I will scatter them, and then I will gather them: Deuteronomy 4:27; 28:64; 32:26; Isaiah 11:12;

Jeremiah 23:8 / Read about the African Slave Trade in Deuteronomy 28th Chapter.


N E W S L E T T E R…….#19 (Part Two)

AUGUST 2001 (Part One)

"Take direct action against the U.S. government!" Dr. Robert Brock






Note from the REPNOW Newsletter Editor:

Have you heard the latest? Just that more evidence continues to pour in that the United States won’t be going to the World Conference on Racism and does not intend to do beans about Reparations for the Descendants of Slaves whose parents were forcibly located to these shores and enslaved for generation after generation under untold misery, degradation, and affliction. Nor does the US intend to apologize for this heinous crime. And there’s more evidence that the United States is not willing to discuss nor address the racism that Blacks and other minorities experience in this country, thus giving us good reason to believe that this racist government really couldn’t care less about our misery.

Yet, the US will bend over backwards to send Black tax dollars to Israel and use these same monies to secure Reparations for the White Jewish Holocaust that took place on European soil and establish a Jewish Memorial and maintain it in Washington, D.C. but nothing resembling the likes of this for Descendants of Slaves. Isn’t this the very good reason we wish to take our concerns to the World Conference on Racism? How is it that the US can work for European Jews and not for the Black Peoples who are only in the United States because of the government’s involvement in the TransAtlantic Slave Trade?

And get this! White Jews are also against Blacks receiving Reparations. Surprise! SURPRISE! Can you believe it?!! And you thought White Jews had the interests of Blacks in mind. Hmph! You should be asking, "Why the heck should they care about our receiving Reparations," and then seek to find the answer. It’s deep, so deep that you wouldn’t believe. White Jews have the best of three Worlds: the United States, many European COUNTRIES, and Israel, and yet they have the audacity to speak out against Reparations for Africa and for Descendants of Slaves yet in the lands of our captivity and living under the control of the powers-that-be!

Is the reason the US refuses to attend WCAR due to the fact that they do not wish to be slapped with the worst acts of racism (the TransAtlantic Slave Trade) and continued discrimination ever written in the annals of history and ever present in its political and social systems today? Is the reason Israel refuses to attend the WCAR because it does not want to face the condemnation from the international community due to their racist treatment of the Palestinians? Israelis kill, on average, one Palestinian every single day! Heck, under those circumstances, if I were they, I wouldn’t go either. And will someone please tell me, how the United States in good faith can point the finger at China because of its Human Rights atrocities while it sits back, watches, and condones the death of innocent Peoples in the US and in Palestine? Surely, the United States won’t attend WCAR because it is dead wrong for all the terrible suffering and despair it causes and that transpires on a daily basis in this so-called "Greatest Country in the World with Justice for All."

Oh how my heart goes out to Representative Cynthia McKinney for her courage and selflessness to assist those of us in need of a voice in Washington to work towards getting the Bush administration to participate in the UN World Conference Against Racism.

A few months ago I suggested that the Black Congressional Representatives apply a Filibuster in D.C., so that we can air Black concerns regarding the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, racism/discrimination, and Reparations for perpetuated pain and suffering. Under these circumstances, we can call WORLD ATTENTION to our plight, and when only a third of the Founding Father’s dirty laundry is aired, then the US will either be willing to go to the WCAR, move on ending the racism against Blacks and other people of color, apologize for Slavery and resolve the matter of Reparations for the Slave Trade or face the music. After all, they are showing blatant racism and discrimination towards Blacks when they aid and assist the White Jews for Reparations and not lift a finger to do same for Descendants of Slaves and for the very same cause - Slave Labor. Unreal!

Is it time for the Reparations Filibuster??? IT IS TIME!!!

By the way, now that former President Clinton is in Harlem, all y’all over there who laid out the red carpet for him can put his promises to the test. He promises to be there for Black Folks, so make him put his efforts where his mouth is! I heard one Sister say that "Maybe he will reach out to us." Well, don’t hold your breath! I wrote to him for over four years, constantly appealing to him because of his position, power, and influence, hoping that one day he would be compassionate towards an afflicted people. It never happened! The man never once addressed the issue of Reparations - not once!. Maybe those of you in Harlem will be more successful.

In any case, we cannot continue to sit back and keep a low profile and permit this racism and discrimination to ruin the Black Man. Our people are suffering and our children are dying. Help if you can for the Reparations cause and for the end to the racism and discrimination we face in the United States and the World. Evidently, the United States has plans to keep this oppression and suppression in play and to keep Blacks controlled and impoverished and second-class citizens forever. If that is the situation, then now, it’s time for us to sabotage their plans! WE HAVE NO CHOICE!

Many, many thanks to Representative McKinney, Black Caucus President Eddie Bernice Johnson, and all who join in the thrust for Reparations. Make sure to give her a ring or send her an encouraging E-mail message for a job well done in her battle to acquire Reparations and in her efforts to end racism against Blacks and all people of color.

Again, I give my best wishes for a safe journey to everyone attending the WCAR and for a successful resolution to the Reparations Crisis and for the elimination of Racism in all countries where it exists.

Above all, I thank the Most High GOD for realizing the suffering and despair we face and for bringing the Reparations issue up front and center!

Finally, if you are considering leaving the United States and wish to move to Africa, then please, by all means, consider working with RHazard988@AOL.COM and Chief Elder, o_akkebala@msn.com for the opportunity to truly be rid of White rule, domination, and racism and to experience genuine freedom and liberty to enjoy self determination, empowerment, and a true pursuit of happiness.

Stay strong and be active in the cause because our efforts are for the liberation of us all.

Tziona Yisrael, Editor



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GENEVA (AP) - Under threat of a U.S. boycott, diplomats making a final attempt to set up the World Conference Against Racism have only two weeks to chart their way through seas of bitterness. The United States says it will stay away from the conference starting Aug. 31, in Durban, South Africa, if the agenda includes an Arab demand to pillory Israel.

But Washington and Europe also are troubled by African insistence that the conference weigh demands for compensation for colonialism and slavery. The negotiating session beginning Monday had to be squeezed in because the intended final planning meeting in May ended in deadlock. It is intended to draw up an agenda and draft a final document. Mary Robinson, the top U.N. human rights official who will chair the conference, says she is encouraged because she senses greater political will to see the conference succeed.

``There have been, as I understand it, a lot of negotiations behind closed doors over the past few weeks,'' said Robinson, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights. But the former president of Ireland said the conference could still be derailed, particularly if the Arabs try to revive the 1975 U.N. General Assembly resolution that described Zionism as racism. It took the United States and Israel until 1991 to get the United Nations to rescind the resolution against the movement that led to the re-establishment and support of a Jewish homeland in biblical lands.

Attempts to revive the issue, which stems from Israeli-Palestinian tensions, was singled out by White House spokesman Ari Fleischer as a conference-wrecker.

``The only thing that would stop the United States from going, and playing an important role in combating racism around the world, is if the planners of this hijack their own meeting into anti-Semitism,'' Fleischer said Friday. But the United States, and some European countries, also oppose taking up the African demand that countries which prospered from slavery and colonization should apologize - and pay compensation - for the suffering they caused. The calls for compensation have grown against the background of the United States' pressuring Germany to reimbursing Nazi victims and Switzerland to compensate heirs of Holocaust victims for money that lay dormant in bank accounts after World War II.

Robinson says the conference should discuss the past, but that the emphasis should be on the future. And no nation is above criticism, she says.

``Civil society will be taking the opportunity in Durban to remind every country that it has problems,'' she says. Robinson says she has been campaigning hard to keep the conference on track, and has been encouraged by recent meetings with Secretary of State Colin Powell, European Union foreign ministers and Latin American and African leaders.

``The message that I'm getting from everyone at that level is a recognition of the importance of the Durban conference,'' she told reporters Friday. ``Nobody thinks it's going to be easy.'' But, she says, the conference offers an opportunity at the beginning of the century to define how people will relate to each other.

``It's extremely important that we find a way to address the scourges of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and racial intolerance,'' Robinson says.

Submitted by ALARKAM@webtv.net (Malik Al-Arkam)




Turnout 75%: Georgia Democrat, United States Representative Cynthia McKinney's efforts to get the Bush administration to participate in the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Xenophobia, Racial Discrimination and Related Intolerance (WCAR) to be held in Durban, South Africa August 31 - September 7, 2001 became an in-your-face, nose-to-nose battle this week. Representatives of the State Department were still not returning telephone calls or responding to e-mail messages regarding WCAR.

On Friday, [7/28/01] White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer renewed the administration's threat to boycott the conference entirely, if Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and other WCAR leaders allowed African Americans to discuss slavery or reparations. Fleischer stated, "The U.S. plans to go. The only thing that will stop the U.S. from going...is if the leaders of the conference make the very unwise decision of equating Zionism with racism or if they take other steps that have not been supported by previous administrations." Those other steps include allowing blacks to speak about reparations for American slave descendants.

Republicans in Congress dealt another blow to Rep. McKinney's efforts by refusing to allow a vote on, a resolution calling on the United States to support WCAR. Rep. McKinney also wants to give victims of racism and Zionism an opportunity to tell their story in their words at WCAR.

Meanwhile, in the trenches in Atlanta, the battle over WCAR moved to a new level. The week began with Rep. McKinney's office laying plans to hold a congressional educational hearing on WCAR as part of Poets for Peace "International Speak Out" on August 16, 2001. Sister Poets Embracing Altruistic Kinship (S.P.E.A.K.), Kimotion, Voluptuous and Sunshyne will help coordinate local venues, where poets and others can take the microphone to speak out about the devastation of racism. S.P.E.A.K. will be supported by Aquiyl and the MoorEpics Slam Team, which includes GA Me (Georgia Me), Alexis, Malik and Yohannes. The slam team, which competes in the National Slam August 1-5, 2001 in Seattle, Washington, has a new CD titled MoorEpics Slam Team 2001 that is badly needed ammunition in this war of words over WCAR.

Rep. McKinney and Congressional Black Caucus President Eddie Bernice Johnson ended the week with a distress call, asking everyone in the Diaspora to:



Every slave descendant is a victim of American racism. As battles go, this one will not solve black people's problems forever. Nevertheless, some battles must be fought regardless of the outcome. This is our opportunity to let the world know we exist and are ready to take our place on the international stage.

Moreover, we refuse to be silenced by Bush and the forces that support worldwide racism. Join Poets for Peace, the Congressional Black Caucus, S.P.E.A.K, Live Poets and The DISH on August 16, and speak out. Raise your voice and help break the WCAR silence!

Submitted by BRC-REPARATIONS: Black Radical Congress - Reparations Caucus

Questions/Problems: send email to <brc-reparations-owner@egroups.com>





Regarding the most recent news about Representative Cynthia McKinney’s efforts to get the Bush administration to participate in the UN World Conference Against Racism, etc., she must be given notice that we are behind her in her efforts.

Please E-mail United States Representative Cynthia McKinney at the following address:


Her website is: www.house.gov/mckinney

Cynthia McKinney (D-4th/GA) the number is (202) 225-1605, Fax: (202) 226-0691

Representative McKinney was born 3/17/55 in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her BA from USC, 1978 and is an Educator and serves on the Armed Services and International Relations Commissions.

Representative McKinney is a Catholic, and this is her 5th term in office.

Those working for Representative McKinney are as follows:

Chief of Staff is Merwyn Scott.

Appt. Secretary is James Romano

Legislative Director is Eric Lausten

Press Scretary is Jocco Baccus

Representative McKinney's District Office number is in Decateur, Georgia, and the telephone number is: (404) 377-6900

Submitted by T’zirah <JELPO@AOL.COM>



NY Times Article



WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is threatening to skip an upcoming U.N. conference on racism if the agenda includes discussions on reparations for slavery and Zionism as racism, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

Citing a senior State Department official, the newspaper said the Bush administration will present its position to dozens of Washington-based ambassadors on Friday and seek support for keeping the two topics off the conference agenda.

The United Nations Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance is to take place in Durban, South Africa from August 31, to September 7.

"We need to be really clear about our position," the State Department official was quoted as saying. "We don't want anybody to be surprised when they look up on the day of Durban and wonder why we're not there."

The Post said the official's comment was a firm message to Mary Robinson, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and the main organizer of the racism conference.

Robinson on Monday will open the final round of meetings in Geneva to discuss the agenda for the racism conference.

``I am aware that there are quite a number of hurdles,'' Robinson was quoted as saying.

Arab and Asian nations have put forward a draft declaration that calls Israeli treatment of Palestinians ``a new kind of apartheid.''

The international watchdog group Human Rights Watch has been pressing for discussion of the subject of compensation for slavery.

``Some delegations in Geneva have proposed unacceptable language in several paragraphs'' of the draft agenda, a State Department spokeswoman told Reuters late on Thursday.

``Serious work has to be done to eliminate unbalanced and inflammatory language on the Middle East and slavery and reparations,'' spokeswoman Brenda Greenberg said.

She said the United States objected to, among other things, the language that Israeli government policies are racist and constitute a new form of apartheid.

``We have made clear our opposition to this language in the strongest possible terms,'' Greenberg said.

The United States will send a delegation to the Geneva meeting ``and will decide the exact nature of U.S. participation at the world conference'' after that, the spokeswoman said.


Submitted by alarkam@webtv.net

[Who tailored European Jews’ language when they went all out for Reparations for slave labor under the Nazis? Who stopped them from using the harshest language possible about this atrocity? And has anyone said anything about how they push "Never Again" in the school systems in America - not Germany where their holocaust took place but in America? No one has said a word because we all know about the power of money, authority, and influence! If the Palestinians call Israel’s racism "apartheid" then so be it. Who would be in a better position to know than they. Aren’t their homes and orchards being bull-dozed on a daily basis, and aren’t they dying like Native Americans died at the hands of the Founding Fathers of the Colonial America? And if the United States owes Descendants of Slaves Reparations for the Slave Trade and for present day racism and discrimination, then let’s call a spade a spade. Why lie about it? Blacks have been living a lie ever since being taken into captivity. Descendants of Slaves are the ones who lost their identity, REMEMBER?!!! T.Y., Editor]



The United States will not attend next month's World Conference Against Racism if two contentious issues are included in the conference agenda, a senior State Department official said yesterday.

Top State Department officials plan to inform three dozen foreign diplomats today of the Bush's administration's position on the issues of Zionism as racism, and reparations for slavery and colonialism, the official said. The Washington-based ambassadors, representing several continents, are expected to meet in Foggy Bottom with Marc Grossman, Undersecretary of State for political affairs, and Undersecretary of State Paula J. Dobriansky. They intend to tell the ambassadors that the United States needs their help to build support for striking the two topics.

"We need to be really clear about our position," the senior State Department official said. "We don't want anybody to be surprised when they look up on the day of Durban and wonder why we're not there."

The absence of the United States would be a severe blow to the convention, which is being billed as the most important international discussion of race ever held. Formally titled the United Nations Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, it is scheduled to start Aug. 31 for an eight-day run in the coastal South African city of Durban.

The State Department official's statement was the latest warning about the conference by the Bush administration, which has voiced its displeasure over the agenda for months. And it was a firm message to Mary Robinson, the conference's top organizer and the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, who on Monday will start the last round of meetings in Geneva to discuss the agenda. A five-member State Department team will attend those discussions, a White House official said.

"I am aware that there are quite a number of hurdles," Robinson said yesterday from Geneva. She met twice with Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, in February and June, and once with national security adviser Condoleezza Rice in February. What she heard in those meetings, she said, was encouraging.

Robinson and other conference advocates have said that the two issues in question are only proposals for the agenda. Some African Americans and African nations have said they are due reparations from countries that participated in the slave trade during the 1700s and early 1800s. The dispute over Zionism goes back to a 1975 U.N. resolution equating it with racism. The resolution was repealed 10 years ago, but some Arab organizations proposed similar language for the conference's draft declaration.

Whether the proposals will be adopted is an open question. The issues are "being discussed by small teams of negotiators behind closed doors," Robinson said. "They face a considerable challenge because time is short."

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are among the organizations imploring Bush to send a delegation to the conference. Others include the NAACP, the National Urban League and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.

"I think . . . that the U.S. should be at the conference," said Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP's Washington bureau. "I think this is an important opportunity to address these issues of race. It's something that many of us have been actively engaged in preparing for."

Others had stronger words. Wade Henderson, director of the Leadership Conference, said the United States lost its seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission and was left out of the Kyoto pollution accord "because of a lack of leadership."

That is becoming part of the administration's form, said Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.). "The Bush administration ought to get accustomed to standing alone," she said. "Hopefully they will choose to join the rest of the world and not choose to stand alone in isolation."

A Jewish member of the conference steering committee sided with Bush. "I think the U.S. should vigorously protest," said Rabbi Marvin Hire, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center of Los Angeles. "If it's going to be a circus, the U.S. should send a very low-level delegation."

"The Arab bloc really wants to hijack the conference," he said. "I'm afraid the entire conference is going to be just a lot of shouting that has nothing to do with issues today because of the frustration over what's going on in the Middle East."

Others believe the trouble with the conference lies in its planning. Its plan for action was adopted in March, leaving little time to organize the event. An equivalent document for the World Conference on Women, held in September 1995 in Beijing, had been adopted 13 months before.

The Conference on Women, though controversial, was ushered in with an outpouring of fanfare and money. The Clinton administration donated nearly $6 million to the event, and then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was one of 50,000 attendees.

By contrast, the Conference Against Racism has been greeted with near silence in the media. President Clinton donated $250,000 on his way out of office, and the Bush administration has shown no intention to increase that sum. Only some 10,000 conference attendees are expected in Durban.

Robinson said the conference could be a success, especially if it resulted in a plan to deal with racism in the future. "This is not an easy conference to prepare for," Robinson said. "We have never addressed together the darker side of our society: racism, anti-Semitism, the mistreatment of immigrants, the riots in London by Asian youth and problems in Germany. It is a difficult issue."

In the United States, civil rights activists say a discussion of slavery and reparations would be an uncomfortable one that the Bush administration should not avoid. Henderson, of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, said the issue should remain on the table.

"I believe that democratic principles are advanced amid vigorous and open debate," he said.

One such debate involving the conference against racism would have taken place at a congressional hearing earlier this week, but the Wednesday meeting of the House subcommittee on international operations was postponed until Tuesday by its chair, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.).

The postponement prompted a barrage of charges from McKinney, a senior member of the committee. She said the Bush administration officials who were slated to testify would be in Geneva next week, as would conference advocates who were to attend the hearing.

"The bottom line is that the Republicans maneuvered to protect the Bush administration from any overt criticism with respect to the world conference," McKinney said. "The Republicans in the House subverted the bipartisan way in which we've been working almost for an entire year. They want to prevent black people from having an opportunity to discuss the World Conference Against Racism in an official setting."

Aides to Ros-Lehtinen disputed that claim, saying that a key committee staffer had to travel out of the city for a family funeral. A spokesman for the committee said that such postponements were common, and that some had been made on McKinney's behalf.

Upon hearing that explanation, McKinney said, "It's an affront. The nation's business doesn't stop for any reason. There is no excuse for four weeks of planning being pulled out from under us a day before the hearing."

By Darryl Fears and Alan Sipress





By threatening to boycott the upcoming WCAR if issues like Reparations for slavery and zionism are included in the agenda, the U.S. government again confirms its arrogance and hypocrisy. The USA has no plans to stop practicing ethnocide, forced assimilation, and institionalized racism against 40 million African-Americans unless legally forced to do so by a unified movement of our people who are determined to secure our rights through international legal means. To learn more about how you can facilitate the Reparations Movement, please visit www.afre-ngo.org and donate to the Reparations War Chest.

Submitted by Minister Malik Al-Arkam

[CLINTON’S ADMINISTRATION DONATED $ 6 MIL. TO THE CONFERENCE ON WOMEN AND $250,000 TO THE CONFERENCE ON RACISM. And then he had the nerve to park his behind down in Harlem?! Y’all gettin’ this??? You’d better wake up and smell the coffee! To Representative McKinney, I can only say, "YOU GO, GIRL! I AM BEHIND YOU 100%! T.Y., Editor]



WASHINGTON, July 27 (UPI) - The United States will not attend next month's World Conference Against Racism if it equated Zionism with racism and insisted on reparations for slavery and colonialism, reports said Friday.

The eight-day conference is scheduled to start Aug. 31 in Durban, South Africa.

More than 30 Washington-based ambassadors will meet senior State Department officials later Friday to discuss the conference's position on the two issues, The Washington Post reported.

The U.S. officials will urge the ambassadors "to build support for striking the two topics" from the conference's agenda, the report said.

"We need to be really clear about our position," a senior State Department official told the Post. "We don't want anybody to be surprised when they look up on the day of Durban and wonder why we're not there."

The absence of the United States would be a severe blow to the convention, which is being billed as the most important international meeting on racism ever held.

However, a five-member State Department team will attend the conference's final agenda meeting in Geneva on Monday and urge it to strike out the two items from its list.

The Bush administration has voiced its displeasure over the agenda for months. The conference's top organizer and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, has already had three meetings with Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice over this issue.

"I am aware that there are quite a number of hurdles," Robinson said in Geneva on Thursday.

Robinson and other conference organizers have said that the two issues in question are only proposals for the agenda.

Some African Americans and African nations have said they are due reparations from countries that participated in the slave trade during the 1700s and early 1800s.

The dispute over Zionism goes back to a 1975 U.N. resolution equating it with racism. The resolution was repealed 10 years ago, but some Arab organizations proposed similar language for the conference's draft declaration.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, NAACP and several similar groups have urged President Bush to send a delegation to the conference even if the agenda is not changed.

"It is an important opportunity to address these issues of race. It's something that many of us have been actively engaged in preparing for," Hilary Shelton, director of NAACP's Washington bureau, told the Post.

Submitted by brc-reparations@yahoogroups.com

[Maybe what we need is for the United States and Israel to be absent from the WCAR! Then we just might be able to rid the institutions and systems of racism since they do not desire to deal with the "Truth" of the matters. Hey, sounds good to me!]



July 26, 2001

GENEVA - Top United Nations officials have issued urgent appeals to governments around the world, exhorting them to be more flexible in order to prevent the failure of the upcoming World Conference against Racism.

''We are now at the stage where we need to begin reaching agreements,'' stressed the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, Tuesday.

The World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance is set for Aug 31 to Sep 7 in Durban, South Africa. But there is still no agreement on the content of the final declaration or the program of action that are to be adopted by the delegates to the conference.

Irreconcilable differences revolve around questions of reparations for human rights abuses committed during slavery and colonial eras, and of attempts to equate Zionism with racism.

The final attempt to hammer out agreements on these matters will be in the hands of the preparatory committee during two weeks of deliberations in Geneva, beginning Jul 30.

Robinson acknowledged that the drafting of the conference declaration and program of action has not been a simple process.

The Group of 21, a body with the sole mission of conducting a ''technical cleanup'' of the documents - not of carrying out negotiations - will present the final Durban conference drafts Monday to the preparatory committee.

The group, presided by South Africa, is made up of Barbados, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, representing Latin America and the Caribbean. The African bloc consists of Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia, while Canada, France, Sweden and the United States are the ''Western'' bloc.

Eastern Europe is represented by the Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia and Russia. The nations from Asia participating in the talks are India, Iran, Pakistan and Iraq. The mission of the document ''cleanup'' team has been bogged down by the delicate nature of the matters to be debated at the Durban conference.

Robinson commented Tuesday before the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that the World Conference against Racism will cover ''not just matters of domestic policy and practice but, in some cases, fundamental issues of national identity.''

''While individual societies have embarked on processes of reflection and reconciliation, we as a global community have never attempted it before,'' she pointed out.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan issued an appeal to ''find ways to acknowledge the past without getting lost there; and to help heal old wounds without reopening them.''

In a further attempt to exert pressure on the world's governments, the High Commissioner is slated to meet in Geneva Aug 3 with a group of ''Eminent Persons'', led by former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

Among other notables, the group also includes former presidents, such as Jimmy Carter, of the United States, Mikhail Gorbachov, of the now-defunct Soviet Union, and Oscar Arias, of Costa Rica.

UN officials close to the process are confident that the arguments of these personalities, to be expressed during a round- table discussion, will influence the governmental delegates gathered in a nearby hall to discuss the final documents for Durban.

The UN sources also believe that the run-up to the Durban conference has already proven successful because it has ''engaged individuals and civil society as much as states.''

''The enormous response from NGOs (non-governmental organizations) has made it clear that Durban will not be a dry political gathering dominated by technical negotiations,'' said Robinson.

In the South African city, there will be an enriching gathering of peoples and cultures, alongside an inspiring exchange of ideas and experiences, predicted the High Commissioner.

In addition to the Conference against Racism, an NGO Forum is slated to meet in Durban Aug 28 to Sep 1, and a Youth Summit on Aug 26 and 27.

Robinson stressed that during the preparatory phase of the conference, ''the profile of racism as a global issue has been raised to an unprecedented level. The regional preparatory meetings have recognized that racism is a problem in every country and every region.''

She expressed confidence that the conference will ultimately be a success, though said she is sure that ''no country or group will walk away completely satisfied.''

''At a time when the international community is grappling with so many complex global problems, we simply cannot afford to fail to find consensus on an issue as clear-cut as racism,'' asserted the High Commissioner.

The minimum objectives of the UN for the Durban conference include a declaration that ''solemnly acknowledges the wrongs of the past, notes the current manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.''

The document must also commit governments to ''moving forward together in the fight against racism.''

A second goal is a program of action that outlines practical steps for fulfilling these commitments.

Finally, the UN intends to forge an alliance between governments and civil society ''that will enable the struggle against racism to be carried beyond Durban.''


By Gustavo Capdevila

Interpress Service




July 26, 2001

London (CNSNews.com) - A leading human rights organization has expressed concern that a United Nations conference against racism may be derailed over political disputes relating to Israel and slavery compensation.

A spokesman for the organizers echoed the fear, while expressing optimism that sufficient common ground will ensure that the gathering is a success.

Amnesty International program director Claudio Cordone said preparations ahead of the conference, to open in South Africa at the end of August, had been bogged down over how to deal with demands for reparations for slavery and colonialism.

Participating states have also disagreed over whether texts should refer to the Holocaust - the Nazis' systematic murder of six million Jews - or to genocide in general ("holocausts").

"The controversy over this issue is insensitive to the feelings of survivors of the Holocaust and is of no use to the fight against racism," he said. Of Arab states that have raised the issue, Cordone said: "They are creating a climate of division that risks undermining all aspects of the conference."

At a recent preparatory meeting, talks stalled over whether countries that benefited from slavery and colonialism should apologize and pay compensation.

Developing countries have lobbied for the inclusion of a clause declaring slavery to be "a crime against humanity that is unparalleled."

The United States and European countries led by former colonial power Britain are spearheading opposition to the demands, which are backed by many African countries.

"Demands for financial reparations and a formal apology would do nothing to address racism and discrimination today," a State Department spokesman said last month, adding that the conference should focus on addressing "current problems."

Israel has been incensed not only by the Holocaust issue, but by other language Arab and Asian countries have introduced into resolution drafts, portraying Israel as a racist state on the grounds that citizenship is based on Jewishness.

Israeli policies in the disputed territories were described as "a new kind of apartheid, a crime against humanity [and] a form of genocide."

Cordone warned that the disputes could see some countries downgrade their participation. The Bush administration has yet to announce the level at which it will participate in the conference. Earlier this month South African officials said they were trying to resolve the dispute involving compensation for slavery, in order to persuade the U.S. not to downgrade their representation.

The U.S. boycotted two previous U.N. racism gatherings, in Geneva in 1978 and 1983, over disputes relating to Israel.

"There is a fear that the conference may fail to reach agreement on a common platform," Amnesty said in a statement. "If that happens the world will have missed a unique opportunity to make a difference in the fight against racism."

'Complex and difficult' talks The conference is being organized by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, whose spokesman, Jose Luis Diaz, described the event Thursday as the most important gathering the office has organized in its history.

Diaz said in a phone interview the organizers shared the concerns that political disputes could derail the conference.

"It has been a difficult preparatory process for the World Conference Against Racism, but we believe there's enough common ground for substantial agreement on many issues. We hope the conflict that there is over relatively few issues does not mean that the conference is a success."

Diaz said the issues causing disagreement could be better addressed in other international forums or frameworks.

A preparatory committee will hold its final meeting ahead of the conference from July 30-August 10, in Geneva.

That will be the last opportunity for outstanding disputes to be resolved before the conference itself begins in Durban on August 31, although Diaz said he doubted the issues would be settled before the conference itself.

It was hoped a draft final declaration and draft program of action would be agreed upon at the final preparatory session, but he foresaw "complex and difficult" discussions at the Durban gathering.

Diaz said as yet no country had officially notified the organizers that it was scaling down its level of participation, although he was aware of reports that some may "change the composition of their delegations if some issues were raised at the conference."

The organizers hoped to see substantial delegations from U.N. member states. "The problems that we're dealing with are so important for international relations and for relations within countries that countries should afford it the highest priority," he said.

By Patrick Goodenough

CNSNews.com London Bureau Chief

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NY Times Article



GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nation's top official on human rights warned Arab states on Friday that next month's World Conference on Racism would fail if they insisted on trying to put Zionism on the agenda.

``If there is an attempt to revive the idea of Zionism as racism we will not have a successful conference,'' U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson said.

Robinson, conference co-chairman, was speaking to journalists ahead of a final bid to hammer out a draft text for the meeting due to take place in Durban, South Africa August 31-September 7.

The conference, called by the United Nations, aims to issue a declaration acknowledging some past wrongs of colonialism and to agree a program of action to deal with racism and xenophobia in the present.

But diplomats say that negotiators, who begin two weeks of bargaining in Geneva on Monday, are snared on two key issues -- how, if at all, to include the Middle East crisis and what to do about African claims for compensation for slavery.

Besides a strongly-worded condemnation of the slave trade, which flourished between Africa and the Americas for over two hundred years until early in the 19th century, some African states are looking for a financial settlement.

They say that colonialism and slavery have left a legacy of underdevelopment in Africa and that rich, former slave-trading states must take their share of the blame.

But any talk of direct compensation is anathema to the former colonial powers which fear that it could expose them to massive law suits, particularly in the United States with its large African-American population.


On Zionism, the ideology behind Israelis' belief in their right to a homeland, some Arab states are pressing for Durban to condemn it as a racially exclusive doctrine.

But Robinson said that the issue had been resolved by the United Nations 10 years ago when it repealed a 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism.

``It is not appropriate to reopen the question of Zionism and racism,'' Robinson said. ``It would produce a very deep sense of dismay,'' she added.

The former Irish president conceded that negotiators had their work cut out to agree a draft text to take to the conference, billed as a turning point in the international fight against racism.

But she said there had been progress in behind-the-scenes talks since delegates held their last, largely fruitless, drafting session in Geneva in May and June.

More of a balance was emerging between those states, mainly Europe and the United States, which had initially wanted the conference to deal only with the present and future and others who wanted heavy emphasis on righting past wrongs, she said.

``We have had a stand-off but I think a lot of progress has taken place in recent weeks on this issues. There is more focus in every country on the importance of Durban in addressing contemporary racism and xenophobia,'' she said.

She noted the strong political support voiced at the recent meeting of the world's most powerful states, the so-called Group of Eight, in Genoa, Italy, for Africa's plans to form an economic and political union modeled on the European Union.

Help for such a venture could be one way of resolving the dispute over how best to bury the past, she said.



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The White House announced today that President George W. Bush opposes Reparations for African-Americans. The U.S. government has arrogantly declared that it will not send any representatives to the upcoming World Conference Against Racism if Zionism or Reparations are on the agenda. The Bush Administration has no plans to stop practicing ethnocide, forced assimilation and institutionalized racism against 40 million African-Americans--unless it is forced to do so by a well-organized mass movement of Black people who are determined to wage a high level of legal warfare in the international arena, especially inside the United Nations.

Minister Malik Al-Arkam




Strong efforts must be instituted to EDUCATE about reparations. Due to the lack of public forums with which to address the reparations issues and serious efforts fueled and conservative methods either in the pulpit or public mediums the focus is being downplayed by its non reporting. Proponents feel that reparations are unchristian, defeatist, unjust, etc. This front is headed by Black people within Republican politics and church leaders who feel connected and non-threatened by mainstreamed American focus.

Support for WCAR is still needed and some suggestions listed is in keeping with this focus, but If the WCAR is canceled there are suggestions for this as well. The suggestions are as follows:

1. Plan for approaches of economic boycotts first during the labor day weekend, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, then finally Easter, etc.

Money always TALKS....plan direct efforts to NOT spend money during specific strategic times throughout the year.

2. Campaign by phone to church organizations, NAACP, Urban League, Black Women's Congress, etc. for their direction and support on these efforts.

3. Smoke out and place, so called Leaders of the Black community on notice that their PUBLIC opinion and support on Reparations should be on record. In this manner we know who the resisters are and who the supporters are.

4. B.E.T. is now owned by a large conglomerate. Write to this entity and appeal for programs to explain what reparations are about.

5. Black church conventions and church leaders, Greek organizations, and black social organizations should produce position papers or ads in major mainstreamed magazines and newspapers explaining either their support or non support for reparations. This approach must be encouraged to find out where our loyalties really are.

6. Boycott products from all countries instrumental in defeating efforts to discuss racism at the UN conference and stop the conference with strategies. If the state of Israel is indeed behind much of the political terrorism they specialize in, then boycotts are necessary. There are more and more goods coming in imported from Israel either textiles, foodstuffs, etc. Look at clothing, foods, household items when making purchases and decide.

7. Step up efforts to contact elected officials of Congress especially the Jewish representatives regarding whether they support the upcoming conference.

8. Form alliances with Arab associations and find out their take on this issue. The US has military support in Arab countries and our tax dollars support their security, as well.

9. Form regional workshops on Reparations on traditionally black college campuses.

10. Contact Rappers in the business to encouraged them to produce music on slavery/Jim Crow/The civil rights movement/Affirmative Action/etc. Find out if indeed they do know what this movement is about. Black music is social commentary, and it must address the issues of the day.

The Black media is restricted, monitored, and limited, therefore, we need suggestions from Black publishers.

EBONY, JET, BLACK ENTERPRISE, ESSENCE, and other MAJOR Black media need to devote further issues to a larger extent to the Reparation Movement.

If all these support strategies fail then all our eyes will be opened and act or react accordingly. Proponents and supporters will be identified openly.








<It was while putting a book together on what happened in Nigeria between 1993 and 1999 that I came across this document. Though it was written close to ten years ago, it is still as valid as it was then today. Happy reading and please pass it on....>

A paper read at the second Plenary Session of the First Pan-African Conference on Reparations, Abuja, Nigeria, April 27, 1993.

Contemplating the condition of the Black World is vexatious to he spirit: that is probably the strongest impetus which has brought us all here today.

For many centuries, and especially in the last five, the black skin has been a badge of contempt. or instance, it used to be said in Brazil that if you are white and running down the street, you are an athlete; but if you are black and running down the street, you are a thief! And in most parts of the world today, if you are white and rich, you are honoured and celebrated, and all doors fly open as you approach; but if you are black and rich, you are under suspicion, and handcuffs and guard dogs stand ready to take you away.

Yes, the black skin is still the badge of contempt in the world today, as it has been for nearly 2,000 years. To make sure it does not remain so in the 21st century is perhaps the overall purpose of our search for reparations.

We are gathered here today, thinkers and activists who want to change Black People's condition in the world. What things do we need to change, both in the world and in ourselves, if we are to accomplish the mission of reparations? What changes must we make in structures, in psychology, in historical consciousness and much else?

We might begin by noting that Blacks are not the only people in the world who are seeking, or who have sought, reparations. In fact, by only now pressing our claim for reparations, we are latecomers to a varied company of peoples in the Americans, in Asia, and in Europe. Here is a partial catalogue of reparations, paid and pending, which are 20th century precedents for reparations to the Black World.

In the Americas. from Southern Chile to the Arctic north of Canada, reparations are being sought and being made. The Mapuche, an aboriginal people of Southern Chile, are pressing for the return of their lands, some 30 m on hectares of which were, bit by bit, taken away and given to European immigrants since 1540. The Inuit of Arctic Canada, more commonly known as the Eskimo, were in 1992 offered restitution of some 850,000 sq. miles of their ancestral lands, their home range for millennia before European invaders arrived there.

In the USA, claims by the Sioux to the Black Lands of South Dakota are now in the courts. And the US Government is attempting to give some 400,000 acres of grazing land to the Navaho, and some other lands to the Hopi in the south-west of the USA.

In 1938, the US Government admitted wrongdoing in interning some 120,000 Japanese-Americans under Executive Order 9066 of 1942, during WW II, and awarded each internee $20,000.

Earlier on, and further afield, under the Thompson-Urrutia Treaty of 1921, the USA paid Colombia reparations, including the sum of S25 m on, for excising the territory of Panama from Colombia for the purpose of building the Panama Canal.

In Asia, following WW II, Japan paid reparations, mostly to the Asian countries it had occupied. By May 1949, $39 million had been paid from Japanese assets in Japan, and another unspecified amount had been paid from Japanese assets held outside Japan. And Japan as obliged to sign treaties of reparations with Burma 1954), the Philippines (1956, and Indonesia (1958). More recently, the Emperor of Japan has apologised to Korea for atrocities committed there by the Japanese, and North Korea is asking for $5 billion in reparations for damages sustained during 35 years of Japanese colonisation.

In Europe. after WW II, the victors demanded reparations from Germany for all damages to civilians and their dependants, for losses caused by the maltreatment of prisoners of war, and for all non-military property that was destroyed in the war. In 1921, Germany's reparations liability was fixed at 132 billion gold marks. After WW II, the victorious Allies fled reparations claims against Germany for $320 b on. Reparations were also levied on Italy and Finland. The items for which these claims were made included bodily loss. loss of liberty, loss of property, injury to professional careers, dislocation and forced emigration time spent in concentration camps because of racial, religious and political persecution. Others were the social cost of war, as represented by the burden from loss of life, social disorder, and institutional disorder; and the economic cost of war, as represented by the capital destroyed and the value of civilian goods and services foregone to make war goods. Payments were made in cash and kind -goods, services, capital equipment, land, farm and forest products; and penalties were added for late deliveries.

Perhaps the most famous case of reparations was that paid by Germany to the Jews. These were paid by West Germany to Israel for crimes against Jews In territories controlled by Hitler's Germany, and to individuals to indemnify them for persecution. In the initial phase, these included $2 billion to make amends to victims of Nazi persecution; $952 million in personal indemnities; $35.70 per month per inmate of concentration camps; pensions for the survivors of victims; $820 m on to Israel to resettle 50,000 Jewish emigrants from lands formerly controlled by Hitler. All that was just the beginning. Other, and largely undisclosed, payments followed. And even in 1992, the World Jewish Congress in New York announced that the newly unified Germany would pay compensation, totaling S63 million for 1993, to 50,000 Jews who suffered Nazi persecution but had not been paid reparations because they lived in East Germany.

'With such precedents of reparations to non-Black peoples in four continents, it would be sheer racism for the world to discountenance reparations claims from the Black World.

But our own search for reparations must, of necessity, be tailored to our peculiar condition, to our peculiar experience. Some others may need only that their ancestral home range be returned to them; some others that they be compensated for the indignities of internment and the loss of citizen rights; some others that acts of genocide and other atrocities against their people be atoned or and paid or; some others that lands excised from their territory be paid for. We, however, who have experienced all 0 the above and more, and experienced them for much longer than most, and therefore suffer chronically from their effects --we must take a more comprehensive view of what reparations must mean for us. We must ask not only that reparations be made for specific acts, or that restitution be made of specific properties; we who have been such monumental victims are obliged to also ask: What sorts of system, capitalist as well as pre-capitalist, with their values and world outlook, made this long holocaust possible; and what must be done to transform these systems into some other. kind where holocaust could not be inflicted on us? Unless we address and effectively answer that question, our quest for reparations would be flawed and incomplete. We must therefore look into the nature of the old existing global order and see what needs to be done to change it for the better.

The hallmarks of the old global order, which was initiated by the voyage by Columbus may be summarised as a propensity for perpetrating holocaust, a devotion to exploitation, and a passion for necrophobia. It has inflected holocaust, through genocide and culturecide --but not only on the Black World; it has visited exploitation, through slavery and colonialism -- but not only on the Black World; but it has reserved for the Black World a special scourge: that virulent strain of racism known as Negrophobia!

That old global order just described is not a thing of the past; It is still very much with us. In different parts of the world today, In 1993, even as we sit here in this hall, Blacks are still being subjected to the holocaust of genocide and culturecide (as In the Sudan); to the exploitations of slavery (as in Mauritania), and of colonialism and neo colonialism (as in every part of the Black World; and to negrophobia, in all its forms and degrees, throughout the entire globe. To end this dreadful condition and to make all the appropriate repairs, i.e. reparations, we need to move from this old global order, where holocaust happened to us, to a different global order where holocaust will never happen to us. we need to move from this old global order. which sucks resources out of our veins and piles debt upon our heads, to a different global order in which our enormous resources shall serve our own prosperity. We need to move from this old global order which is permeated with negrophobia, to a new global order that is cleansed of negro phobia, one where we would live in dignity and equality with all the other races of humanly.

Now, what are we, the Black World, going to contribute to the making of these changes?

Let me begin by noting that reparation is not just about money: it is not even mostly about money; in fact, money is not even one percent of what reparation is about. Reparation is mostly about making repairs - self-made repairs, on ourselves: mental repairs, psychological repairs, cultural repairs, organisational repairs, social repairs, institutional repairs, technological repairs, economic repairs. political repairs, educational repairs, repairs of every type that we need in order to recreate and sustainable black societies. For the sad truth is that five centuries of holocaust have made our societi~s brittle and unviable. And as the great Marcus Garvey warned over 50 years ago, if we continue as we are, we are heading for extinction.

More important than any monies to be received; more fundamental than any lands to be recovered, is the opportunity the reparations campaign offers us for the rehabilitation of Black people, by Black people, for Black people; opportunities for the rehabilitation of our minds, our material condition, our collective reputation. our cultures, our memories, our self-respect, our religious, our political traditions and our family institutions; but first and foremost for the rehabilitation of our minds.

Let me repeat that the most important aspect of reparation is not the money the campaign may or may not bring: the most important part of reparation is our self-repair; the change it will bring about in our understanding of our history, of ourselves, and of our destiny; the chance it will bring about in our place in the world.

Now, we who are campaigning for reparations cannot hope to change the world without changing ourselves. We cannot hope to change the world without changing our ways of seeing the world, our ways of thinking about the world, our ways of organizing our world, our ways of working and dreaming in our world. All these, and, more, must change for the better. The type of Black Man and Black woman that was made by the holocaust --that was made to feel inferior by slavery and then was steeped in colonial attitudes and values --that type of Black will not be able to bring the post-reparation global order into being without changing profoundly in the process that has begun; that type of Black will not be even appropriate for the post-reparation global order unless thoroughly and suitably reconstructed. So, reparation, like charity, must begin with ourselves, with the making of the new Black person, with the making of a new Black World. How?

We must begin by asking ourselves: What weaknesses on our side made the holocaust possible? Weaknesses of organization? Weakness of solidarity? Weaknesses of identity? Weaknesses of mentality? Weaknesses of behavior? If we do not correct such weaknesses, even if we got billions of billions of dollars in reparations money, even if we got back all our expropriated land, we would fritter it all away yet again, and recycle it all back, into alien hands.

We must therefore find out what deficiencies in our sense of identity what quirks in our mentality, what faults in our feelings solidarity made it possible for some of us to sell some of us into bondage; still make it possible for us to succumb to the divide and conquer tactics of our exploiters; make it possible for all too many of us to be afflicted with Negro necrophobia -- our counterpart of the self-hating disease of the anti-Semitic Semite. Twenty years ago, when I was writing The West and the Rest of Us, I gave it a subtitle: "White Predators, Black Slavers and the African Elite". That was to serve notice that we cannot overlook our complicity, as Black Slavers and as the African Elite, in what happened, and is still happening to us. We must, therefore, change ourselves in order to end our criminal complicity in perpetuating our lamentable condition.

Beyond all that, we must discover where we now are in our history. We must recognize that in 36 years of independence, reckoning from Ghana's in 1957 (just four years short of the 40 years the Israelites spent in the wilderness!), we have been blundering about in the neo-colonial wilderness. And we must ask: Why did Moses lead his people into the wilderness and keep them wandering about for two generations? I do not believe that he, a learned man raised in the pharaoh's court, did not know the direct route to his people's Promised Land. I believe it was a dilatory sojourn whose tribulations were calculated to cure his people of the legacy of slavery. You can't make a free people out of slaves without first putting them through experiences that would purge them of the slave mentality. We, in our own wilderness years, need to take conscious steps to purge ourselves of the legacy of a 500-year holocaust of slavery and colonialism. In that way, when we finally arrive at our own Promised Land --a Black World cured of the holocaust legacy --we would be ready for the new liberated phase of our long adventure on this Earth.

To help us get our bearings in this wilderness phase, I would suggest four main measures:

1. The creation of Holocaust Monuments in all parts of the Black World, as reminders of what we have been through and are determined never again to 0 through. Efforts already being made in this area should continue and be added to. I am thinking, for instance, of the Goree Island Project in Senegal, and the Slave Route Project in Benin Republic. But let me recommend a major monument here in Abuja, this new capital rising in a zone that, in the past, witnessed intensive slave raiding for the trans-Sahara slave trade. We should erect here a monument complex that portrays scenes from the Black Holocaust, scenes taken from all parts of the world; a great Black Holocaust Monument that shall serve as the Black World's counterpart of the Wailing Wall of the Jews in Jerusalem.

2. The institution of a Holocaust Memorial Day, to be observed each year throughout the Black World, as a day of mourning and remembrance. With solemn ceremonies at local holocaust monuments. Perhaps this date, April 27, on which we have assembled here, should be designated the Holocaust Memorial Day of the Black World

3. The creation of a Black Heritage Education Curriculum, to teach us our true history, and thereby restore our self-worth as descendants of the pioneers of world civilization, and supply us with the antidote to the White Supremacist Ideology and its damaging effects. This would produce a post-holocaust Black personality; one cured of the debilities inflicted by the holocaust experience.

4. The creation of a Black World League of Nations, with its complex of institutions, to take care of our collective security, to foster solidarity and prosperity among us, and to prevent the infliction of any future damage on any part of the Black World.

These measures, and others like them, would teach us who we are what we have been and ought to become, and would promote and concretize Black World solidarity. Having made such internal changes in ourselves and in our world, we would be better able to foster in the entire global order two key changes:

a. A different view of global history, particularly of the last 500 years, and of the millennia before 525 BC --that calamitous year when Black Egypt fell permanently to white invaders, leaving all of Africa open for incursions from West Eurasia; and

b. Structural changes that would block the possibility of future damage of the sorts for which we now seek reparations.

To conclude, let me note that, for us, no global order would be truly new without apologies for ancient wrongs, without an end to continuing wrongs, without reparations, without restitutions, without the creation of systems and mechanisms that would ensure that the holocaust we have been through never happens again. Our crusade for reparations would be completed only when we achieve a global order without necrophobia, without alien hegemony over any part of the Black World, and without the possibility of holocaust. From our perspective, a global order which failed to meet such conditions would not really be new or adequate: It would be an order serving us the same old bitter wine in some new bottle.

Slavery: Legacy

By Professor Chinweizu

Dele Olawole


Submitted by RHazard988

[Professor Chinweizu is a knowledgeable Master indeed of that which must be done if Blacks are to become empowered and Peoples to be reckoned with in this World.]




RESPONSE TO [unioNews] The NY Times Article: Racism Condemnation Hits Obstacles

We must agree, reparations are a must! If the descendants of the Jews can be paid then the descendants of the slaves must be paid.

We in the Caribbean are being left out but be that as it may; here in Anguilla and indeed in Montserrat, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and the BVI, we are still in a Colonial situation where we don't have a voice.

The abolition of the death penalty was imposed upon us some years ago by the Government of England and the decriminalization of homosexuality was imposed upon us on December 13th 2000 without regard for the views and the culture of the indigenous peoples of the above-mentioned colonies.

Now they are about to impose British citizenship on us without our input in the matter from London. This citizenship will come with full reciprocity, giving EU nationals free movement, freedom to establish business, buy lands, work etc. in our little territories and there is nothing that we can do about it. This will indeed change the whole landscape of our islands and we will soon become what the aborigines became in Australia and the American Indian became in America. What are we to do? Who can we turn to? Who will hear our plight and assist us?

The United Nations desalinization committee seems to have accepted the new name that England has given us and no longer sees anything wrong with colonies anymore. We are now labeled as Overseas Territories and nothing has changed thus far other than name and the inevitable changes will never be acceptable by the peoples of these islands but there is nothing that can be done about it.

The British Governor still retains autocratic powers, with little power in the hands of the elected representatives. He too, is imposed upon us along with a British Deputy Governor and an Attorney general.

Reparations are all well and good but one of or main objectives to see power in the hands of the people of these islands through the elected representatives, or there will be revolutions all over the remaining colonial territories!

Even though we are small and but few, please help us to liberate ourselves! As our good brother Cudjoe Browne said, "Organization is the key to Liberation."

Contributed by KOFIMENSAH@prodigy.net


Submitted by RHazard988

[No matter how you slice it, if we are to rise above White Control and their racism against us, a "REVOLUTION" is in order, and I pray it will be more in the order of "change" and a peaceful one. We must be given our human right to "SELF DETERMINATION." T.Y., Editor]


FROM: "Cudjoe B" <kudjoe@hotmail.com>

TO: unioNews@yahoogroups.com

RE: [unioNews] NYTimes.com Article: Racism Condemnation Hits Obstacles


I follow with great interest your releases on the great strides forward being made by your leader.

I have on numerous occasions publicised, spoken and written on this issue. We all must if the Redemption of Afrika and Afrikans globally is to become a reality. My problem from the beginning and still my problem now is the fact that your leader chose from the very beginning to represent only those Afrikans who reside in the USA.

Having communicated with NCOBRA in the past and communicating now with other organs who have dedicated their efforts towards the reparations issue, I see again the same approach. I must assume, that there is some logic out of the organised movements coming out of the USA, for their USA Afrikans only approach.

The enitire Afrikan World, has suffered because of the European/American system of slavery. The entire Afrikan World continues to suffer because of the present capitalist neo colonialist system that was built upon the system of slavery. One would assume, therefore, that the entire Afrikan World is due for Reparations from the European/American.

Just a few ideas on this issue. Not intended to criticise or condemn your organisational efforts or any successes that your leader has achieved in his long and magnificent struggle for Afrikans in the USA. I totally agree, that talk is cheap and basically a thorough waste of time. Though it makes some feel good and gives others the feeling of accomplishment.

Only through organised movements will we overcome the enemy. Organisation is the key to Liberation.

cudjoe browne



RESPONSE TO: [unioNews] NYTimes.com Article: Racism Condemnation Hits Obstacles

alarkam@webtv.net writes:

The U.S. government greatly fears that a consensus will emerge at the upcoming WCAR, a consensus that condemns in detail the practice by Europe and the USA of slavery, ethnocide, genocide, forced assimilation, and neo-colonialism against Africans and African-Americans. The USA is terrified of being held accountable in tangible ways for the many crimes against humanity which she has committed for centuries. She dreads the day when the United Nations will place a Reparations Sanction upon her and require that she do all that is necessary to restore to her African-American victims that which she hideously robbed us of--our original language, original religion and original culture. She trembles at the thought of a united front of African-Americans from diverse political and religious backgrounds standing tall inside the U.N. and demanding the power to mold and shape our own destiny.

To learn more about the pivotal work of the Honorable Silis Muhammad inside the U.N., including his April 12th 2001 intervention wherein he asked the U.N. to place a Reparations Sanction on the U.S. government, please visit:




SADA says what the Europeans want mostly is what Africans and non whites are doing. As long as you talk to them on racism, the better they feel. The only thing the Europeans fear is organized people. As long as Africans are disorganized and useless, no matter what utterances come from our mouths, they will care less. Let us therefore organized.



"If a white man hates me, that's his problem.

If he has the power to implement his hateful thinking,

that's my problem"

AHREF="http://members.aol.com/GhanaUnion/afrohero.html"Ancestor KwameToure (1941 - 1998)



A Post-Clinton Perspective

I and others have written about the African Renaissance in a variety of senses. But we have almost always focused on the Renaissance of the African continent. The word "African" in the "African Renaissance" has tended to exclude the Diaspora and to focus only on the ancestral continent.

In 1986, I coined the term "GLOBAL AFRICA." I used the term as the title of programme 9 of my television series "THE AFRICANS: A TRIPLE HERITAGE". In this presentation I return to the term "Global Africa" meaning the linkages between Africa and her sons and daughters scattered around the world.

Winds of the world give answer

They are whimpering to and fro

And who would know of Africa

Who only Africa know?

I shall discuss the issue of both reparations and the renaissance in the global scale. The issue of reparations and the issue of Africa's renaissance meet on two ultimate principles the redistribution of power globally and the reactivation of skills locally. The power structure within the world system needs to be redistributed in such a way that Global Africa becomes less marginalized and moves towards becoming a major player. If willingly promoted by the most powerful countries of the West, this would be both a form of reparations and a contribution to the African Renaissance.

But in addition skills of the African peoples worldwide need to be reactivated, targeted and enhanced at the local level. The full creative potential of Global Africa may need to be re-kindled. In part, this may require skill-transfer from the most advanced countries to the least. This form of reparation could thus enrich the Renaissance.

Three Forms of Reparations

At a summit meeting of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1992, the African heads of state appointed me and eleven others to constitute a Group of Eminent Persons to explore the modalities and logistics of a campaign for Black reparations worldwide. Our group of 12 members did indeed elect as our chairman Chief Moshood K.O. Abiola, who was subsequently elected President of Nigeria in June 1993, but was prevented from taking office by the military. He died on the eve of being released in 1998.

Our Group of Eminent Persons on reparations elected as our co-chair Professor Mohtar M'Bow, former Director-General of UNESCO. And we elected as our Rapporteur-General, Ambassador Dudley Thompson, Q.C., a distinguished Jamaican jurist and diplomat. The Nigerian government under President Ibrahim Babangida promised us a preliminary budget of half-a-million dollars to enable us to make a start.

We do believe that the damage done to Black people is not a thing of the past but is here and now. It lies in the disproportionate Black faces in the jails of America, the disproportionate Black infant mortality rates in the United States, the ease with which a Black man in police custody in London (like a certain Mr. Lumumba) or in Paris (like a 17 year old Congolese boy) can get killed by the police - the cheapness of Black lives from the sadistic streets of Rio de Janeiro to the masochistic streets of Soweto in South Africa.

The damage is here. And the debt has not yet been paid.

How is the reparations to be paid. I have explained that there are at least three modes these are modern versions of ancient heads of cattle from one tribe to another.

a) Capital Transfer from the West to the Black world compared to the precedent of the Marshall Plan to Europe after World War II.

b) Skill Transfer in the form of a major international effort to help build the capacities and skills of Africa and the rest of the Black world. Redress is needed for the damage, which is here. This is fundamental to the African Renaissance.

c) Power-sharing by enabling Africans to have a greater say in global institutions -such as more effective representation in decision-making in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, not because Africa is rich but because it has been systematically enfeebled. We need to compensate for the damage, which is here. This is crucial for both reparations and the renaissance.

And why should all the permanent seats of the United Nations Security Council be given to countries that are already powerful outside the UN? Is there not a case forgiving Africa a permanent seat with a veto-not because Africa is powerful but because it has been rendered powerless across generations? We need to redeem the damage which is here.

In the 1960s the United States invented the concept of affirmative action an effort to make allowances for historic disabilities whenever minorities applied for jobs or sought other opportunities. It was a progressive step towards racial redress and socio-economic justice.

We now need to make a transition from affirmative action to a more comprehensive affirmative action II in the form of reparations. It is in fact the logical next step after affirmative action I. Conservatives believe that the next step after affirmative action should be a free play of market forces. But the bondage of history denies the market autonomy. Residual racism is an impediment to the market. We have to move beyond affirmative action to the affirmative action II as a reactivation of the Black peoples the world over.

There is a primordial debt to be paid to Black peoples for hundreds of years of enslavement and degradation. Some of the causes of global apartheid lie deep in global history. It may take a generation to win the crusade for reparations but a start has to be made. This will be one more aspect of reverse evolution back to ancient ways of settling moral debts between tribes. This damage is here. It is time to mend.

By Ali A. Mazrui

Director, Institute of Global Cultural Studies and Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities

SUNY Binghamton University, New York, USA

Submitted by RHazard988


FROM THE DESK OF T'Zirah B. Yehuda…



Chapter 2

Religion: A Focus for Political Direction, Action, Agenda and Thought

We are naive if we think religion does not play a significant role in politics. Just Consider the 494 plus or minus members of the U.S. Congress who make up a political block which introduce and vote on public policy/legislation supposedly for "the people."

There are only 34 Blacks represented in the House who can introduce issues of concern specifically of interest to black voters. Of these 34 in the House only Representative John Conyers along with others introduced HR 40 the so-called reparations bill which has not even gone to committee and appears to languish after 12 years since its introduction. Does this surprise anyone?

Of some 494 persons in Congress there are 125 members who are Catholics (The Mother Church from which all other denominations sprang. The Catholics are represented disproportionately by white males and one lone black female, Cynthia McKinney of Georgia and one lone black male Charlie Rangels of New York) .

There are 66 Baptists, (I need not tell you that most blacks are well represented under this category which also carries missionary work as well.), 58 Methodists (blacks gravitate to this category too with such extended additional titles as "African" and Episcopalian Methodism), 45 Presbyterians, 39 Episcopalians (which include Representatives Eleanor Holmes Norton of D.C. and Bobby Scott of Virginia.), 36 Jewish members of European descent of which are 20 persons in the House where bills are introduced and 10 European Jews in the Senate where bills are passed). Is this a power block or what? Thirty (30) Protestants, 21 Lutherans, 17 Mormons (all white and redeemed of course), 1 black Moravian (Donna M. Christian-Christensen D/ Virgin Islands...go figure but do read up on this one) and some 58 "Others" who identify themselves as Christians of various denominations. Reflect on these statistics and see how religion directs self interest, self determination, identity, and preservation of the status quo.

In the second millennium There is absolutely no black representation in the Senate where bills are passed. As least there is no one who will admit to even "passing."

Do we know about Mormons and what they believe? Their history or what their focus is? Who they support? Of course we do know - Orin Hatch, a majority leader in the Senate who is against affirmative action and who wants welfare reform even though welfare is hardly an issue in his state of Utah where many larger minorities are of Hispanic or Mexican descent.

When I was courted by the Mormons in the seventies, they accidentally came upon a door in an exclusively white neighborhood and was shocked that my face appeared in the doorway. I was told by a male missionary that in the scheme of divine things blacks were punished with black skin and that they needed to be reincarnated until their skins became white which would signify purity and redemption for their past sins! Now! Let me understand this. If this thesis is true then blacks with lighter skins are nearing to their redemption than their darker skinned counterparts and their punishment is nearer to completion? Read the history about Joseph Smith where Jesus is supposed to have traveled to the Americas to sojourn with Native Americans. To this date I've not seen nor heard one Native American attest to this fact or that they are "The lost tribes of Israel." If this doesn't send most of you to the library I don’t know what will. Religious historical investigation will certainly shed some light on our sense of self and how this was used to keep us blind to our own heritage.

As you can observe in the information above there are no Muslims represented in either the House or the Senate in America, at least not yet. I recently learned from viewing C-Span’s coverage of a Convention of The American Muslim Council that most Arab-Americans voted for George W. Bush in the Florida election. Bush made promises to Arab Americans that he subsequently did not keep, and now Arab Americans are looking to put their hopes in the Democratic Party.

Have blacks not learned the politiking of religion that plays a major role in how things get done? Blacks still have no religious know how except to build more churches, have fish and chicken dinners, ham dinners, women's day, men's day, prayer breakfasts only to be representative of the good ole black peoples for every one else's agenda?

The Arab Americans who also have dual citizenship seem to have patterned their political savvy after the Jewish community which also has duel citizenship and the wherewithal for fund raising for Israeli interests using their US citizenship in order to acquire education, political clout, representation, and other benefits while working for their piece of real estate which the Arabs sold to them in the first place. The British played a major role in this scheme also.

The Arab American Muslim convention did not have representation from the black Muslim community in America. Why not? Black Muslims have their own sense of what the Islam religion means to them although its patterned after the mainstream but not recognized by the mainstream. This black Muslim movement developed itself on the periphery or outskirts of the mainstream because the religion IS separated by race contrary to what Arabs say. I don't understand this approach. The Muslims at the convention made it very clear that Muslims are Arabs.

For me, these examples of religious ranging is much like the black men who serve in the Armed Forces during WW II. Black men fight for white male causes, but white men don't recognize the black man’s importance for anything accept a ready pair of hands to assist him to spread his imperialism to maintain his strength and fight his causes. For many blacks military involvement is only a pay check and a means to an end. This is sad for one must stand for something greater. This shows that in the scheme of things blacks as a people do demonstrate that they are indeed slaves first without pay and now with a minimal amount for their services.

Now who needs to rethink their roles in the global community more than blacks - especially blacks from America? Who needs enlightenment more than black folks?

" My People perish for lack of Knowledge" Hosea 4:6



[Very Interesting! T.Y., Editor]






FROM: RHazard988

RE: I Rest My Case!

Below is a note from a brother who has deep love for his Afrikan Family. Please identify with the concern this brother has for the salvation of our people through the creation of a Nation State. Let's link our spirits to those of our ancient ancestors with divine purpose to ingather in West Palm Beach. In October we will work and then celebrate our rejuvenation and reunification to one another and the Motherland. Please take the time to think about the words below.

Free the spirit.. Free the Mind... Free the Afrikan Diaspora Nation State.... Brother Mawusi...


FROM: o_akkebala@msn.com (o_akkebala)


I have been able to read so much about the ills of the American system attitude toward its people and more especially the The Afrikan in America. What has it been 400 or 500 years of our sojourn in America? Such a journey began with the sting of Racism and injustice, and such a behavior expressed by our oppressors remain firm and determined toward and against the Afrikan in America and the Afrikan Nation as a whole to this day. So tell me my brothers and sisters, tell me what is your motivation that keep driving you to think that America’s behavior will change toward you?

How much more time are you willing to give her, while you maintain your confidence of hope toward her? Are you willing to give her another 500 years to prove herself to you? Well I have news for you my brothers and sisters, you do not have the time, look around you. No I want you to really look. Take off the blinders of faith, hope and charity, and put back on your sight of real knowledge, and then look at America.

Tell me what do you see in regard to her behavior toward the Afrikan Nation? Is it not a horrible picture of reality, and then tell me why is it so difficult for you to understand your mission in your Black life? Why do you think you were allowed to survive the worst torture imposed upon a human being by something that poses as one? I have heard your dissatisfaction, your anger toward American behavior, and how she shows no respect toward the Afrikans in America and the Afrikan Nation. When are we going to readopt the unity cry that when you mistreat one of us you are mistreating the all of us and your divide and conquer is no more, concerning the Afrikan Nation?

Tell me Black Woman And Man show me a bright side for us in America - mind you now I did not say you as an individual for that is the trap of degradation we find ourselves in. What is it that gives you love and desire for America? Again I ask you to take a good realistic look at our condition in America and tell me what gives you thought of change about her?

Look Black Man And Woman, Take A Good Look!! Look at her lack of morality, look at her disrespect for nature, look at her masterful foster of confusion about God and Mankind, look at her so-called justice system and see how criminal it is toward us, look at our ranking in her economic system, political system, educational system. What is it we control in America? Look at who owns all of the major corporations in America and the world. Look at who decides the social order, who molds the minds of our children, using their electronic medium. Look at who it is that can spy and eavesdrop on you at will. So, tell me what it is that makes us want to cling to such despair?

It is time for you to be able to see with the eye of Horus and think with the mind of Thoth and know through the soul essence of God the Creator, that it is time to go home and begin the task of making ready to meet the gods our mothers and fathers!! Need I tell you that such is what the Black-Nationalist-Pan-Afrikan Diaspora Conference is all about. Yes, my brothers and sisters on the 19th of October in West Palm Beach Florida is where the beginning of Afrikans redemption will take place. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, DO YOU?!

(Please, yes I am shouting!!) You will show me your frame of reference by the way you respond to the 19th October call. Do we reclaim our sanity now, or do we give the devil another 500 years. And you know what? If we do, we will then cut the time of mankind’s survival.

Tell me that there is someone out there who understands what has just been written. I look forward to seeing all of you on the 19th my brothers and sisters, and let me say to you my brothers and sisters this is no advertising ploy and those of you who are in the knowledge, know it is not.

It Is The Black Fool Who Say

I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!


A fool is verified by the action taken,

after which it become a statement of fact.


Much love to the Afrikan Nation.


Osiris Akkebala

Chief Elder


[H.E.A.V.Y, my Brother - SO VERY HEAVY!!!! T.Y., Editor]



Greetings, Peace, to your life line’s spiritual and physical, Great Blessings from the Creator and the Ancestors..... Haramba.....

Many of you Pan Afrikans and Nationalist have been reading about The Afrikan Nation State and wonder what this is all about. I will give my thoughts on the subject and request input from you as to what you think.

At my last count there were 54 countries on the Afrikan Continent each with its own governmental structure and at various levels of self sufficiency after colonization because of some corrupt leadership Afrika is constantly influx with little or no spiritual connection, a miss-educated population, poor distribution of wealth, barbaric destruction of its national resources, and deadly political conflict. Because of "White Male World Domination and Supremacy. Afrika is a target for genocide, illiteracy, and oppression.

I propose the establishment of the 55th. Afrikan Nation State populated spiritually with all Afrikans living in the Diaspora and those on the "Continent," wherever we reside. Until we can return physically to the "Motherland," we should enter into treaty relationships with the other 54 Afrikan countries. Citizenship would be much like that of the Jews. All Jews in the world are or can be citizens of Israel regardless of where they live in the world. So also for Afrikanized citizenry in the Afrikan Union.

As long as I can remember, Pan Afrikans, Afrikans, Separatists and Black Nationalists have all expressed, preached, and organized toward getting away from the "White Supremacist Oppressor" while demanding "Self Rule, Our Own COUNTRY or State" and basically just separating by "Any Means Necessary."

Then came forty years of integration. Afrikans lost momentum when political prisoners were taken from us, killed or jailed. Organizations were infiltrated and subdued or destroyed. These kinds of things have been going on for centuries. Don’t forget what "Willie Lynch" and the "The Making of the Negro" has done to us.

The minds of the masses have been confused with the "War with Drugs" in our communities. The masses got hoodwinked and were led astray deeper into the oppression. A few Pan Afrikanist went too. Some of us went into a deep sleep until the last presidential election woke us up with a "chad" and Blacks had our fundamental right to vote taken away in Florida. While several other states casually looked at our citizens privileges as they too were threatened or taken away (dwb-NJ, 3 strikes-Tx, juveniles tried as adults,-Fl.).

The opportunity for self determination did not manifest itself back then in the '60s. I figure that after 40 years of obvious attacks against our people, after the Afrikan (Black) American family social and mental destruction, after the calculated Afrikan continental genocide with HIV germ warfare, after the criminal injustice system’s states in the USA, after the prison/police oppression state around the world (i.e., NATO & UN "Peace" Keeping Forces) to subdue free thought, after the disenfranchisement of 54% of Florida’s Afrikan American voters, and as White Supremacy is loud enough to awaken all Pan Afrikanist, sleeping Black Nastionalist, Separatist, and Revolutionaries, we must rethink the idea of Nationhood. Help me here.....

After 50+ years of my life time, some Nationalist and Pan Afrikanists are still around. (I pray they have grown in number, strength, and determination around the world to ingather). The idea of NATION STATE is more sound and valid today.

I offer again that Pan Afrikans, Afrikans from the Diaspora, Black Nationalist, Reparations-Repatriation Advocates convene "The First Afrikan Diaspora Nation State Declaration Conference" in West Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend of October 19, 2001. At this conference the discussion must focus solely on the formation of The Afrikan Diaspora Nation State. At this conference we can unite the inter-galactic spiritual forces necessary to move the masses in one current. We must bring together the mindset with the vision to layout the way. We must assemble the soldiers to carry out this mission before it is too late. We don’t have another generation to loose.

The Four (4) workshops needed are:

1). Reparations-Repatriation;

2). Nation State Hood - Treaties

3). Sovereignty/International Recognition


If you have any comments questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me by reply mail or a new address: afriknat55@aol.com Habari Gani???

Free the mind.... Free the spirit.... Free the people.... Free the NATION..... Mawusi

P.S. Please send only private emails with information about the Afrikan Diaspora Nation State Conference to the new email adress above.

RHazard988@aol.com is still avaiable for use, but this E-mail address is just too crowded for important messages.

Asante Sana....Brother Mawusi.....


A Pan Afrikan Conference scheduled to convene in October in West Palm Beach, Florida designed to DISCUSS and BEGIN BUILDING THE AFRIKAN DISPORA NATION STATE STRATEGY is in need of your financial support.... We must raise at least $5,000 before August.

Workshops will include:





The funds will be used to organize and coordinate the conference. Planning activities to provide all delegates with a comfortable meaningful documented experience and exchange of information that will compel us full force toward an internationally recognized legal Afrikan Diaspora Nation State. If you want to be a part of this Movement,

Please Send and Recruit Donations Payable to:

Robert Hazard

1607 40th. Street

West Palm Beach, Fl. 33407

(561) 881-8298 (O/H)

Records will be kept and open for review at the conference.

We shall decide at the conference how and where contributions to our nation building effort should and shall go in the future. This is to be an international effort and must start somewhere. We do not have nor are we seeking organizational sponsorships or leadership. The masses must determine for ourselves who we shall let lead us and to what degree we are willing to support our own independence.

Position Papers dealing with the only four agenda items (see above) for the conference can be sent to:

Mawusi C/O Robert Hazard

P.O. Box 2186

West Palm Beach, Fl. 33402


(561) 881-8298

Papers must be submitted before August 15, 2001. We need volunteers: 8 Workshop Leaders, 6 Workshop Recorders for both tape (audio & Video) and paper documentation, and 8 People to work the Registration Table.

This project shall grow into something bigger and more costly after the conference. Yet we must begin trusting and caring for each other sometime and become centered around a common goal. If we cannot raise the funds to carry on this conference, the Bigger Picture will be clouded rhetoric if not impossible to do.

Asante Sana..... Free the mind... Free the people... Free the NATION STATE......




FROM: o_akkebala@msn.com wrote:

For the first time we have the opportunity to advance realistically and magnify the cause of the Black Nationalist-Pan-Afrikan Diaspora goal, which is statehood in Afrika for the purpose of Afrikans in the Diaspora becoming a sovereign, self-determined, organized government, qualified to help put in motion those elements that will lead to Afrika's emancipation. I know that many of you might think that such an undertaking is unquestionable within the range of improbability if not impossible. May I say those of us who harbor such thoughts are not needed at the upcoming conference in October for you will only serve as a distraction from the intended purpose and goal of the conference, which will be to lay out a plan and strategy of action that will compliment our goal. Let me say, to be able to appreciate the feasibility and reality of a Afrikan State whose occupant will be primarily descendants from the enslaved in the America's and other parts of the Diaspora, require you to be able to envision both physically and spiritually how it must and will occur, if Afrika is to survive under the authority of its original inhabitants. We are not excluding anyone of Afrikan Black Nationalist-Pan-Afrikan Diaspora/Colonialist descent. As a matter of fact we welcome you to this invigorating dynamic Black Nationalist-Pan-Afrikan Family.


To summon all Black Nationalist-Pan-Afrikans with a unifying consciousness to come with the intent to formulate a declaration for the new state made up of Afrikans in the Diaspora and Europe who traveled there under duress. To discuss plans/strategies of how we best can accomplish our intent of getting what is rightfully due to us in the form of Reparations/Repatriation. To formulate a strategy of offense and defense regarding the HIV/AIDS VIRUS WHICH IS A REAL THREAT TO THE AFRIKANS SURVIVAL AS A VIABLE NATION. Such will be the main thrust of the Black Nationalist-Pan-Afrikan Conference. Hopefully this will put some clarity to what the conference will be about so that we can narrow our focus to that which is most pressing and important to Afrikans’ survival as a sovereign spiritual people.


- Seed money to guarantee the successful implementation of the conference

- International/ National/Internet/City/County public and media relations

- flyers and posters

- Conference Security Volunteers, Male/Female

- Work Shops Panelist

PLACE OF CONFERENCE: West Palm Beach Florida

DATE: October 19-21-01

CONTACT: Afrinat55@aol.com,RHazard988@aol.com




FROM: Afrnat55st

I am embellishing below on the words of my great and wonderful friend and spiritual partner Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala when I say, I INVITE YOU TO THE GREATEST WORKING INGATHERING OF THIS NEW Millennium of PAN AFRIKAN - BLACK NATIONHOOD SOVEREIGNTY FIGHTERS in the likeness of the Honorable Marcus Garvey. For all you students of Garvey, Fannon, Nkrumah, El Haj Malik Shabazz, Toure, and their like, this will be more than an informative gathering. This will be a strategy development, program creating, grassroots implemented session. We are beginning to reclaim our rightful place. By identifying "Who we are and from whence we came," then we can return home to our Motherland and bring about its true glory to the front as the role model for the new world order.

"The Afrikan Diaspor Nation State Conference Committee" is requesting your overstanding and assistance toward making the planning of The Afrikan Nation State Conference move forward.

We currently need your financial support. We are accumulating bills and anticipating more to come (i.e., for space, equipment rental, material, printing etc.). We have no steady incoming source of money, no corporate sponsors to sell advertising space to, no Organizational Budget Accounts to draw from, no Grant sources to evaluate us, and no Vendors to exploit.

This is truly Collective Economics and Cooperative Work and Responsibility at work on our behalf. We are fully applying the Nguzo Saba and Ma'at into this effort of world Afrikan Unification. We must be self determined and financially responsible to do what is in our best collective interest.

To help us succeed in the creation of The Afrikan Nation State your involvement is crucial. You can Register for the conference early by sending your $40 Registration fee with your name and contact information to:

Robert Hazard C/O Mawusi

P.O. Box 2186

West Palm Beach, Fl. 33402

You may send Checks and or Money Orders Payable to Robert Hazard at the above address now, or call (561) 881-8298

Please see the conference information below.


FROM: o_akkebala@msn.com

My brothers and sisters as a true Garveyite to others, I greet you in the name and Honor of our great spiritual leader The Honorable Marcus Garvey. My sisters and brothers allow me to invite you to what I promise you to be a historical and awakening gathering at the Black Nationalist-Pan-Afrikan Diaspora Conference.


OCTOBER 19, 20, 21, 2001











Hear the Drum Beat of the


55th Afrikan Nation

"Up You Mighty Race"


You can visit the Afrikan Nation State Website at:


Then click on "55 Afrikan Nation."

Brother Mawusi


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