorial and position papers denouncing the court for  reasons that are palpably false and misleading. This is part of a well organized attempt to frighten and stampede the American public into believing that the new court would pose a threat to the United States, its military personnel and all its citizens. The arguments and goals are similar to those made in connection with the pending U.S. Service members Protection Act introduced by Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, the most outspoken critic of the Court. 


No one argues that the treaty is perfect - far from it - but it is an important new institution to deter major international crimes against humanity by bringing leading perpetrators to justice. The recent careful study by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences contains views of leading scholars from academia, the government and the military that support the conclusion that signing the treaty would be in the interest of the United States. 


The views of the so-called "Liberty Committee," are reminiscent of the "America First" positions prior to World War II. Isolationism and unilateralism can only exacerbate the growing feeling abroad that the U.S. seeks to lay down rules for the rest of the world that it is not willing to accept for itself. That would be a flagrant repudiation  of legal principles laid down by the United States and its allies at Nuremberg and hailed by the entire General Assembly of the United Nations. Helen Brady's fine article of Feb. 13, circulated by the CICC,  made plain that the ICC would not diminish national sovereignty but would reinforce a nation's "commitment to a peaceful and just world and the rule of law."  NGO's in the coalition, and nations, including America's leading allies,  that have signed on for the court, have made plain that they share the same view. We must continue to make our voices heard if this great hope is to be kept alive until a more favorable climate for its ratification by the U.S. can be created. (Please see my website for more detailed comments.) 


Now is the time for all good men, and women, to come to the aid of their country. 


Warm greetings to you all. 





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