I will scatter them, and then I will gather them: Deuteronomy 4:27; 28:64; 32:26; Isaiah 11:12;

Jeremiah 23:8 / Read about the African Slave Trade in Deuteronomy 28th Chapter.




N E W S L E T T E R…….#18


JULY  2001


“Take direct action against the U.S. government!”  Dr. Robert Brock







Note from the REPNOW Newsletter Editor:


No one would have guessed that the Reparations Movement would have progressed so swiftly and effectively as it has these past eighteen months.  And thanks are due to the efforts of the activists, organizations, and even individuals with solid commitments to end the suppression, degradation, and affliction of Black Humanity all over this World. 


All of you who are making the effort to keep the focus on Reparations for Descendants of Slaves, Black empowerment, Self Determination, and true freedom to pursue happiness, please know that YOU ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.  Stay strong and courageous, as these are virtues much needed in fighting this battle for the long awaited justice that has eluded us for far too long.   The sooner we acquire Reparations is the sooner we can begin to mend from being subjects of White dominated societies that purposely sustain inequalities and unfair rule over Black Peoples.  It would appear that a great many of us have had enough of suppression, oppression, and racism and watching our Black Brothers and Sisters’ pain and suffering in controlled ghetto communities replete with bad elements that foster and perpetuate the rise and fall of “monsters” created by a system that keeps Blacks impoverished, uneducated, on drugs, Blacks killing Blacks, and in deep despair while Whites distinctly prosper and continue to excel and progress while leaving Blacks in great tribulations!!!


I understand it has been suggested that Blacks must learn to promote the use of “conflict resolution.”  I’m not sure of the intention behind this notion, but let me give you my concept of “conflict resolution.”  The “conflict” is that Blacks out of Africa were “forced” into Slavery and barbarically and mercilessly abused, beaten, and categorized with animals and, as a result became the “have nots” of White dominated societies unto this day.   The “resolution” is that justice must be served in the form of Reparations payments for the crime of forced migration and ethnic cleansing, so that we can move on and heal ourselves and rise above the ubiquitous race hatred and prejudice we face on this globe.   Please, don’t let us buy into any new programs and/or efforts that might “seem” worthwhile and “look good on paper,” but in fact can be of no benefit to us whatsoever.    We cannot continue to be duped into proposals that waste our time, hurt our cause, and prolong our endeavors.  After all these years of untold suffering, we are supposed to be the wiser now! 


We can no longer trust or expect the descendants of the Slave Masters, who have the same mentality of their forebears, to be responsible for eliminating racism from this society.  There are no positive or productive programs in place that suggest that racism and prejudice will ever be eradicated in these United States.  And by some Whites validating the fact that racism in fact exists has nothing to do with eliminating it.  Actually, we can cite a myriad of thriving instances that prove the United States has a propensity to treat Blacks unfairly, with disdain, and with prejudice.   Consider one of the latest outrages regarding the COINTELPRO misfortune for Blacks and Native Americans.  If that’s not enough to demonstrate how much the White powers-that-be are against Black involvement in politics for minority advancement, nothing will.  I ask you to consider the other covert instances of racist acts against Blacks that are in play of which we are not aware.    What else will we discover to prove the existence of full-blown racism and race hatred of Blacks in this country?  What will it take for us to realize that the US Constitution, even with its Amendments, was written only with Whites in mind, and wasn’t even a consideration for Slaves or their Descendants?  And what more do we need to see done to Black Folks before we realize that we are not supposed to enjoy fundamental freedoms don’t care how many of us are Congressional Representatives?


The race hatred and racism against Blacks is too ingrained in the hearts of most Whites and too systemic in the social and political systems and programs to hope that these maladies will ever be eliminated in this country or in any White dominated countries.   And whatever we do, don’t buy into what’s called “sensitivity training” for White Folks.  How can a semester or even a decade of drilling the need for compassion for the underprivileged change the mindset of racist men and women and their children?  Isn’t this also what the Civil Rights groups attempted to do in the 60’s with “Non-violence?”  What did it all prove?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and that was over forty years ago!  Those who are racist want no more to do with learning about how to treat Blacks and other people of color than with wanting to learn about equal opportunities and justice for all. 


It’s no accident that all Black countries are underdeveloped or, in the case of South Africa, economically controlled by Whites to make the Blacks second-class citizens.  It’s no accident that Blacks and other people of color make up the poor and the destitute in these United States and the World.   Think about it!   This is a World for the survival of the fittest Whites – not Blacks, as wealthy Blacks are no more in control than are ghetto Blacks.  What can Oprah, Cosby, or any of the wealthy Black celebrities do for Black Folks other than assist in the Reparations Movement.  We have congressional representatives who can’t make it to first base with Congressman Conyer’s H.R. 40.  That speaks volumes about how much control Blacks have in government or in any matters that affect our lives.  And you can bet that the powers-that-be choose to keep it that way.


Even Affirmative Action was schemed to work against us, and those who actually prospered from this arrangement to correct past injustices against Blacks were White Women.  Hence, Affirmative Action panned out not to be the “tool” necessary to improve conditions for Blacks who live in the White society.  But we don’t hear any outcry from these White Women about how unfairly the program worked for Blacks, do we?  Not in another hundred years will the White-powers-that-be succumb to and live up to the motto: “Justice for All” in these United States or in this present World System.   Hence, we must demand Reparations for the atrocities of the Slave Trade – AND WE MUST BE FIRM AND ADAMANT ABOUT IT!   The leaders of the countries that participated in human bondage and our continued pain and suffering must be held accountable, and that’s all there is to it!


Let’s learn from our mistakes.  Let’s not permit those in power to establish any more useless plans for Blacks that are without substance and that negatively affect us and the lives of our children.  We don’t need any more false senses of justice.  Our objective is to acquire Reparations for the insane TransAtlantic Slave Trade, so let’s stick to that goal until it is won.  And when our Representatives for Reparations go to Durban, South Africa for the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR), at all costs it is imperative that they be relentless in keeping the focus on OUR demand for Reparations.  This “Debt” is long overdue and must be paid, and we cannot allow Whites to continue to pass the buck and not be responsible for their crimes against us.   If we are not given an opportunity to speak on this issue in Durban, South Africa, then we will be faced with the racism and discrimination for which we go to WCAR to eliminate.   You can be sure that the powers-that-be will be out in mass to sabotage our every effort to put and keep Reparations and Racism against Blacks on the table.   We all know this, therefore, Representatives of Descendants of Slaves, be prepared, have a plan of action, and make those of us who can’t attend proud of your efforts.


It is imperative that we acquire Reparations and use these monies to establish admirable and worthwhile Communities/Settlements (comparable to those the US tax dollar builds in Israel), educational systems, quality health care, farms, and small businesses, be they in the United States, in friendly countries, or in Africa.  Only WE have the ability to change what Whites think about Blacks. 


BLACKS ARE NOT INFERIOR TO WHITES!  And it’s absolute nonsense to believe that we need their expertise to survive in this World.  There is no question that in this World, we will have to work WITH THEM but NOT UNDER THEM.   Just take a look at the scholarship and fascinating proposals that surface in the issues of this REPNOW Newsletter. 



If the powers-that-be do not demonstrate that we deserve justice in the form of Reparations for the atrocities of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, then after the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) in Durban, South Africa, our next trip has got to be to a Belgian court to sue the United States and all countries that took part in the TransAtlantic Slave Trade.  


For those of you who are not aware of this being a possibility, please know that Belgium has a unique 1993 law that allows the Belgian court to try people, regardless of their nationality, for genocide and other crimes against humanity.  As many as 100 million Blacks lost their lives enroute to Slave Ships, on the Middle Passage, and in the countries where they were forced to serve as Slaves.   Countries responsible for these deaths and that prospered from those Slaves who survived the degradation and humiliation of the voyage and enslavement must pay for their crimes.  The atrocities and injustices that our forbears endured and that we continue to endure cannot be dismissed.  Let the White society know that we are not going to shut up until they put up Reparations! 


JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED!  And if descendants of the Slave Masters yet enjoy the benefits from the free labor of those who were enslaved, then our job is to do what White Jews continue to do which is go after the descendants of the guilty parties!  It wouldn’t be difficult at all to list the companies/businesses that existed during the days of Slavery and prove their involvement in this institution of Slavery.  If we are going to fight this battle, we must fight on ALL FRONTS!  We must use every weapon at our disposal, therefore, let’s also present our case to the United Nations (the international community) to tell the WHOLE SORDID TRUTH about forced migration and ethnic cleansing, racism, and all that this has entailed, and then let’s take our case to all the Courts – every last one of them!  By all means necessary, WE HAVE GOT TO MAKE OUR CASE AND BE COMPENSATED FOR THE DISPLACEMENT AND CRUEL ENSLAVEMENT OF OUR FOREBEARS, FOR LOSS OF OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY, AND FOR BEING LEFT PEONS IN THIS WORLD. 


Those of us who wish to leave the United States or other European countries have got to be given the right to relocate to countries of our choosing and with Reparations, or we are still captives of the countries responsible for stealing us out of Africa.  And those who wish to remain in the lands of our captors must be given an opportunity to enjoy an equal distribution of wealth and empowerment and pursue a genuine happiness.  Slim chance, I hate to tell you, but if Blacks remain in lands where our forebears were enslaved, you may as well be prepared to continue an even greater fight to be accepted in the countries built by Slave labor.  


Finally, I have to admire Mawusi’s (Rhazard) desires to establish a 55th State in Africa for Descendants of Slaves to build a Nation of which Blacks can be proud.  Don’t frown on his efforts, as they make a lot of sense.  His desires have fascinating merit that can prove to be exactly what is needed to rise above the frustrations, humiliations, and indignities Blacks face in White Societies.  Give Mawusi a chance and lend your expertise to his plans.   By the way, if riots are taking place all over this World, DO NOT rule out this also happening in the United States.   With police brutality and murder of Blacks, racial profiling, and increasing knowledge of more and more acts of atrocities  and injustices committed against African Americans, this place is fast becoming a ticking time bomb that can go off at any time and in any place.   Also take to heart what is being said about the need for a Missile Defense Program.  If the US has a need to worry about being attacked, then Blacks should have a need to leave this horrible place.  Therefore, Descendants of Slaves desperately need a State in Africa that’s stable and safe for Blacks to start anew, but this time with the use of the Black “mind,” for assured prosperity and progress for the benefit of all Black Peoples and for the World.  Somebody has got to end the pollution and the destruction of people, animals, and living matter on this Earth.  We may as well set the stage and the example, as no one else is doing it!




Work with me, work with others, but let’s all work TOGETHER for the betterment of Blacks all over the World.  Either we attain this goal and be successful and prosperous Black Peoples, or we can continue on the destructive paths headed for the demise of Black Peoples that Descendants of the Slave Masters have paved for us. 


Many, many thanks to everyone making an effort to do their part and/or work with others for Reparations. 


Don’t forget to send me FEEDBACK regarding your meetings, Conferences, dialogues, and debates, so that everyone can be informed of the progress of Reparations’ activities and affairs. 


By the way, make it your business to attend as many Reparations Conferences as possible in order to be in the know, learn new ideas, network, and pass the word along:  REPARATIONS NOW IN OUR LIFETIME!


Just one more thing, kindly realize that this is OURReparations” Newsletter.  As much as I’d like to publish all the articles that come my way regarding the injustices we face in White Societies, please know that I just can’t.  I must dedicate this Newsletter to the “Reparations” Fight for Descendants of Slaves and our Liberation.   Thank you for your support in this regard. 


Tziona Yisrael, Editor



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If anyone has a list of E-mail addresses of University and College Black Student Unions, please advise:  Afraqueen@AOL.COM.





The Black World Today

June 19, 2001


Declaring the Slave Trade a Crime Against Humanity:


In September of this year in Durban, South Africa, the United Nations will hold what could be one of the most momentous events of the 21st century, the World Conference on Racism. Thousands of people from around the world are expected to attend a conference, which will address one of the most malignant maladies to plague the darker peoples of the world historically - racism and white supremacy.


People of African descent and other people of color from the developing world are anxious to discuss the past and present effects of the castigation and oppression of groups of people on the basis of skin color. As might be expected, the United States and many of the nations of Europe are casting a leery eye towards the conference for fear that the issue of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the demand for "restitution" will become a dominant theme of the proceedings. Indeed, the United States is taking extraordinary steps to prevent the slave trade and the question of reparations from appearing on the agenda at all.


This is proving to be a difficult task. Spearheaded by veteran human rights activists and organizers from the December 12th Movement and the National Black United Front, a formidable coalition of organizations is mounting a determined effort not only to ensure that the slave trade and restitution are on the agenda, but in a bold and visionary move, these organizations are pressing for the introduction and passage of a resolution at the World Conference on Racism that would declare the Trans-Atlantic slave trade a "crime against humanity."


The prospects that such a resolution will pass is causing grave trepidations in the United States and among the circle of nations which are culpable in the most horrendous holocaust in human history. Without question, the passage of this resolution will provide an unassailable moral foundation for the call for reparations. Equally important, this resolution will also provide legal undergirding for the demand for reparations in international law since there is no statute of limitations on crimes against humanity. Hence, the argument that the slave trade was a long time ago and therefore should not be subject to litigation or other forms of redress will be severely undermined.


There should be no question about the veracity of the claim that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was a crime against humanity. By some estimates more than 100 million Africans lost their lives during the holocaust of enslavement. Beyond the unthinkable loss of life however, in "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa," Walter Rodney documents the devastating effects of the slave trade on African people in terms of the disruption and destruction of families, communities and nations, the distortion of social, economic and political relations and the loss of "development opportunity."


The economies of Europe and America developed off the free labor of enslaved Africans while the continent of Africa was pillaged, ravished and underdeveloped. Rodney recounts that whole industries and cities were born and flourished as a consequence of the involvement of Britain and France in the enslaving and trafficking of Africans. Concurring with Rodney, Eric Williams in "Capitalism and Slavery" documents how the fruits of the lucrative Triangular Trade made huge fortunes for Europeans in the Caribbean and North America, particularly New England. An entire continent was demonized, demoralized, devastated and hurled backward in history by the holocaust of enslavement.


Once in this hemisphere, enslaved Africans destined for North America were subjected to a slave breaking process which not only involved raw naked terror and intimidation but cultural aggression, the calculated attempt to dehumanize and de-Africanize the African. Malcolm X once said that of all the crimes committed by Europeans against Africans, the greatest crime was to take away our names.  By that assertion Malcolm meant the effort to destroy our culture.


Our ancestors were forbidden to speak in their native tongue, to practice indigenous religions or to play African musical instruments. In addition, our ancestors were taught that their African heritage tainted them and that their color was a "badge of degradation." Any White person, no matter what their status or station in life was to be respected and obeyed at all times. And, as chattels, property, our ancestors could be sold and traded at will with no obligation to keep families together. There should be no question but that the slave trade was a crime against humanity. Slave labor made America prosperous while destroying and stagnating the lives of the captive sons and daughters of Africa in this country; a crime compounded by the fact that we were eventually "emancipated" without compensation, no forty acres and mule, no property or capital in a growing capitalist economy, whose explosive growth was directly attributable to the free labor of our ancestors.


Europe and America know that they owe African people a debt too enormous to be calculated. But like cowards, they continue to refuse to take responsibility for their dastardly deeds. And, they will continue to refuse to acknowledge their crimes until the victims of the holocaust of enslavement unite and fight to compel the perpetrators to confess, apologize and make suitable compensation.


It is for this reason that African people, other historically oppressed people and our allies must transform the World Conference on Racism into a forum for discussing the greatest crime against humanity in history. In so doing, we will build momentum for the just and righteous demand for reparations for Africans in America and the world!


Contributed by:

ronmae@aol.com (Ron Daniels)

rdaniel@ccr-ny.org, ronmae@aol.com







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June 27, 2001


Despite enormous obstacles, the quest by Africans in America to win reparations is gaining momentum. With the World Conference Against Racism set to convene in Durban South Africa in September a massive international effort is underway to declare the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade a crime against humanity. The discussions being generated about the Conference and the struggle to pass such a resolution is enhancing support for reparations among Africans in America.


A recent poll revealed that 84% of Black people in this country now support the concept of reparations - a dramatic revelation in the face of the fact that for many years large numbers of Black folk expressed skepticism about the feasibility of obtaining reparations. In another dramatic development, for the first time a mainstream newspaper, the Philadelphia Enquirer recently endorsed the concept of reparations, devoting two full page editorials to an examination of the merits of the claim and demand for reparations by Blacks in America.


As I stated in another column on this subject, much of the credit for the surge in interest and support for reparations is attributable to the relentless crusade of the late Queen Mother Moore and the persistent work of the National Coalition for Reparations for Blacks in America (N'COBRA) with veteran activists like Dorothy Benton Lewis, Hannibal Afrik, Imari Obadele, Chokwe Lumumba, Johnita Scott Obadele, Adjoa Aiyetoro, Nkecki Tiafa, Reparations Ray, Dr. Conrad Worrill and the late Dr. Charshee McIntyre to mention just a few who have labored in the vineyard on this crucial issue for decades.


The December 12th Movement under the able leadership of Viola Plummer, Roger Wareham and Omawale Clay has also played an invaluable role in pressing the issue of reparations in various international forums. The reparations movement is also indebted to Congressman John Conyers for his steadfast willingness to introduce HR-40, the reparations study bill, in the Congress of the United States year after year as a focal point of education and organizing. The collective work of these valiant freedom fighters and others is bearing fruit as new actors and organizations have come onto the stage to broaden and deepen the support for reparations among its most critical constituency - Africans in America!


Now what is required is not only a united front effort for reparations (as I argued in a recent column) but a well planned massive national/international campaign to win reparations - a campaign that will feature litigation, education, organizing and direct action. Muntu Matsimela, a longtime proponent of reparations and a member of the Black Radical Congress, has been lobbying for such an approach for some time now. Concurring with Muntu, in my view it is time to raise the money to establish a national office and to hire a full time professional staff to conduct a campaign for reparations in the same way we would approach a political campaign - with defined goals and objectives, well thought out strategy and tactics, coherent themes and messages, targeted constituencies, informative literature, buttons, banners, bumper stickers, etc.


The Black community and the nation at large need to be on fire with the discussion about the righteous demand for reparations. Black journalists, talk show hosts, disc jockeys and hip hop artists must be enlisted to help popularize reparations as a priority concern in Black America. Black churches need to be mobilized and organized in the same way they were around the Free South Africa campaign (remember those bold Free South Africa signs and banners that Black churches displayed outside their sanctuaries). Black fraternities, sororities, the Masons, Eastern Stars, Elks, Knights of Pythias and the Shriners need to be talking about and acting on reparations as a priority issue on their agenda. Black labor organizations and the mainline civil rights organizations need to step to the task with a vigor never seen before. Reparations must become an issue that massive numbers of Africans in America are increasingly willing to fight for in the courtroom, the legislative chambers and in the streets.


We have had A Million-Man March, a Million Women's March and a Million Family March. What about a March of Millions for Reparations as a culmination of a series of direct actions at the local, state and national level? What about an economic sanctions campaign targeted specifically at those corporations that have been identified as having been directly involved in and/or in complicity with the slave trade and slavery in this country? What if Africans in America withheld patronage during the critical X-Mas season?


All of these ideas may work or none of them may work. My point is that the struggle for reparations has reached a critical stage where a united front vehicle is needed to raise the necessary resources to fund a national office and staff to mount a bold, broad based, innovative, multifaceted, massive and sustained professional campaign to win reparations. The need for a united front and a campaign to win reparations is certainly one of the ideas that will be discussed at the State of the Black World Conference in Atlanta this Fall. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.


The time for reparations is at hand!


By Ron Daniels <ronmae@aol.com>

The Black World Today




Contributed by brc-reparations@yahoogroups.com






The reparations question will not go away. Black congressional leaders are criticizing the Bush administration for not taking a larger role in the upcoming World Conference Against Racism, which will take up the question of reparations.


A group of black lawyers, including Johnnie Cochran, has announced plans to sue large corporations they claim have benefited from slavery, as well as the federal government.  And on college campuses across America, David Horowitz has caused a ruckus by publishing or vainly attempting to publish in college newspapers an advertisement listing 10 reasons to oppose reparations.


The idea will not die because many parts of the black community are sunk in what Professor James McWhorter calls the "cult of victimology." But the truth is that family structure is a far better predictor of success in America today than race, or the condition of servitude of one´s ancestors.


Black intact families enjoy incomes and standards of living indistinguishable from whites. But only 30 percent of black children are born to married couples today. Is this family disintegration itself a legacy of slavery? Doubtful. As economist Walter Williams writes, "In 1880, in Philadelphia, two-parent family structure was: black, 75.2 percent; Irish, 82.2 percent; German, 84.5 percent; native white American, 73.1 percent."


Slavery was a crime and a sin. The Founders knew it. Thomas Jefferson said, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."


But no one alive today was ever a slave or the son of slaves; neither is anyone alive today a slaveowner or son of a slaveowner. The intervening generations have swelled the population with immigrants, so that a majority of whites living in America today have no ancestors who lived in America at the time of slavery. Only one-third of the citizens of the Confederacy (and, believe it or not, 12,000 free Southern blacks) owned slaves.


If we were to attempt to categorize Americans as oppressors or victims based on their skin color, we will sink into an impossible morass. Millions of Americans are of mixed racial ancestry many due to the widespread practice of slaveowners raping or taking slaves as unofficial concubines, but many others the product of mixed marriages in the generations since. How should these people be counted? And what about those, like Tiger Woods, who have four or five races in their family tree? Shall they pay with one hand and receive with the other?


Just since the 1950s, American taxpayers have spent, according to Mr. Williams´ calculations, roughly $6.1 trillion on the war on poverty, education, housing and medical care all aimed mostly at relieving the poverty and hopelessness so prevalent in the black slums. Since the 1960s, the U.S. government and virtually the entire private sector has maintained a system of racial preferences and reduced standards in employment and education aimed at eradicating the "legacy of slavery."


But of course, that legacy has not prevented blacks from excelling in sports, entertainment and music. Eighty percent of blacks are now in the middle and upper classes. Surely the idea of Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan receiving reparations checks must give pause.


To end slavery, the United States undertook the greatest and most devastating war of our history.  More Americans were killed in the Civil War than in all of the rest of the wars we´ve fought put together. Those 620,000 dead represent the ultimate reparation for slavery. Abraham Lincoln saw it in those terms. In his Second Inaugural Address, he said:  "Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this great scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman´s 250 years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn by the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said 3,000 years ago, so still it must be said, 'The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.´ "


Just one month later, Lincoln paid for those sentiments with his own life.


Human history is sadly littered with crimes and cruelty. But historical crimes cannot be avenged. Many black criminals have blighted the lives of other Americans. Is it justice to make other blacks pay reparations to other whites for that?  Of course not. Only the actual criminal can be punished and only the actual victim can be compensated. Anything else is dangerous nonsense.


By Mona Charen





Contributed by AlArkam@webtv.net






This Washington Times article is a shameful attempt to cast doubts about the Reparations Movement.  The author makes no mention of the fact that the U.S. government presently practices ethnocide and forced assimilation upon 40 million African-Americans.  Nor does the author mention the legal battle now raging inside the United Nations to achieve restitution and restoration for our people.  Since 1998 the Honorable Silis Muhammad has repeatedly testified before diverse U.N. bodies in Geneva, Switzerland concerning the lingering effects of plantation slavery, U.S. violation of U.N. covenants, and the fact we as a people must be restored to our original language and culture.  


To learn more about this battle, please visit www.afre-ngo.org and contribute to the Reparations War Chest.



Minister Malik Al-Arkam


[Black Slaves were first used throughout the Thirteen Colonies and were then supplied to so-called Southern gentlemen – also known as Slave Masters.  And let’s not forget that the North also reaped benefits from this heinous Slavery.  People should realize that many European countries participated in the TrasnsAtlantic Slave Trade, and those who indulged in Slavery in their mother countries emigrated to the United States and most perpetuated the crime.  But we don’t hear about these culprits, as they are assumed to be innocent in this matter.   However, the United States is guilty as sin, all because this atrocity took place on US soil and with the US government stamp of approval. 


And don’t believe the hype that $ 6 trillion were spent on welfare mothers who were politely placed in welfare projects.  We aren’t stupid!!!  Just as the Pentagon wastes $ 700 of taxpayer’s money for a hammer, obviously these trillions of dollars went into the pockets of the White Folks on the watch.   If Blacks had this kind of money, they wouldn’t be living in rat-infested projects or in slums.  Please know that Black “criminals” are victims of this unjust society of “Privileged Haves.”   Good try, Ms. Charen, but your article with its weak analogy doesn’t fly – not even with Blacks of minimal intelligence.   T.Y., Editor]






Successful liberation movements have always employed a broad range of tactics to achieve their goals: educational campaigns, political campaigns and cultural campaigns.  They also typically operate effectively at several different levels at the same time: the grass-roots level, the national level and the international level.  Today the Movement to obtain Reparations for all African-Americans shows the potential of developing into the most successful liberation movement which has ever sought justice for the long-oppressed Black masses, whose ancestors were brought to America in chains in 1555. 


The focus of this Movement has been educating and mobilizing our people throughout the length and breadth of the USA, and more recently throughout the Americas. In preparatory conferences leading up to the World Conference Against Racism, we have seen African-Americans from the United States linking hands and mapping strategies with African-Americans from Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.  We have also witnessed African-American leaders delivering oral and written interventions before diverse United Nations bodies, including the Working Group On Minorities and the Human Rights Commission.  These interventions have exposed the diverse ways in which the U.S. government has practiced genocide, ethnocide and forced assimilation upon our people--while pretending to be keenly interested in improving race relations.  In his April 12th 2001 intervention in the Geneva, Mr. Silis Muhammad asked that the U.N. place a Reparations Sanction upon the U.S. government.  On May 3rd 2001, the U.N. voted the USA off the Human Rights Commission.


The strongest aspect of the battle for Reparations emphasizes that this is a struggle for the Restoration of a people who were robbed of their mother tongue, original religion and original culture.  In other words, Reparations concerns far more than mere money.  We are demanding justice in the broadest sense from the U.S. government.  We want both the U.S. government and U.N. to acknowledge our collective political identity and the need for Reparations to be defined by the African-American victims, not by the oppressor.


In truth, we need our own government and economy on some of this Earth that we can call our own.  We also want membership in the United Nations.


While we are focusing on educating and mobilizing our people, we should never overlook the many tactics which our adversaries have historically employed to side-track and destroy genuine liberation movements.  The government of President George Bush is keenly aware and deeply afraid of the growing momentum of the Reparations Movement and its appeal to African-Americans of diverse classes and persuasions. Many white media have failed to even mention once the critical interventions which have been going on inside the United Nations since 1998.  Others have suggested that maybe Blacks can receive restitution in the form of educational "benefits" and "health care" benefits to be determined by Caucasian America.  However, a growing number of our people do acknowledge that this would be a far cry from real justice, namely full-strength Reparations and self-determination.


As the legal and spiritual war for justice unfolds on diverse levels, our people should not hesitate to expose the U.S. government, private corporations and the wicked mass media (e.g. ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and many others) who have been systematically hiding the scope of the Reparations Movement for years.  African-Americans are well within our rights to insist that all media comprehensively cover our liberation movement and to legally chastise those who fail to do so.


Peace Be Unto The Righteous,

Minister Malik Al-Arkam

Boston Representative of the

Honorable Silis Muhammad








The National Black United Front (NBUF) is preparing for the Twenty-second Annual National Convention to be held in San Francisco, California from July 12-15, 2001. Since the launching of the NBUF Genocide Campaign in October of 1996, NBUF has become one of the leading organizations in the reparations movement, working closely with the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N`COBRA), in the United States and throughout the African World Community.


NBUF’s work in the Reparations Movement has intensified through our alliance with the December 12th Movement in organizing to participate in the upcoming United Nations World Conference Against Racism that will be held August 31 – September 1, 2001 in Durban, South Africa.


Over the past two years, the December 12th Movement, with the support of NBUF, has effectively made public, throughout the world, the African Group Resolution that takes the position that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery was a Crime Against Humanity, and the Economic Roots of Racism should be examined. In this context, we take the position that African people are owed reparations throughout the world.


Currently, the December 12th Movement and NBUF, along with African Governments, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), the African and African Descendents Caucus, are fighting for the above positions to be included in the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) Durban Declaration. Obviously, led by the United States, the European Union is opposed to the inclusion of these positions in the Durban Declaration. They don’t want to admit that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery was a Crime and that African people are owed reparations.


Our voices have been made loud and clear as we continue our organizing work to participate in the WCAR. In this regard, the theme of this year’s NBUF Convention is:


Reparations: The Key to the African Struggle— Building a Black Mass Movement through Block-By-Block Organizing.


The central focus of this convention is to address the growing organizing taking place in this country, and worldwide, around the various demands and strategies in the worldwide African Reparations Movement. To facilitate organization of our people, a primary concern of this conference is the concept of "Block-By-Block Organizing."


The growing demand for reparations relates to the continued governmental and corporate racist policies providing a rationale for the increased demand for reparations, above and beyond slavery and the slave trade, and what happened to African people before the Civil War. Therefore, in line with our theme, the convention will address issues and strategies for organizing our people around the case for reparations as a means of addressing the larger issue of mobilizing our people for the liberation of African people worldwide.


Time has a way of moving forward and it’s hard to believe that NBUF has been in existence twenty–two years. It is a remarkable achievement that a Black Movement organization made up of committed volunteers, with limited resources, has survived and continues to grow and develop.


NBUF grew out of the spirit of the 1960’s and 70’s when African people in this country were aggressively organizing around numerous issues. The activism of the Civil Rights Movement and its challenges against legal segregation was a spark that set off the mass motion of African people in America.


Over this twenty-two year period, NBUF has organized around the following principles:


          To struggle for self determination, liberation, and power for Black People in the United States.


          To work in common struggle with African liberation movements and African people throughout the world.


          To build a politically conscious, unified, committed, and effective Black mass movement.


          To struggle to eliminate racism (including Zionism and Apartheid), sexism (the oppression, exploitation, and inequality of women), monopoly capitalism, colonialism, and neo–colonialism, imperialism, and national oppression.


          To maintain strict political and financial independence of the National Black United Front.


          To build unity and common struggle with oppressed peoples in the United States and throughout the world, as long as the best interests of people of African descent are not contradicted or compromised.


          To continue to struggle to maximize the unity of the Black Liberation Movement and of people of African descent; to eliminate internal violence, character assassination, and self-destruction; to establish a viable process to arbitrate all major conflicts within the Black Liberation Movement and the African community.


          To continue the political/cultural revolution to create a new vision and value system and a new man, woman, and child based on the common struggle around the needs of the African majority.



NBUF believes that in order for Black people in America to become free, liberated, and independent, we must be organized. Therefore, we believe all Black people should join an organization that is working in the interest of our people. We believe that the National Black United Front is such an organization and we urge you to join us and participate in our Twenty–second National Convention.


Conrad Worrill

National Chairman

National Black United Front (NBUF)


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News Report from AFRE, June 2001


May has been a month of real progress in the reparations movement.  Clearly the movement has reached the point where a new question is emerging.  The question is not reparations yes or no.  Yes is the answer, and the world now knows it.  The new question is... reparations for what?


Four notable things occurred during the month: 1) The Reparations Mobilization Campaign announced that it is organizing a seminar.  Reparations seminars are not new, but this one is unusual in that it seeks to be inclusive of leadership voices that have previously been excluded.  It appears that the organizers are sincerely working to raise the standard of reparations seminars.  2) Mr. Randall Robinson, author of The Debt, was uplifted on television at the Essence Image Awards ceremony for his reparations advocacy.  This step taken by Essence Magazine tells white America that all levels of Black society are behind reparations.  3) Dr. Ray Winbush of Fisk University reported that a number of organizations of African Americans from the Diaspora gathered themselves into the World Council of Churches headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and in their meeting they all agreed that reparations are due.  The organizations were in Geneva to attend the 2nd preparatory meeting for the World Conference Against Racism.  4) One week earlier Mr. Silis Muhammad was at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland representing African Americans from the U.S. at the invitation of the United Nations Working Group on Minorities.  At this special informal session, which was the first UN forum for African Americans in history, the UN experts helped Black leaders from the Americas Region begin to understand their position.


The reparations movement is maturing, and as it does, the more refined question of reparations "for what" emerges.  Most people, including white Americans, believe that reparations are for the horrors of the slave trade, for the free labor of slavery, for the degradation of segregation, the lynchings, the racial discrimination, and the many other injustices surrounding the ongoing Black holocaust.  When reparation is demanded for these things, ample moral argument is established.  Most advocates stand on the moral platform.


In an effort to create a legal argument, a number of reparations organizations have directed their minds toward the UN World Conference Against Racism.  They reason that if the trans-Atlantic slave trade is declared a crime against humanity, the way will be opened for the moral arguments to become legal arguments for reparations.  It is agreed that such a declaration would bring about numerous claims for damage, especially against governments that have ratified the International Covenant on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.  (The U.S. Government has never ratified it.)  Those who are watching the World Conference know that there is great fighting over declaring the trans-Atlantic slave a crime against humanity.  Although many predict that the final documents will not grant such recognition, the results will not be known until September.


Another answer to the question of reparations "for what" does provide a legal argument for the restoration of human rights and reparations.  This is the argument that the Working Group on Minorities responded to four years ago when it was brought by Mr. Muhammad.  He argued that international law protects the rights of minorities to their language, culture and religion, i.e., their collective identity.  The identity of African Americans was destroyed with the destruction of the 'mother tongue' and through forced mixed breeding.  As a result, African Americans do not enjoy collective human rights.  This makes the damage to African Americans current, affecting all, and ongoing.  It is the duty and obligation of the United Nations to grant human rights to everyone, everywhere, and the experts of the Working Group on Minorities know this.  It is their profession, and their belief, and they are obliged to take a stand on behalf of African Americans.  This they did in May of 2001.


Readers may be asking themselves, how does it benefit African Americans to have their collective political identity restored as a part of reparations?  When African Americans are internationally recognized, and their human rights as a group are restored, depending upon the will of the people, different levels of self determination can be negotiated with the U.S. Government. Under UN protection and with assistance, this can be accomplished peacefully, without the fear of reprisal, forcible separation or secession.  African Americans have a human right to live according to their own collective will, and this human right must be established for reparations to accomplish what reparations should accomplish.


The reparations "for what" question comes into its clearest perspective when viewed from the future.  One hundred years from now the descendants of today's African Americans will look back.  Will they be able to know themselves as a distinct human family among the many families of the earth?  Today's reparations movement decides that question.


In this time of reparations progress, there is great danger that the U.S. Government will manipulate, co-opt and redirect the reparations movement, so that the highest potential of the movement will be lost.  African Americans are risen as a new people, in possession of the most profound knowledge that can be gained from living life: the knowledge of the victory of the human spirit over the greatest possible adversity.  This knowledge is precious to life itself.  As a part of their reparations, African Americans must demand recognition of themselves collectively.  They must gain an internationally recognized political identity and the power over their own future that goes with such recognition.



We hope you feel the desire to support the work of AFRE.  Since we do not

receive corporate or government funding, we must depend upon the

contributions of the public.  In the month of June we are in urgent need of

travel funds.  Instruction on how to contribute can be found at www.afre-ngo.org.


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Stay strong in the struggle; we will win!









Tuesday, June 19, 2001



Opening Remarks

CBC Task Force - World Conference Against Racism Task Force

Tuesday June 19, 2001

Washington, D.C.


Welcome, and let the spirit of Juneteenth pervade our discussions here today.


I am pleased to introduce my colleagues who are with us this morning. More will come throughout the morning.


The World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) to be held in late August this year in Durban, South Africa is an important world event. It seeks to focus world attention on examining the causes of racism as well as providing an opportunity for nations to formulate practical measures to prevent, and where possible, to eradicate racism and other discriminatory practices.


What could be more important than for the family of nations to come together as one and to seek to end racism in the world today.


The United States should fulfill its leadership position as a major world power and attend the conference. We should send a delegation consisting of highly respected and extremely capable individuals who hold high aspirations and deep convictions on ending the scourge of racism in the world today.


The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) can play a critical role in ensuring that this current administration fully appreciates the importance of this World Conference to people of color in this country. The members of the CBC all represent districts affected by poverty and race hatred, stricken with over crowding, violence and all the other familiar ills of modern black urban life.


To our nations great shame it has had much experience with racism. That experience spans almost every generation of our nation’s history - from the early years of slavery during the establishment of our nation, through the apartheid practices of the southern US states and finally through the Federal Government’s physical destruction of the black political movement here in this country during the 1960’s and 1970’s.


But our nation’s journey with racism will not end until it faces the truth of its past.  By drawing upon our nation’s history and forging with it a willingness to confront these horrible truths, our delegation should be able to make substantive contributions to the World Conference forums examining the causes of racism, as well as, help formulate strategies to end racism in the world today.


I wish to briefly address two important issues which I think should feature as center points in our discussion today:


  1. The American Slave Trade
  2. The destruction of the black political movement here in the US in the 1960’s and the 1970’s under the Federal Government’s COINTELPRO Program.


From 1490 until about 1870 one of the most elaborate maritime and commercial ventures arose, a result of which 30-60 million black men, women and children were enslaved in Africa and carried packed in ships wearing leg irons, in foul over crowded conditions and transported to the Americas to work on plantations, in mines or as servants in fine houses. Tragically, many tens of millions of them did not survive the journey and died en route during the Middle Passage from disease, cruel treatment and the rigors of sea travel.


Slavery stretched several hundred years, involved every maritime European nation, every Atlantic-facing African people (and some others), and every country of the Americas. On any view, this Slave Trade must rank as one of the greatest crimes of all time.


Upon arrival in the Americas black families were broken up, men separated from their wives, and mothers and fathers permanently separated from their children. These slaves then suffered the further indignity of losing their African names, as well as, their own histories, cultures and languages.


Their combined labors generated fabulous wealth for their white masters and they provided much of the financial foundation for modern America.  Despite centuries of back breaking labor, black Americans never shared in the wealth and instead, to this day, remain poorer than whites, enjoy lower standards of living, suffer lower standards of health care and figure disproportionately in incarceration levels in our State and Federal prisons.


Incredibly, this history of slavery is largely unknown to the vast majority of Americans. Our nation has refused to confront the enormity of this crime and has instead sought to create the myth that slaves were better off being manacled and brought to the Americas. Nothing is ever said of the millions of slaves who died, of the destruction of whole African communities by ill health, violence and separation. And nothing is ever said of the sheer injustice that nations which committed this crime still to this day refuse to even apologize for their conduct let alone pay reparations for the damage caused by their actions.


I remember only too well when Congressman Tony Hall introduced legislation asking for the Congress to apologize for slavery. To my horror I overheard other members on the house floor laughing behind Mr. Hall’s back because he was foolish enough to introduce the Slavery Bill.


Not surprisingly the bill never got out of committee and was never voted on.


One other matter I think important for discussion in Durban is the Federal Government’s COINTELPRO Program. Important research is revealing that during the 1960’s and the 1970’s the FBI and other sections of the US military and intelligence apparatus conducted a secret war against black political groups and the Native American Movement. To our collective shame we are now learning that the Federal Government conducted a secret, systematic and at times, savage use of force and fraud against a small political minority exercising fundamental freedoms considered sacred by our Constitution.


Many of our black political leaders were wrongly accused of crimes and imprisoned, and some were even murdered. The black political movement in this country was totally destroyed by our own government. The Native American Movement suffered the same fate.


What I am telling you about didn't happen in Nazi Germany under Hitler, China under Mao, Chile under Pinochet or Uganda under Idi Amin. No, it happened here in the United States.


That this happened to people in this country in the 1960’s and 1970’s is no longer conjecture. It is a shocking fact that the Federal Government wrongly imprisoned and even murdered innocent black Americans.


On this generation of Americans falls the burden of proving to the world that we really mean it when we say that all men are created free and equal before the law. The real history of slavery in this country must be publicly recorded and there must be a reckoning with black America for its sacrifice in building this nation to what it is today. In addition, our Federal Government should reveal the truth about the full extent of the COINTELPRO program and make its records open to public examination.


Contributed by the Chief Elder




It Is The Black Fool Who Says I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!

Much love to the Afrikan nation.


Osiris Akkebala

Chief Elder







GENEVA, (Reuters) - African rights activists said on Thursday [June 7, 2001] they would press a world conference against racism to declare slavery and colonialism "a double Holocaust" and would call for compensation from former colonial powers.


Compensation from countries active in the then legal slave trade of the 17th and 19th centuries, such as France, Britain, Portugal and the United States, could take the form of aid for development, they said.


Speaking for African non-governmental organisations, Alioune Tine of Senegal, said the impact of colonialism was one of the prime causes of Africa's economic backwardness today.


He told a news conference: "We invite the world conference to declare without hesitation that slavery and colonialism are a double Holocaust and crimes against the humanity of African peoples."


International non-governmental organisations (NGO) are meeting in Geneva to prepare a common position to take to a United Nations "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance" to be held in Durban, South Africa from  August 31-September 7.


Activist Moshe More, also a member of an NGO steering committee set up for Durban, said compensation would not necessarily mean cash handouts to countries that suffered most from the slave trade.


A key element of any reparation was recognition by slave states of the evils of the trade when millions of Africans were shipped across the Atlantic in miserable conditions to work in the United States, the Caribbean and South America.




Rather than cash payments, compensation could take the form of aid for development, but without the usual strings and conditions attached when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank lent money, More said.


But he declined to be drawn on how much money African states should seek. "We are talking principles, not figures," he said.


At the same time in Geneva, representatives of U.N. member states are also seeking to hammer out a draft text for Durban where the aim is to agree measures to stamp out racism around the world.


Earlier this week, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson said recent race riots in the English town of Oldham gave a warning of what happens when racism is left to fester.


Robinson, who will chair the Durban conference, has herself called for slavery to be labeled a crime against humanity and the French parliament recently passed a bill condemning the practice in similar terms.


But diplomats said other developed countries were unwilling yet to say the same, for fear that they could be exposed to lawsuits similar to those brought in the name of Jewish victims of Nazi oppression before and during World War Two.


"We are prepared for a form of words that acknowledges great wrongs of the past. But compensation could be impossible in practice and could open up a legal can of worms," said one European diplomat.


Former President Bill Clinton admitted the U.S. role in slavery was wrong during an African tour last year but he stopped short of offering an apology.


Negotiations on the draft text were due to finish on Friday, but diplomats said they looked like running into next week.


By Richard Waddington


Contributed by D12M and universalwoman9@yahoo.com (Shemia)



[When White Folks wanted to get rich from the blood, sweat, tears, misery, oppression, affliction, breeding of Black human beings, and the free labor of Black Slaves, IT DID NOT OPEN UP A “LEGAL CAN OF WORMS” nor was it ever a concern.   However, it did open up a legacy for generations of White Folks unto this day! T.Y., Editor]






Hoteph my Friends,


I am a National Board Member for NCOBRA and have been out the dispute between the D.C. Chapter and some Nationalist Leadership members in the organization.  There appears to be serious issues in the D.C. Chapter area with the National NCOBRA Leadership.  I pray this is an indication of our growing pains and not a power struggle.  Sometimes I must subdue my passions and engage within the decisions of the leadership for the best interest of the body.  The frustration with tactics and disagreement in direction is rearing its ugly head in the leading mass membership organization in the reparations movement. Is this a struggle between ideologies with leadership identity using power and control as fuel for battle???


I don’t know.  I believe we are moving fast toward our success in winning reparations and the enemy has infiltrated to divide and subdue the movement.   As an elected representative I must express the will of those I represent.  As a Board Member I expect to deal with these issues. I truly feel N’COBRA is a membership driven organization.  We most definitely must hear from the Membership at this critical time in the development of the organization and the Reparations Movement. 


Free the mind....


Robert (aka.. Mawusi)

NCOBRA Bd. of Directors

So. East Regional Representative




[O, My People, we are so close to achieving our goal.  Do not permit the White powers-that-be to divide us in our fight for Reparations for Descendants of Slaves in our lifetime.   And don’t allow the desires for greed, power, and fame to cause us to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to finally get restitution for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, so that we can better ourselves as a Black People to be reckoned with.  Don’t YOU be the culprit that surfaces to cause our failure in this regard.  Don’t sell out, My Brothers and Sister! And don’t be our stumbling blocks!  Work with Reparations Activists because this restitution will bring about improvements and prosperity for Black Peoples all over the World.   We have been the tail of the White dominant society long enough, and we have been used and abused long enough!   Tziona Yisrael, Editor]



Hoteph My Beloved Brothers And Sisters: 


Let us get one thing straight whether we want to deal with the truth of this matter or not, reparation is nationalistic in and of itself. Reparation is not an individual or group thing.  It is and must be an Afrikan thing. Reparation is not to be treated as if we are seeking a welfare check!  It is more than being about "getting paid." It would be patently dishonest on our part if we turn this noble cause into a yours and my thing. Reparation must be for what it really means and that is to repair the wrong that has been caused to the Afrikan Nation by the act of slavery.


Reparation must be used so that it can be used to begin to repair the whole of the Afrikan Nation. Our enslaved Ancestors had no love for america and most certainly did not desire to assimilate with this devilish being who had snatched them out of the arms of their mothers and fathers at the barrel of a gun and the dripping of blood from knives and in the process they destroyed an entire Nation, from soul to flesh. Oh yes reparation in and of itself must represent repairment of the Afrikan Nation.


Reparation has nothing to do with an agenda it has to do with what is naturally right and that right has the voices of our enslaved Ancestors screaming GO HOME, TAKE ME HOME, AND IF WE CAN NOT HEAR THEIR PLEA THEN WE HAVE YET TO FREE OUR SOUL FROM THE SHACKLES IT IS ENTANGLED IN BY THE EVIL ACT OF OUR OPPRESSORS.(please not screaming)


If reparation is not an Afrikan Nationalist issue then what is it? Do I hear you saying that it is (reparation) for what ever you so desire it to be used for? Do I hear us to say that the Ancestors would if they could, would embrace you for using their suffering so that we can advance our privileges under the authority of this american fool and in the process advance our desire to assimilate with this secondary statue of a human being? Do I hear us opposing the use of reparation for the creation of the 55th state to the Afrikan Union, qualified and prepared to move out from that position to resurrect with dignity and reunite the Afrikan Nation?


Yes, we are divided on a very sacred and noble issue, reparation, and how we handle this issue will determine the tomorrow's condition of the Afrikan Nation. We either can be hailed as great Afrikan visionaries or flawed and corrupted Afrikan american capitalist. So tell me my brothers and sisters which will it be!!! Also I do not think we should reveal our ideas of how we see us extracting good out of the hands of evil, not on the wide world web. Only the wise and the unselfish will be able to understand what has just been written. 


It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!-osiris  A fool is verified by the action taken, after which it become a statement of fact.-osiris  May the gods our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors guide us and protect us from all hurt, harm and danger. 


Much love to the Afrikan Nation.


Hoteph Osiris Akkebala

Chief Elder



Contributed by ahna58@hotmail.com (Ahna Tafari)








Observations and Recommendations for the National Coalition of Blacks

for Reparations in America

Washington DC Chapter of N’COBRA


May 2001


Submitted by

Odinga Howard Hamilton

Wautella ibn Yusuf

Kibibi Tyehimba


Productive Work is the Only thing that Works


To successfully achieve Reparations for Africans-Americans, it is crucial that we approach our struggle in four stages.   Each stage must be addressed at the appropriate time in our development, although sometimes these stages overlap, we should be clear of the main focus given the stage we are in.  Failure to recognize this fact could jeopardize the entire effort.  The four major stages of the struggle to win Reparations are:


a.  Build a Strong Reparations Organization  - Recruit and retain a committed, capable, well informed and disciplined core membership, i.e. N'COBRA and other community based organizations.


b.  Create and Sustain a Mass Black Following: If Reparations are due for slavery and the injustices against Black People, Africans in America should first recognize the injustices, the worthiness of African Reparations, and be willing to give our support before thinking others should.


c.  Gain Significant National and Global Support:  America is concerned with maintaining its false, noble international image; we should challenge it, e.g. Civil Rights Movement.   We should create and sustain strategic alliances.


d. Win Reparations!:  Through the application of massive internal and external pressure, followed by well-planned attacks using litigation, legislation, and lobbying, we will win Reparations.


History has proven we must be prepared to wage our battle on many fronts at the same time (local, national, international, litigation, legislation, etc.).  At the present time, the most realistic, practicable, and expeditious route to moving us closer to our goal of Reparations is in the Legislative arena.  However, to achieve success we must simultaneously direct our energy toward the mandate of our National By-Laws, which is to educate, organize, and mobilize a national constituency and form coalitions with other organizations who have the same goal. Ultimately, the final battlefronts in our struggles for Reparations must be waged in the Courts and the Legislature.


The Legal Approach


The class action lawsuit will be conducted in the State and Federal Courts of the United States - District Courts, U.S. Courts of Appeal and finally the Supreme Court.  For most of the last 30 years all three levels of the Federal courts have been appointed by Republican Presidents and can fairly be characterized as reactionary to out right racist.  This is especially the case with the Supreme Court - the last arbiter of a lawsuit for Reparations.  Progressive political analysts would agree that this is the most reactionary Supreme Court since the Taney Court rendered the Dread Scott decision in which they stated black people have no rights which white people are bound to respect.  The present Supreme Court is rapidly moving to create a Second Reconstruction.  We should anticipate the Federal Courts being further "stacked" by the present conservative president.  We must be mindful Federal judges are given a lifetime tenure to insulate them from public and political pressure.  Therefore, it is reasonable to expect the present character of the courts to continue for the next 30 years.


To date, lack of sufficient funding has hampered the N'COBRA Legal Committee’s efforts to fight on the legal battlefield.   It is estimated a minimum of $200,000 must be on hand before any lawsuits can be filed.  However, recently there have been other black attorneys who’ve expressed an interest in engaging in the battle for Reparations.  The recently formed Reparations Coordinating Committee (RCC), on which representatives of N'COBRA sit, includes Atty. Randall Robinson and several other high profiled, nationally known attorneys who’ve indicated they have the funds and the intent to file a Reparations lawsuit.  Despite the intent of the RCC there is still discussion about the N'COBRA Legal Committee continuing on with its efforts.  I believe it is time for us to ask ourselves some critical questions:


a.  Until we are able to significantly increase membership, which also translates into working capital, do we have immediate access to any other sources of funding to finance the N'COBRA Legal Committee’s efforts?


b.  If other funding sources are not readily available, in light of the RCCs efforts, N'COBRAs current level of membership, and the resulting inflow of contributions, is it more expedient to support the efforts of the RCC, which has the will and the financial resources available to move forward?


c.  How can the N'COBRA Legal Committee members work closely with the RCC particularly at the present time, to ensure the ultimate goal of Reparations remains in the forefront, and demonstrate to the supporters of Reparations, the movement is progressing, getting stronger, and deserving of our support?


d.  If N'COBRA is intended to be a Coalition of Blacks for Reparations, is it not in the best interest of our people to consolidate the lawsuits and fight as a unified front?


e.  Ultimately, if we are unable to forge a unified legal strategy, with other African Americans working toward the same goal, can we realistically hope to rise to the more difficult and complicated task of determining the most efficient and effective methods of distributing Reparations Settlements, once we achieve our goal?


The Legislative Approach


Congressman John Conyers, the sponsor of HR-40, has stated that the final resolution of this issue will be in the Congress of the United States.  We agree.


The Legislative arena is designed to be more responsive to and reflect the will of the masses.  The Congress is where we can best translate our organizing efforts into House and Senate votes in support of the passage of HR-40.  Therefore, we must organize a strong, well disciplined, mobilized, committed, vociferous, and determined lobby group in every critical congressional district to leverage political support and votes for our cause.  We have to be prepared to "creatively irritate" the system when and where it is necessary to get this country's attention and bring about positive results.


The more thoroughly we organize the less "irritation" we will have to cause.  It is the Good Ole American Way that the squeaky wheel gets greased!  Support for Jewish Reparations was and still is supported by the U.S. Legislative and Executive Branches, as evidenced by the 1998 creation of the President Advisory Commission on Holocaust assets for the purpose of finding Holocaust-era assets located in the U.S.  U.S. District Courts are ruling in favor of the Jewish plaintiffs in class action suits claiming reparation settlement.  U.S. Tax Laws have been established to exempt reparation assets from federal income taxes.  Japanese American apology and Reparations were organized in the U.S. Legislature.  Much of the Native American, Eskimo, and Aleut Reparations were organized and administered through the U.S. Legislature.  Legislative resolutions have also been implemented in several other countries.  The Rosewood, Florida apology and Reparations to African Americans were organized and administered by the State of Florida Legislature.  The Reparations Study Commission to investigate the Tulsa Oklahoma bombing of the Black community was appointed and is being administered by the State of Oklahoma Legislature.  The U.S. boycott of South Africa and aiding the eventual end of Apartheid was organized in the U.S. Legislature after organized constituency groups such as (Randall Robinson & Trans-Africa) "turned up the heat."


Developing Alliances


1.  It is important that we align with other groups, throughout the country, with Reparations on or near the top of their agendas, if we expect to realize our common goals.    Whether Reparations is addressed by the Courts or the Congress, a "unified constituency" will be critical in determining the structure of the Reparations apparatus, and how concretely it speaks to the needs of our people.   We must remember N'COBRA is a coalition of Blacks for Reparations, not a coalition of Black Nationalists for Reparations.  Since the Black community is comprised of people from all walks of life, we should expect a wide range of opinions and approaches to Reparations.  As Paul Robeson taught us, the battlefront is everywhere; there is no covered rear.  We should encourage people to join us and support the cause in whatever ways they can.  The cause for Reparations is a just one.  All Black people in America are due Reparations, whether they realize it or not, and regardless of their present state of mind.


2.  Our approach to other groups should be open and inclusive. Assuming there will soon be a national debate on African American Reparations, we must rapidly "make our case" to all potential supporters.  The African American community must be organized.  The national and international leadership of Africans, Caribbean, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other social and political groups must be approached and secured as supporters for our long overdue debt.


3.  The existence of a vigilant, well organized, mass base will determine whether we achieve true justice and adequate restitution.  Although there may be conflicting views on which approach is more likely to bring success, we should agree an informed, mobilized mass base is necessary for the success of either a lawsuit or congressional legislation.  Collectively, we must plow the ground and plant the seeds, so that we might eventually reap the harvest.




The DC Chapter of N'COBRA proposes the following for consideration: 


1.  Commit more of N'COBRA's National Budget to following the directive of the National By-Laws: building a constituency (educating, organizing, and mobilizing the masses), and building coalitions with other organizations.  A highly organized, vociferous, mass constituency is essential to the success of either a lawsuit or congressional resolution of the issue.  We should concentrate on organizing our people on a mass scale, from the "bottom-up."  Our people must be "forged" into a "mighty army" who fully believe in our goal, and who will not be denied.  We must build the commitment and fervor that is reminiscent of the 60's Civil Rights Movement.  An informed, organized, mobilized mass movement is much stronger than an organization that is financed and directed by a few "big money donations."


2.   Create a broader tiered membership structure.  In addition to the basic $10 annual membership fee, a tiered membership structure should be adopted which encourages capable individuals to give the maximum amount possible.  Each tier should offer the donor varying levels of recognition, voting and/or other privileges, etc.   If adopted the change in fee structure should be strongly publicized in a manner that demonstrates to potential donors that their contributions move us all closer to our ultimate goal of Reparations.  Hopefully, this approach will significantly increase our National Treasury.


3.   Maximize output of local N'COBRA committees.    Initially, emphasis should be placed on the Membership, Information and Education, and Legislative Committees.  This approach will a) provide the "workers" and "financial supporters", b) ensure the membership is sufficiently informed on all the issues, c) create a continual source of information for local chapter media and outreach efforts, d) provide immediate projects on which the members can focus energy, and e) increase local, state, and eventually national political support for HR-40.


4.   Appoint a full time Executive Director and a full time Clerical Assistant.  The salaries for these positions could be realized if a portion of the N'COBRA membership would commit to monthly pledges of $10 to $100 a month for not more than two years.  These two administrators perform critical tasks until a sufficient membership is organized to supplement the national staff.  (The organization should remain primarily voluntary, but it is critical to have a full time Executive Director.) 


5.  Adopt a National 800 Phone Number. This will greatly enhance communication between the National, and Regional offices.  


6.   Investigate the feasibility of teleconferencing or Internet video conferencing National Board Meetings. Transportation and lodging depletes this organization’s limited resources.  Use of this media would greatly conserve limited time and money, and enable the Board to respond to critical issues in a timely manner, as meetings could be conducted more often if necessary.  Modify the National constitution and By-Laws accordingly.


7.  Develop DC N'COBRA Chapter to its maximum potential. Washington, DC is the center of national and international politics, with a majority Black population.  Strategically, all N'COBRA chapters should be able to rely on the DC chapter to provide maximum support of initiatives requiring mass mobilization, lobbying, etc.  The DC Chapter must realize its significance and be encouraged to rise to the occasion.


Contributed by Rhazard988, N’COBRA and WAUTELLA




2000 Statement of Attorney AbuBakr


May 22 – 26, 2000


Sixth session of the Working Group on Minorities Agenda Item 3(b) Examining possible solutions to problems involving minorities Agenda Item 3(c) Recommending further measures, as appropriate Greetings Mr. Chairman and members of the Working Group on Minorities,


I am grateful for the opportunity to speak a second time before the Working Group on Minorities. My name is Harriett AbuBakr. I am a descendant of slaves in the United States of America. I speak as an Attorney, and founding member of the National Commission for Reparations. My concern is with Agenda item 3 (b) examining possible solutions to problems involving minorities, and also Agenda item 3 (c) further measures for the protection of persons belonging to minorities which could act as examples or be replicated.


Article 1.1 of the Declaration on the Rights of Minorities says that, "States shall protect the existence and the national or ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity of minorities within their respective territories and shall encourage conditions for the promotion of that identity."


Professor Edie in his commentary on the Declaration tells us that the first requirement of Article 1.1 is to protect the right to existence in its physical sense and the fourth requirement is to protect the identity. We African-Americans, from the 400-year experience of plantation slavery, know that physical existence has little value without identity. Therefore we are grateful that the Declaration on the Rights of Minorities recognizes the importance of identity.


Our experience is an example for the civilized world of a holocaust wherein identity is exterminated. Within our experience is the example of the means that a State can use to forcibly, intentionally and permanently sever a people from their identity. Within our experience is the example of how a people in such a deprived condition by their very nature, and against terrible opposition, will seek without rest to find their lost identity. Within our experience is the example of how a State systematically, for the benefit of the majority, can obstruct the attempts of a people to identify themselves. Within our experience is the example of what extraordinary damage can be sustained when a people's identity is lost and the identity of the majority is forced upon them.


Because of our experience with plantation slavery, we know how human dignity is attached to identity. We are a people, living within the United States as a minority. Without identity we have no legal/political status or recognition internationally, no respect from the majority population domestically, and no dignity among our fellow human beings.


We believe we can assist the Working Group on Minorities in defining the crime of destruction of identity and understanding its consequences upon civilization as a whole. Silis Muhammad refers to our current condition as civil death. We want to be restored from civil death so that we might live again in dignity, with respect. We believe we can help the Working Group on Minorities to develop measures that might serve as a solution for us and as an example for the civilized world.


African-Americans have been seeking an identity as a people since emancipation from slavery more than 100 years ago. Since that time the majority population has called us niggers, negroes, colored, Black and African-American. They have forced upon us the Christian religion, the English language and the Anglo-American culture.


Simultaneously, numbers of our people have searched far and wide trying to find an identity that would better fit our nature. Among the more prominent identities that we have claimed are Nubian Islamic Hebrews, Kemetic People, Hebrew Israelites, Moors, Israelite Lawkeepers, Kushites and Asiatic Blackmen and women. Politically our leaders have given us the United Negro Improvement Association, Simbionese Liberation Army, Pan African Nationalists, Black United Front, Afrikan People's Socialist Party, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Uhuru Movement, Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Republic of New Afrika, Black Radical Congress, New Black Panther Party and so on. Our leaders have borrowed from the cultures of other identities as well as inventing the Afrocentric and Rastafarian cultures. I am among those who have chosen the family of Shabazz, the religion of Islam and the Government and culture of the Lost Found Nation of Islam.


As you can see, we are fractured into many pieces as a people. We have searched and cried for collective identity while the U.S. Government has systematically sought to keep any of our leaders from gaining too much influence. The U.S. Government has defamed the best of our leaders and placed them in jail. While defaming or destroying our leaders, the U.S. Government has put forth leaders of its own choice through use of the media. The U.S. Government held us captive in plantation slavery, and it captures us still through manipulation, both of our will and of those who would help us around the world. Ours is a situation where conflict is certain if we are unable to bring an end to our captivity.


For some time Silis Muhammad has prayed that a forum for African-Americans be established at UN Headquarters. He has said that within a UN protected forum African-Americans can establish a council or governing body amongst themselves, and within this council they can begin the process of reclaiming or choosing our legal/political being and status as a people.  Surely the Working Group on Minorities can now see the reason behind Mr. Muhammad's prayer.


Silis Muhammad has also prayed that the UN place a reparation sanction upon the United States. The demand for reparation is becoming widespread among African-Americans. UN involvement and protection is essential to us as we become ever more vulnerable to U.S. Government manipulation of our will.


I am here to ask the Working Group on Minorities to recognize us as a people and a minority in need of special assistance. We have suffered from the loss of that very thing the Declaration on the Rights of Minorities seeks to protect: identity. If our condition is not of concern to the UN, then how can the minorities and peoples of the earth find their protection in law that the UN creates? I am here to join Silis Muhammad in his prayer for the appointment of an expert to engage in dialogue with the United States on the subject of reparations. The National Commission for Reparations asks the Working Group on Minorities to consider his prayer and make a favorable recommendation to the Sub-Commission on behalf of so-called African-Americans.


Thank you Mr. Chairman.


Contributed by Yehudah Benyamin Ben Yisrael




Peace Brothers and Sisters,


Are you doing the work in your community to help win Reparations Now In Our Lifetime???? There are many things you can do.  Make sure your membership in N’COBRA is current.  Participate in your local N’COBRA Chapter.   Start a Chapter, if there isn’t one in your area.  Plan to attend the N’COBRA National Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 22-24, 2001 at Southern University.  And inform others about the Reparations Movement.



For further information contact Rhazard988@AOL.COM




…let's work together to heighten this righteous call for justice.


Peace and Power,







Oscar L. Beard




The Reparations Movement’s goals are as follows:


   -  Obtain Reparations from all countries that prospered from Black Slave Labor

   Schedule Conferences, Marches, and Protests until the White Society apologizes and

   compensates Descendants of the Slave Trade

-  Speak at the United Nations on Reparations for Survivors of the Slave Trade in order

   to gain International Support of all or most countries

   -  Demonstrate in front of the UN in Geneva for World Attention

   -  Establish an International Fund for Descendants of Slaves

-  Target Companies that existed during the days of Slavery for Reparations, and if they

   do not comply, then list them as “Unworthy” for Black patronage

   -  Seek support for Reparations from Companies that prosper off of Black Clients

   -  Seek Celebrity support for Reparations

   -  Involve the Media

   -  Make “Reparations” the buzz word for 2000

   -  Etc., etc., and by “any means necessary” within the Law








         STEP UP!




Ahna Tafari




Reparations for Slavery (A Flowchart)


Contact: randall@udayton.edu (Vernellia Randall)

 Race, Racism and the Law


Vernellia R. Randall

Professor of Law

Phone: (937) 229-3378








NEW YORK -- African demands for slave-era reparations from the former colonial powers are threatening to paralyze an upcoming U.N. conference on racism.


Most European governments reject the call for restitution and are seeking to tone down the African Groups’ suggested language of apology, which dominated a recent meeting to prepare for the World Conference Against Racism to be held in Durban, South Africa, from Aug. 31 to Sept. 8.


Many poor nations are hoping to use the Durban conference to win increased funding from wealthy industrialized countries for development, saying that the slave trade devastated their countries, and that those who benefited from the practice should make amends.


The rift has grown so intractable that several diplomats in New York and Geneva warn that the issue could pit North against South and white against black in a graphic confrontation that benefits no one.


"We want something forward-looking and practical," said a British official. "Something that will reinvigorate the existing international mechanisms and promote tolerance. It´s frustrating that the agenda is being narrowed."


U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, whose term was extended for one year Thursday by the U.N. General Assembly, has declined to take a position on the matter, her aides say.


But at a news conference last week, she called for "a collective recognition of the terrible exploitation and violations of human rights and crimes against humanity of the past."


"To deal with the future, you have to close [the chapter] on the past," Mrs. Robinson said. "We think that the conference will not have dealt with all the problems of racism if it does not do that."


A proposal submitted by the African Group and joined by Cuba, among others, calls slavery a crime against humanity and calls for former slave-trading nations to make unspecified restitution.


But Western European nations -- including several directly involved in centuries of slave trading -- reject any mention of crimes against humanity, saying that is a modern legal term that cannot be applied retroactively to events that began in the mid-1600s.


Many European and North American diplomats and historians also note that African leaders themselves participated in the slave trade, capturing tribal rivals and civilians and selling them to Arab and European slave traders.


At the preparatory committee meetings in Geneva that concluded last week, several nongovernmental advocacy groups demanded compensation, such as aid for development, but without the strings attached by the International Monetary Fund and similar world lenders.


Several of the African Group´s 53 members share that view, while others, including South Africa, are more moderate in their goals.


"The member states of the United Nations must be creative in looking at ways and means," said Jeanette Ndhlovu, South Africa´s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, who stresses the need for negotiation and national solutions, not sweeping declarations.


"Slavery was abhorrent, a crime against humanity, and it caused a lot of suffering, including underdevelopment, where it took place," she said.


Northern nations say they acknowledge and regret their role in the trafficking of human beings.


A loose group of Western European states – informally including the United States and Israel, among others – say that to focus on issues that are hundreds of years old detracts from viable efforts to overcome contemporary racism, xenophobia and related prejudices.


"Our goal is that countries could get together and share their experience about what works," said a State Department official.


"Everyone recognizes that racism is an impediment to human rights. The U.S. is definitely interested in that kind of approach, but whether we´ll be able to, we´re not sure yet. This is an intense period of diplomacy."


A group of 21 diplomats, representing four broad geographic regions, is meeting in Geneva for the next two weeks to clean up the text of a proposed Durban document and, officials say, to try to find common ground on the questions of reparations and responsibility.


Another international preparatory meeting has been scheduled for mid-July to allow diplomats one last chance to resolve knots in the text before the Durban conference.


Failure to resolve the impasse would be tragic, said the ambassador of a nation that was not directly involved with either side of the slave trade. "There is too much important work to do, forward-looking and practical work, to allow this [issue] to derail the conference."


The working draft of the anti-racism declaration calls for the "provision of effective remedies, recourse, redress, [compensatory] and other measures at the national, regional and international levels."


The definition, or even inclusion, of the word "compensatory" is disputed by some participants.


"That could mean almost anything," said the State Department official, who declined to be identified.  "We´re not big on that one. That´s no secret."


The Durban conference -- formally called the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance -- is expected to produce a declaration of principles regarding racism, as well as a program of action to eliminate prejudice.


Both documents are likely to be drafted by consensus and will not be legally binding.


One Western official suggested last week that the focus on compensation was only in part about increased financial assistance. Another motive, she suggested, was to divert attention from internal human rights abuses -- the treatment of indigenous populations and refugees, anti-Semitism, caste systems and self-determination, to name but a few.


"Some people are happy to bang on about colonialism, but if you broaden the discussion to self-determination, it´s a whole different kettle of fish," she said. "Essentially it´s about shaping the debate that makes it more comfortable for people to overlook their own problems."


But several former colonial powers are clearly uncomfortable with the turn the conference has taken.


"I don´t think anyone will boycott the conference," said the British official. "But I do think you will be able to tell a lot by looking at the size and [rank] of the delegations."


By Betsy Pisik




Contributed by AlArkam@webtv.net (AlArkam@webtv.net)

[Black Slaves built a “wealthy” World for the White Privileged, therefore, we, Descendants of Slaves, want something “forward-looking and practical" such as Reparations for the TransAtlantic Enslavement, forced migration, and ethnic cleansing of Blacks out of Africa, Mr. British Official! T.Y., Editor]








Muhammad Mosque of Islam in Boston, Massachusetts invites you to attend weekly meetings each Sunday at the Dillaway located at:


      183 Roxbury Street

      Roxbury, Massachusetts

      (Next to the Timilty School, in Roxbury)


Meetings start at 2:00 PM, but on the last Sunday of the month we start at 1:00 PM. 


For more information and to schedule free lectures on Reparations at your church, school, business or organization, feel welcome to telephone Minister Malik Al-Arkam at (617) 770-2017. 

















August 31, 2001 - September 7, 2001






The December 12th Movement, based in New York, and The National Black United Front (NBUF) are co-sponsoring a Black Power conference in support of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism. 


The United Nations World Conference Against Racism will be held in Durbin, South Africa from August 31, 2001 - September 7, 2001.


By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill





To All Concerned African People:



The United Nations' World Conference against Racism begins August 31, 2001 in Durban, South Africa.  The December 12th Movement International Secretariat is seeking you to be a part of the Delegation of 400 African people to South Africa in support of two crucial issues:


1) Declaration of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade as a Crime against      Humanity


2) Reparations for Africans in the Diaspora and on the Continent.

Malcolm X said that we must put our situation on the international agenda, in the international arena.  We must be there in a massive presence to defend our human rights.

Join us, if you want to go to Durban in support of these issues. The application is included in the text of this message, as well as an attached document in .rtf format.

We estimate that the total cost for the trip (the Conference is from August 31, to September 7), i.e., travel, lodging and meals, will be approximately $2500.  If you are planning to go we need a deposit of $250.00 immediately.

We, along with the National Black United Front, are working with a Black Travel Agency based in Chicago which has already made airline travel arrangements to and reserved blocks of hotel rooms in Durban. Your check or money order should be made out to AARCO TRAVEL AND TOURS and should be sent to the:

December 12th Movement
456 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn,  NY 11216

For more information on the World Conference against Racism and the struggle to defend the human rights of African people, contact us at:

Telephone #718-398-1766
Fax #623-1855
E-mail:  Error! Bookmark not defined.









YES: I want to be a member of the Durban 400.  Enclosed is my check in the
amount of $_______________.





October 19/20, 2001





Place:  Brown University




 J. Everet Green


37 Old Oregon Road

Cortlandt Manor

New York, New York  10567



November 28 – December 2, 2001




Convenes in Atlanta November 28 – December 2, 2001 at the Georgia International Convention Center.


"A set of goals and objectives have been outlined," he said. "We hope to identify, analyze and discuss the critical crises and issues facing Black people.  We also hope to provide some sort of leadership and skill development training to enhance our collective capacity to engage the struggle for liberation."


"Our agenda also includes discussion of meaningful definitions of liberation and reconstruction, intensifying the global movement for reparations and working towards the convening of an International Black Arts and Cultural Festival,"


For more information, call 1-866-ATL-SOBW or visit www.TBWT.com





"Power never conceded without a demand, it never did and never will - where there is no struggle, there is no progress."   F. Douglas



 BECOME A MEMEBER OF N'COBRA. Visit us at www.N’COBRA.com, write the national headquarters at:


P.O. Box 62622

Washington. D.C. 20029-2622


E-mail me for further information about the WCAR at onajemuid4@cs.com or write:


Onaje Mu'id

P.O. Box 8003

Englewood, NJ  07631.


 *Onaje Mu'id is a human rights activist with the International Commissioner of N'COBRA and Policy Chair of the National Black Alcoholisms and Addiction Council-New York Chapter and Ndundu member of the Council of Independent Black Institutions.






The book listing on Reparations and Black History can be found in REPNOW Newsletters 1 - 5.




Imari A. Obadele




“Without Sanctuary”


The web address for Without Sanctuary” is listed in the REPNOW Newsletter #13.


Please pass this information on to others for it is out of…




James Allen’s photos on the lynchings of Blacks in America




E-mail Addresses & WebSites On Reparations, Black Issues, and Current Events:


UNFORTUNATELY FOR SOME REASON, I KEPT GETTING “Error!  Bookmark not defined” FOR ALL THE WEBSITES THAT WERE LISTED, SO I HAD TO ELIMINATE THEM FROM THIS NEWSLETTER.  However, please see the complete listing of WebSites in the REPNOW Issue #13.  If someone knows how to remedy this problem, so that I can retain the Website addresses, please advise.


Tziona Yisrael, Editor






I am Gregory Carey, Founder and President of Reparations Central, an online reparations searchable database. We would like for you to view our website that is in the development stage at http://www.reparationscentral.com


We are also attempting to unify and centralize the reparations movement. We are looking for other organizations that are doing reparations work to put on our website. Also, we are asking every organization to consider putting an audio/video presentation on our website. This website is the hub of the reparations movement worldwide. We need your support and help to make this reparations clearinghouse a successful venture.


In Struggle,

Aluta Continua Asante Sana






1.)  I suggest that you approach the city in which you reside for reparations, support for reparations, or information as to how to obtain reparations.  Your strategy may be a model we all may benefit from at the local level.


2.) Next, demonstrate your willingness to join others in the struggle for reparations.


3.)  I would hope that you join or start an N’COBRA chapter in your locale area (if there is none) and become an active and energetic member/reparations information resource, for your Afrikan brothers and sisters.


Submitted by R. Hazard, N’COBRA





"Together We shall Win REPARATIONS NOW!!!"


Free Your Mind - Join N’COBRA.... Free The People.... Free The Land...


Robert Hazard

S.E. Regional Rep. N’COBRA




"If you are thinking one year ahead, sow a seed.

if you thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.

If you thinking one hundred years ahead ...

educate the people."


A Manchurian Proverb

Compliments of Shakira A. Ali




Up You Mighty Race; We Can Accomplish What We Will!!!! 


I Remain to Serve,

Senghor Baye




Interesting Information of Significance and FYI:


New York Times Article, June 4, 2001:



By Tamar Lewin


IIt has been more than a century since Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman ordered that the coastlands confiscated in the Civil War be divided into 40-acre plots and distributed to thousands of former slaves.

After Abraham Lincoln's assassination, Andrew Johnson rescinded the order and took back the land that had been distributed. Since then, the idea of compensating African-Americans for the sins of two and a half centuries of slavery has hovered in the background, far from reality.  But now the movement for reparations is gaining steam.

As a political matter, reparations has been a nonstarter: every year since 1989, Representative John Conyers Jr., Democrat of Michigan, has introduced legislation calling for a comprehensive study of reparations, and every year the legislation has stalled.

But as a social and legal movement, the call for reparations has taken on substantial force this year. Black professionals and scholars are taking up a cause that used to engage mostly working-class blacks. And beyond the longstanding efforts to seek government restitution, there is a new focus on winning reparations from corporate targets that once profited from slavery.

The new momentum is apparent on many fronts:

A California law that took effect this year requires every insurance company licensed in the state to research its past business, and that of its predecessor companies, and report to the state whether it ever sold policies insuring slave owners against the loss of their slave property, and if so to whom.

A team of prominent African-American lawyers has announced plans to file lawsuits early next year seeking damages from the federal government and companies that profited from slavery. The team is part of the Reparations Coordinating Committee, led by Charles Ogletree, a professor at Harvard Law School, and Randall N. Robinson, the founder of TransAfrica, a lobbying group.

In March, the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Race Riots of 1921 recommended that survivors and their descendants be paid reparations for the uprising in which thousands of whites stormed a prosperous black neighborhood, destroying homes and businesses and killing at least 40 people.

Aetna formally apologized in March 2000 for having written policies for slave owners on the lives of their slaves. Three months later The Hartford Courant, which had run a front-page article about Aetna's apology, made a front- page apology of its own, for having run advertisements for the sale and capture of slaves.

Advocates of reparations are fighting to make compensation for slavery an official theme of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism in August, and hoping to win a declaration that slavery is a crime against humanity for which reparations should be paid.

Last month, The Philadelphia Inquirer published two full-page editorials urging the creation of a national reparations commission.

The idea of reparations raises tangled questions about who should pay the money and who should receive it — and, more profoundly, about the relative merits of affirmative action and restitution.

The Reparations Coordinating Committee's litigation is unlikely to get into such particulars. The first task, lawyers say, is to establish a legal wrong that must be remedied.

"The history of slavery in America has never been fully addressed in a public forum," Mr. Ogletree said. "Litigation will show what slavery meant, how it was profitable and how the issue of white privilege is still with us. Litigation is a place to start, because it focuses attention on the issue."

Some blacks still dismiss the reparations movement as a digression from the issues that matter. "If the government got the money from the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, that'd be great," said Walter E. Williams, chairman of the economics department at George Mason University. "But the government has to take the money from citizens, and there are no citizens alive today who were responsible for slavery. The problems that black people face are not going to be solved by white people, and they're not going to be solved by money. The resources that are going into the fight for reparations would be far more valuably spent making sure that black kids have a credible education."

Reparations remain a divisive idea, opposed by the vast majority of whites but widely supported by African-Americans. "There is now no major black organization that does not support reparations," said Mr. Robinson, whose book "The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks" is a steady seller in black bookstores.

The legal argument, he said, is compelling: "When government participates in a crime against humanity, and benefits from it, then that government is under the law obliged to make the victims whole. That's recognized as a principle of law."

Certainly, reparations payments have become an increasingly familiar concept. The United States government has paid reparations to Japanese-Americans interned in World War II, and to several Indian tribes. Holocaust survivors who were used as forced laborers have won reparations from European countries. Mexican braceros who worked in the United States during World War II have filed a class- action lawsuit for reparations.

Stuart E. Eizenstat, who as a senior official in the Clinton administration negotiated settlements under which Holocaust victims would receive $8 billion in reparations from the governments of Germany, France and Austria and from Swiss banks, said that he viewed those cases as different from the African-American claims, because Holocaust reparations are going largely to surviving victims, while slavery reparations would go to descendants generations removed.

"For slavery qua slavery, I think the appropriate remedy is affirmative government action in general, rather than reparations," said Mr. Eizenstat, who is now in private life. "And if 100 years from now the great-great- grandson of a Holocaust laborer asked for reparations, I don't think that would be appropriate, unless there was some specific property that had been confiscated that they wanted to recover."

Those campaigning for reparations say that they are prepared to prove that African- Americans today continue to suffer from the legacy of slavery — and, after slavery, another century of legal discrimination.  

"We are not raising claims that you should pay us because you did something to us 150 years ago," said Adjoa Aiyetoro, a legal consultant to the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, which is preparing its own lawsuit against the federal government and working with the coordinating committee. "We are saying that we are injured today by the vestiges of slavery, which took away income and property that was rightfully ours."

Part of the new momentum in the reparations movement comes from efforts to win restitution not just from the federal government, but also from companies that profited from slavery. "I started doing research about the possibility of a lawsuit against the government," said Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, a lawyer. "But I turned to corporations, after finding how difficult it would be to win a claim against the government, given sovereign immunity, the statute of limitations, and an opinion by a relatively liberal court rejecting the idea. If you can show a company made immoral gains by profiting from slavery, you can file an action for unjust enrichment."

Historians say that slavery was so central to the economy in the early days of America that almost every business benefited from it. "The entire economy of this country was based on slavery, North as well as South," said Eric Foner, a professor of history at Columbia University. "New York had a stranglehold on the cotton trade, which made up half the total value of U.S. exports in 1850. Brooks Brothers supplied a lot of clothing to plantation owners. Merchants, manufacturers, everyone felt the economic ripples."

Government benefited, too, often using slaves to build public works. Slaves helped build the United States Capitol — and their owners received $5 a month for their labor.

Ms. Farmer-Paellmann, who found the documents about Aetna's slave policies, is pursuing other companies that profited from slavery. Among her discoveries was a 1906 history of the New York Life Insurance Company, which explained that "among the first 1,000 policies issued, 339 were upon the lives of negro slaves in Maryland and Virginia."

Spurred by the California legislation, New York Life is now reviewing its archives, to find out to what extent the company may have sold insurance to slave owners.

Although no lawsuits have been filed, some old-line companies have reportedly begun to worry about their exposure. Owen Pell, a New York lawyer who represented several companies in Holocaust-related litigation, has spoken informally with several companies about the possibility and potential shape of claims relating to African slavery.

Ultimately, insurance companies may not be the most important defendants. The ripest potential defendants, some lawyers say, may be municipal governments, which do not have the same sovereign immunity as the federal government, and tobacco companies or railroads — even those that declared bankruptcy after the Civil War, since the old bankruptcy code did not wipe out any debts or liabilities that were not specifically declared.

Often the connection to slavery is mentioned in company histories: a history of the Arkwright Manufacturing Company, now owned by the Dutch company Océ, describes how James DeWolf, a slave trader, "invested his slaving profits in the textile mills" Arkwright operated in Rhode Island.

To be sure, it is a long stretch from a 19th- century slave trader to a 21st-century Dutch company that makes copying machines, and Océ officials seemed baffled by any possible connection to the slave trade. "This is the first I've heard of it," said Karen Fitt, a company spokeswoman.

Still, Ms. Farmer-Paellmann says, companies built on the profits from slavery may become strong advocates for reparations from the government, as opposed to the private sector.

"My interest in this is to get these corporations, once they are aware of their own connections, to be our chief lobbyists in Washington for other forms of restitution," she said. "Apologies aren't enough."

If the idea of paying reparations for slavery makes Americans uneasy, Mr. Ogletree of Harvard said, it is probably partly because, for most whites, it is a new idea, based on a history they do not understand. "The uneasiness that some express about reparations is the same uneasiness that we had about integration, about women's right to choose," he said. "We've gained some important mainstream viability, but these things take time."


By Tamar Lewin


Contributed by BRC-REPARATIONS: Black Radical Congress - Reparations Caucus


[There is no question of who should pay Reparations.  If the US government and other countries supported and reaped the benefits of the Slave Trade, then that’s who should pay Reparations for this merciless and cruel enslavement of Black Peoples that literally destroyed nations and cultures, and eliminated the self determination of Blacks all over Africa and the World.   T.Y., Editor]




LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ON “Slavery, Justice and Reparations”

TTo the Editor:

Re "Calls for Slavery Restitution Getting Louder" (news article, June 4):

It may be true, as Randall N. Robinson, an advocate of reparations, suggests, that the United States government participated in a crime against humanity when it sanctioned slavery. But it is also true that the United States government and its people acted decisively to end slavery, at the great cost of civil war.

If we are to pay reparations to the heirs of slaves, must we not also pay reparations to the heirs of those who lost their lives ending slavery?

New York, June 4, 2001


To the Editor:

Re "Calls for Slavery Restitution Getting Louder" (news article, June 4):

In the Jewish tradition, repentance is never complete without the sharing of wealth to create justice.

In 1952, Germany agreed to pay $845 million in money and goods to Israel, of which $110 million went to Jewish organizations for the resettlement and rehabilitation of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Some viewed the agreement as an insult to the memory of six million murdered Jews, but the moral currency of Israel and the Jewish people received a tremendous boost.

Most supporters of reparations for African-Americans advocate similar institution-building payments that would uplift all Americans. On this issue, our country is long overdue on both repentance and justice.

Philadelphia, June 5, 2001

The writer is president of the Shefa Fund, a foundation that organizes Jewish institutional investments in community development.


To the Editor:

While the issue of reparations to African-Americans deserves investigation and resolution, I resist the characterization offered by Prof. Charles Ogletree, who said that if the idea of paying reparations for slavery makes Americans uneasy, it is probably because for most whites, it is a new idea, based on a history they do not understand (news article, June 4).

As an Italian-American who traces her roots in this country to the arrival of grandparents from Naples in the early 20th-century wave of immigration, I may not understand the history that Professor Ogletree refers to, but I certainly understand mine. None of my ancestors were involved in slavery. As we sort through this divisive issue, let's not forget who the profiteers were.

Bakersfield, Calif., June 4, 2001




June 20, 2001


What a week.  Just six days before Timothy McVeigh is executed in Oklahoma, African American State Representative Henri Brooks is burned in effigy in front of the State Capitol Building in Nashville by some hothead who claims to be a candidate for governor under the U.S. Patriot Party. Why?


If you caught any of the news coverage of the heretical bonfire you might think Brooks was McVeigh's counterpart. Fortunately the non-event was more like a hair singeing and the dummy (the one on-fire) was extinguished quickly.


What awful crime did Ms. Brooks commit to justify her likeness being burned at high noon down at the OK Corral? Some believe what she did was unforgivable, reprehensible and oh, so un-American. Her actions were so reckless, a Memphis woman went so far as to promise to spit on Ms. Brooks next time they meet.


Are you ready? Ms. Brooks refused to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance before the state legislature session began.  Well Nellie, pass me the smelling salts!


Can you believe it? An African American woman taking a stand (or a seat) against a ceremony which to her represents "those colonies that formerly enslaved our ancestors". To all the criticisms, Ms. Brooks answered that she hasn't recited the pledge of allegiance since the third grade.


Apparently House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh was so concerned about the negative influence Brooks's actions might have on the visiting children present in he chambers, that he asked her to leave.


God forbid children should witness an adult respectfully questioning ceremony. Personally, I would love for my child to learn that challenging authority is a right we all possess.  Ms. Brooks didn't run around the room hollering or making rude noises. She didn't interfere with anyone else's right. She simply sat. For her (and millions of other Americans) the Pledge of Allegiance is a bitter pill to swallow--especially when you get to that "and liberty and justice for all" part. I have a hard time choking that one down myself.


But whether you are for Ms. Brooks or against her, the bitter reaction to her bravado is something that warrants attention. It wasn't so long ago that black people who publicly spoke out against--or just looked the wrong way at--a white person could be hanged in the town-square.  To many, the flag and the pledge are clearly symbols of an oppressive White America.  I guess you could say Ms. Brooks was guilty of "sassin masta" and got what she had coming--a symbolic lynching.


A few days after her image was burned, I watched nightly news coverage of the tailgate party held near the prison the afternoon of McVeigh's execution.  Righteous citizens were heard screaming the count-down to his final breath. I was numbed by the hysteria and had to remind myself that this wasn't one of those prime-time re-enactment shows. This was live news coverage of a picnic in the prison parking lot. Fellow humans whoopin and a hollerin for death.


It was reminiscent of the days when "upstanding" men and women would pack up picnic baskets with potato salad and head to the town center for a good old fashion hanging. The disturbing prison parking lot scene reminded me of eerie photographs in a book by James Allen called "Without Sanctuary". This haunting book features actual picture postcards of not so long ago lynchings that were sent to family members as souvenirs.


As I watched the news, I wondered what these justice-hungry witnesses would bring home from McVeigh's execution. Perhaps key chains with little Timothy dolls strapped to a gurney? Or maybe T-shirts which read "Mom and Dad went to an Execution and all I got was this Lousy T-shirt".


And what about picnic food? What kind of salad goes with an execution?  Potato salad is so last century. Perhaps a Ceasar or mixed greens with Dijon vinagarette?


Fortunately, the bonfire dishonoring Ms. Brooks in Nashville wasn't even big enough for a weenie roast.


When will such bizarre events become distasteful enough for us to lose our ravenous appetite for violence? Sadly, this week's scheduled execution indicates the answer is probably not any time soon.


By Molly Secours


Molly Secours is an counselor, writer, speaker and racial dialog facilitator in Nashville, TN. She can be reached at mollmaud@earthlink.net or msecours@oasiscenter.org


"Only when we cease to scream with activity

can we hear the gentle murmur of peace within."



PO Box 681

Mt. Juliet TN 37122







[Ms. Secours is a very supportive White Sister who again gets kudos for her courage in speaking out for Reparations (in the past) and for equity for the oppressed!  T.Y., Editor]








June 22, 2001

No, this is not an anti-semitic article or an unjustified attack on anyone. It is an attempt to clarify what's going on with African American demands for reparations for slavery and its aftermath: the attacks from David Horowitz, Elie Weisel and The Holocaust Corporation. This article also examines why Philip Roth in his latest novel, THE HUMAN STAIN, likens African Americans to apes and why John Entine is bringing up that old cliché that African American athletes are what they are and excel because of their genetic breeding (something akin to Hitler's attack on African Americans after the German Olympics of 1930s). And, why is it that the U.S. media is taking a hands-off approach to these dastardly and inhumane racial slurs?

Why are such writers as Roth, Weisel, Entine and other Jews suddenly turning into racists? Or have they always been racists but until now been afraid to come out in the public with it? Do they think that by attacking African Americans that the other white supremacists will forget about them and focus on African Americans, Farrakhan, Latinos and Arabs and let them alone?  Perhaps.

On the other hand, there are Jewish writers such as Anthony Lewis, Steve Kowit and Naom Chomsky who want nothing to do with this new Nazism of some of their fellow Jews. Shelby Foote, who passed himself off as a plain white southerner, has now made it plain that he is a Jew, which is fine; but I, and I'm sure others, were shocked when he likened the Ku Klux Klan to the French Resistance of WW II!!

Scott Simon of NPR recently inferred that though Daniel Boone and others, who were anti-Mexican racists and the spiritual children of Cortez at the Alamo, should be admired because they followed their principles and their orders; doesn't this sound like the Jews should have admired the SS troops who killed them because they believed in their principles?!!

Have these men such as Roth, Horowitz, Simon, Entine and Weisel lost their minds, or are they just echoing a long felt feeling that may have pervaded many Jews that blacks, schvartza, were and still are inferior to God's "chosen" people? Perhaps the rise of white supremacists has allowed these men to join the other white men in condemning and attacking African Americans.

Before we go further, let me explain, I am not African American and the hue of my skin is white.

First, let us understand that over 5 times as many African Americans died in the American slave trade as died in the holocaust. But let it also be known that among those millions executed, many were not Jews but were Poles, Russians, other Slavic peoples and French, Catholics, Protestants and atheists. However, the Holocaust Corporation, as I and many Jews call it, has decided that the holocaust that happened against Africans who were the forefathers of our present African Americans, the indigenous Americans, also called the Native Americans, Amer-Indians, etc., and the driving out of 8 million Palestinians from their homes and their continued brutality at the hands of Israel, should not be called holocausts because the Jewish Holocaust Corporation has deemed only Jews could suffer a holocaust.

Not only that, but if anyone raises a question about this Holocaust Corporation or against Israel or any Jewish writer, they are called anti-semites. This is another distortion of the language and of truth. Thus, not only has this Holocaust Corporation usurped the term holocaust for themselves exclusively, but they also have stolen the linguistic definition of semitic. ACTUALLY, SEMITIC IS A LANGUAGE GROUP, NOT A RACIAL GROUP, IN FACT, IF THERE IS AN ORIGINAL GROUP, IT'S THE ABYSSINIANS WHO WERE SPEAKING AMHERIC BEFORE THERE WAS A HEBREW LANGUAGE; AT THAT TIME THERE WERE THE ARAMAIC SPEAKERS, WHO WERE ARABS AND PEOPLE LIKE ABRAHAM, AND THEN LATER JEWS. THEN, AT ABOUT THE SAME TIME, CAME ARABIC AND HEBREW------ THESE ARE THE SEMITIC LANGUAGES. ONCE AGAIN, SEMITIC IS NOT A RACIAL GROUP; IT IS A LANGUAGE FAMILY MADE UP OF ARAMAIC, AMHERIC, ARABIC AND HEBREW.   IT IS NOT A TERM FOR JEWS ALONE.

Also, for the sake of accuracy, Abraham spoke Aramaic, not Hebrew. So much for Hebrew being God's language!

Now we come to David Horowitz and his recent ad in the Brown University Student Newspaper in which he gave his reasons for denying reparations to African Americans. In his allegations, he did not address any of the real reasons that African Americans sought reparations, namely, the destruction of large families who were brought to America as slaves and then split up, the deaths of so many during the passage to America, the years of slavery and brutality visited upon African Americans, then, the aftermath of slavery which was harmful discrimination that went on, and continues to this day in the workplace, in social areas, in the media and in educational testing and in educational and professional profiling against African Americans (through red-lining of loans, through racial profiling by police, through discrimination in court decisions, etc.).

If Jewish survivors of the Hitlerian holocaust should be compensated, Japanese Americans compensated, Native Americans compensated, why not African Americans whose suffering was much longer, more devastating, and more cruel than the other ethnic groups who were compensated? Horowitz never answers this question in his attacks on African Americans and their quest for compensation. Incidentally, though he cries about the holocaust, Horowitz never sheds one tear for the suffering of the Palestinians whose land was taken for his holocaust survivors to create Israel. Weisel, Roth, Horowitz all use double standards in their moral judgements; thus, from their writings, it appears that they believe that anyone who is not a Jew should be seen as inferior (except for the white supremacists who scare the hell out of most decent Jews, and maybe even Weisel and company).

But, since most of the media is owned by Zionist leaning owners, these media monsters of venom and hatred, like Horowitz, Weisel and other pro-Zionist columnists will continue to have their way with little opposition allowed in the mass media because of the Zionist control the media. Sarnoff of NBC, Paley of CBS, Goldensohn of ABC and Friendly of NPR, and the families that own and control The NY Times and The Washington Post were, and are, strongly pro-Zionist, and in most cases were of Ashkenazim backgrounds (so they had little cultural understanding for the Sephardic Jews or Arabs who actually populated the Middle East and Palestine for the past 3000 years).

Why is it that Elie Weisel, who won a Nobel Prize for his humanitarian work has been at the forefront of stopping African Americans and Palestinians from claiming their just place as holocaust victims? The phrase, "Never Again," that is the motto of the Holocaust Museum is supposed to be for mankind, but somehow, it pertains only to Jews and to the holocaust corporation and its supporters. So we ask, how hollow is "Never Again" if it applies only to one ethnic group, when suffering is more widespread and allegedly this museum was to be a boon to mankind, not just for those who suffered in the holocaust.

But then again, history is strange. Often the poor whites in the south were more cruel to the blacks than the wealthier whites, because these poor whites identified with the richer and more prominent whites and they felt they were carrying out their wishes because of the southern rhetoric used by so many of the wealthier southern whites. This does not excuse the wealthier whites, even to this day. Sadly enough, Ted Turner had a message at Thanksgiving some years back at the Atlanta Airport to the effect that he missed the days of "My Old Kentucky Home" and he has had the music from GONE WITH THE WIND played as a memento to the old South, two insults and hurts to African Americans.

Look at Scott Simon, never allowing such articulate experts on the Middle East such as Edward Said or myself on his NPR weekend programs because we speak with no accent, don't lose our temper, don't shout and are effective at conveying the Arab, Palestinian and Islamic message about unfairness in the Middle East. Scott and I belonged to the Watergate Health Club and we often spoke, but though I requested it, he would never invite me on his programs though he knew of my status as a professor, former Director of The Islamic Center of Washington, DC and a scholar on the Middle East.

It is the same when you turn on PBS programs: it has become the Shelby Foote and Ken Burns' view of history assisted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.. A friend of mine saw the documentary about Gen. Stonewall Jackson, and his response was that it was so overloaded with sentiment that he almost forgot (though he's black) that Jackson was fighting to defend slavery!

It is clear that NPR and PBS are not for all of us, but for a chosen few, such as Scott Simon, Shelby Foote, Ken Burns, and Daniel Shorr. Where are the African Americans, the Arab Americans, the Latino Americans, the Native Americans on the daily and weekly shows? Certainly we have many trained in journalism and broadcasting, but we cannot break the monopoly; not even for commentary or those little ditties that complain about the world of pots and pans and about "How I lost my virginity at 17, " etc. etc. ad nauseum, when there are more important issues to deal with in racism in jazz, racism in politics, racism in education and testing, and so much more--but these weaklings chuckle it off as, "we need a little humor"--which is true, but then again, they are supposed to be "news" not entertainment. Also, why is it that they don't have an African American speaking about racism in Africa, or an Arab also reporting on the problems between Palestinians and Israel? (Why do 90% of these reporters "just happen" to be Jewish?) Certainly, there must be some other qualified, educated broadcasters in America.

Whether it be Salon.com, which features Horowitz and his ilk, NBC, Harper's, The NY Times, NPR, it's all the same, politics by Scott Simon and Daniel Shorr on weekends, the "freedom of speech" often of hatemongers or politicians from the far right, followed by some tepid "centerists" allowed to allegedly "balance things out."--while those of us who could truly balance things out are kept off the air. As one commentator put it, "the elitists in the U.S. media see blacks and Arabs as the same, it's just that the Arabs are "sand-niggers," and the blacks are "jungle-niggers." If they didn't see us this way, why would they treat our people and our concerns as badly as they do?

FREEDOM OF SPEECH Ah, that's an interesting idea, one that's preached about continually in the media when they want to have their position heard--but if you disagree with the editorial position of a television on newspapers outlet--you'll rarely, if ever, be heard from. Yes, you may have freedom to speak your mind, but you certainly won't get heard through the major media because they won't put you on the air or allow your material to be printed in their pages. The problem is much like that in ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell: "Some are more equal than others." This group, that includes people like Horowitz, Weisel, Abraham Fox of the B'nai Brith, Roth, Entine, are "more equal " than the rest of us.

As one scholar put it, "Do you think The NY Times would ever run an anti-holocaust compensation ad? But you know they'd run one that was against compensation for African Americans." Do you think they'd run an ad showing Israeli atrocities against Palestinian children and their funerals? Let's get serious; freedom of speech is a ploy to protect those who are in power against those who disagree with them; it keeps them in power over the rest of us who have no major media power. Major media power is what gives you political power in the world.

The Lutherans point out that there are "sins of commission and sins of omission." These major media outlets and their lackeys, the Horowitz'es, Weisels, etc. commit, and the rest are excluded--thus, they are guilty of the sin of omission by not allowing our voices to be published or heard. Thus, they are the ones who are destroying the true intent of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that speaks of "Freedom of Speech"; just as the southerners have always ignored the Bill of Rights and basic Christianity when it came to blacks by not allowing them to be seen as a full human being!

The other problem we face in the U.S. at this time is that there aren't many Helen Thomas's or Mike Wallace's or Lowell Bermann's around--most of the current crop of "journalists" don't have the guts to really go after injustices-they'd rather be invited to a politician's dinner table, as is the case with so many Washington correspondents, play tennis with the President, as was the case with several tv correspondents, or be invited "down to the ranch" as is going on now with the Bush administration.

Martin Luther King, Schwerner, Goodman and all those black and white martyrs must be turning over in their graves at this time with this new racism that is flourishing in America. It is not just from those who speak with racist tones, but also those who keep the true voices out of circulation in the mass media--why weren't there more real jazz musicians on Ken Burns' show, why Stanley Crouch (as commentator?) and not Ahmad Jamal or Oscar Peterson or Ishmael Reed--why so much of that Gatesian type musician, Wynton Marsalis; every good trumpet player knows that Wynton is fantastic technically, but that he can't even blow in the same room as Wallace Roney on trumpet or his brother Branford on sax. So whether it's politics unmasked, or politics as covered in cultural shows by exclusion, it is the same. Thus, it was just that the U.S. was kicked off the UN Human Rights Commission and even kicked off the UN Narcotics Control Commission (because we've been remiss in both areas).

I have often been embarrassed when America has chided and criticized other nations for their racial and human rights violations--because, though we may not be as bad as some, we are no angels in our behavior toward our minorities and we often turn one minority against another in order to allow the ruling group to stay in power; this is often done through the media. We have also now shown a proper representation in our media of important stories or ethnic groups. In the present situation, the rights of African Americans to have compensation for their years of suffering, past and present, has been given short shrift by the media and the media and many of its leading spokesmen have even spoken against these just reparations. It is doubly sad that so many of these spokesmen are Jewish. They use Hitler's methods against African Americans and against Palestinians and excuse it by saying, "we've suffered--don't tell me about your suffering because it's not as bad." Bah, humbug.

As they used to say in the 60s, IT IS TIME.

By Sam  Hamod
Guest Columnist



[European Jews have their good reason to attack so-called African Americans.  And the reason is that some of us are biologically descended from the Biblical Israelites, and this poses a problem for the lie they have spun.   They want us to be fun-loving Christians and keep the hell out of the Land of Israel. They also know that they can’t cover up Deuteronomy 28th Chapter which tells the whole Truth about the TransAtlantic Slave Trade.  And for sure, the Most High GOD of Abraham and Moses is still the owner of the Land of Israel.  Oh, by the way, it is our Human Right to return to our culture and serve Our GOD of Israel, and they know that Reparations and WCAR will aid in this cause.  And their hope is that in disseminating false information about Blacks being inferior to Whites would discredit Black Hebrew Israelites from being the real McCoys!  While they are fighting the All-Mighty GOD in every way they possibly can, they don’t see it yet, but the handwriting is on the wall!]






Forget about what I said in the last issue on “VOTING RIGHTS OF AFRICAN AMERICANS SOON TO EXPIRE,” or should you?   I had it all wrong, or did I?  In any case, considering the racism, discrimination, death sentences, and social injustices we face, y’all second-class, privileged so-called citizens – don’t care how you slice it!  The proof is in the pudding!  Y’all still fighting for Civil Rights and against discrimination and Racism, and you’ll have this fight as long as Blacks remain in the United States.  Don’t delude yo’self.


I may or may not stand corrected on the “Voting Rights” information in REPNOW Newsletter #17.  I continue to receive information suggesting that y’alls voting rights are still up in the air.  Now, ain’t that some kindda pride and dignity for ya!  From the information that follows (also taken from the Web) and from the article on Congresswoman Kinney, I’ll let you be the judge:


United States Department of Justice          


The Department of Justice has received numerous inquiries concerning a rumor that has been intermittently circulating around the nation for many months. According to this rumor, the Voting Rights Act will expire in 2007, and as a result African Americans are in danger of losing the right to vote in that year. 


The rumor is false. The voting rights of African Americans are guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Voting Rights Act, and those guarantees are permanent and do not expire.  Here is a summary of relevant provisions of the Voting Rights Act: The 15th amendment to the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 prohibit racial discrimination in voting. Under the 15th amendment and the Voting Rights Act no one may be denied the right to vote because of his or her race or color.


These prohibitions against racial discrimination in voting are permanent; they do not expire.


The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was enacted at a time when for decades in some areas of the South blacks had not been permitted to vote, and blacks who attempted to register to vote or to organize or assist others to attempt to register to vote risked                losing their jobs, their homes, even their lives.


To combat this situation Congress included in the Voting Rights Act -- in addition to permanent provisions banning racial discrimination -- special provisions containing extraordinary remedies that applied in certain areas of the nation for a limited                time period.


Among these extraordinary remedies are--the authorization of the U.S. Attorney General to send federal registrars (examiners) to register voters, in counties where the local registrar refuses to register blacks. [Section 6, 42 U.S.C. § 1973d] the authorization of the U.S. Attorney General to send federal observers to monitor elections, to make sure that blacks who are eligible to vote are actually permitted to vote, and that their votes are actually counted.  [Section 8, 42 U.S.C. § 1973f] the requirement that specially covered jurisdictions gain the approval of the U.S. Attorney General before implementing new voting practices or procedures, to make sure that any voting changes that they make are not racially discriminatory. [Section  5, 42 U.S.C. § 1973c]


These special provisions containing extraordinary remedies were intended to be of limited duration. They were originally scheduled to expire in 1970, but they were extended in 1970, and again in 1975 and 1982.  They are now scheduled to expire in 2007, if not further extended.


Even if the special provisions are allowed to expire, they can be reinstated by court order if there is a renewal of discriminatory practices.


The basic prohibition against discrimination in voting contained in the 15th amendment and in the Voting Rights Act does not expire in 2007 -- it does not expire at all; it is       permanent.


Contributed by Chawviv2@home.com







June 2001




Oppressors at the Rein:


Has the UN Commission on Human Rights Lost its Course? A Review of its Mission, Operations, and Structure.


Thank you Madam Chair:


We are here today to question whether or not the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has lost its course.


Too many times I have found myself, bound by conscience, to speak out against the United Nations and the countries that set its policies. Too many times, those policies with which I have been forced to disagree have sadly been set by Washington, DC.


The fact that Argentina and France have both issued subpoenas for the attendance in court of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for the U.S. role in the murder and disappearance of their citizens is only a harbinger of things to come.


As a matter of policy, our government seems to have routinely done to the poor and people of color abroad what it has done to the poor and people of color at home.


We know too little about decisions that were made in the name of the United States, decisions that were made for me and for you, yet are now shaken off as merely responses to the exigencies of the Cold War.


Decisions that in some instances led to the overthrow of elected governments, but in all instances to U.S. support of heinous dictatorships with U.S. taxpayer dollars: like in Indonesia, South Korea, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Ghana, and Congo/Zaire.


The Pan-African News Agency cites a report on an alleged plan by the U.S. and other European countries to dump 29 million tons of toxic waste in 11 African countries. The materials to be dumped included industrial and chemical wastes, pesticide sludge, radioactive wastes, as well as other hazardous wastes.


I ask you, how can this country dump toxic waste on the poor and consider itself to be a champion of human rights across the globe?


On the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency website is a document uncovered by Professor Thomas J. Nagy which discusses how allied forces could block Iraqi efforts to purify its contaminated drinking water and so lead to the full degradation of the Iraqi water treatment system within six months.  Attacking the Iraqi public drinking water supply flagrantly targets civilians and is a violation of the Geneva Convention and of the fundamental laws of civilized nations.


In contravention of even our own laws, U.S. weapons are used around the world in human rights abuses as states suppress their own people or their neighbors. Only a few days ago Dick Cheney stated that Israel should stop using U.S.-built F-16 warplanes against Palestinian targets.


In its conduct of foreign policy, my government has not always taken the high road.


The actions launched against Henry Kissinger suggest that other countries will no longer tolerate the failure of the United States to consider human rights in its actions abroad.


But human rights is not only about foreign policy.


Human rights is about domestic policy, too.


When we in this country talk about human rights, those words are usually intoned with an outward vision. We speak of human rights around the world.


However, today, for just a few moments, I want to talk about human rights at home.


On too many occasions, blacks in the United States have felt compelled to step outside of the political and judicial system in this country and appeal to the global community for the protection of their human rights.


On too many occasions, the United States has failed to protect the human rights of black Americans.


And until this issue is addressed and addressed appropriately, when we speak to others about the failures in their human rights, they see hypocrisy dripping from our lips as we berate them about the treatment of their citizens.


In 1947, at the dawn of the United Nations' organization, W.E.B. Du Bois registered the UN's first such complaint in an address entitled, "Petition on Behalf of Negroes." Julian Bond, Chairman of the Board of the NAACP, along with dozens of civil rights groups and activists during the UN's Jubilee Conference recognized the need still to petition on behalf of black suffering in the U.S. today.


And then again in 1951 Paul Robeson returned to the United Nations with the first call for reparations entitled "We Call Genocide," which demanded compensatory damages over the slave trade.


In 1967, in response to approximately 150 uprisings--some chose to call them riots--in this country, the United States Government called on a national commission to conduct a study to determine the cause of this phenomenon and how to prevent it from continuing. The resulting report is popularly known as the "Kerner Report," which stated that the cause of these uprisings was white racism, racism being defined as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.


One of the recommendations resulting from this report was that the United States government needed highly trained intelligence officers to counter the effects and stop the continuance of these uprisings.


In the FBI's own words, its counterintelligence program, then known as COINTELPRO, had as a goal, "to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the activities of black organizations and to prevent black leaders from "gaining respectability."


Why is it that today, in 2001, I can read a headline that states, "Citizens Group Sues Pentagon for the Release of Surveillance Files on the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?"


What does our Pentagon have to hide?


Madam Chair, let me be clear when I say this: racism in this country is a human rights issue.


It is an issue that has permeated every crack and crevice of our society from our playgrounds to the highest levels of our government.


Today, black federal employees have filed discrimination lawsuits against the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, State, Treasury, and EPA. Swift and commendable action on the part of then-Secretary of Education Richard Riley, prevented a full-blown demonstration on the part of that Department's black employees.


If blacks inside the U.S. government receive such treatment, how do you think blacks outside the government are treated?


I'll tell you.


Our Department of Justice admits that blacks are more likely than whites to be pulled over by police, imprisoned, and put to death. And though blacks and whites have about the same rate of drug use, blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites and are more likely to receive longer prison sentences than whites.


Can we ignore the fact that this country continues to counter the world trend against the death penalty, executing 85 prisoners in 2000, many of whom were mentally impaired as well as those who were under the age of 18 at the time they committed a crime? Twenty-six of those who were executed were black men.


We began this year by executing a retarded black woman.


The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the American Convention on Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child all have provisions that prohibit anyone under 18 years old at the time of the crime being sentenced to death, and yet we continue to stand in direct and clear violation of these international treaties.


Government studies on health disparities confirm that blacks are less likely to receive surgery, transplants, and prescription drugs than whites.


Physicians are less likely to prescribe appropriate treatment for blacks than for whites and black scientists, physicians, and institutions that might prevent or change this are shut out of the funding stream.


A black baby boy born today in Harlem has less chance of reaching age 65 than a baby born in Bangladesh.


I watch every year as the Congressional Black Caucus shrinks while important sections of the Voting Rights Act will soon expire. And quite frankly, after crippling Supreme Court decisions, there is not much left of affirmative action to mend.


From August 31st to September 7th of this year, the United Nations will host the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance in Durban, South Africa. The United States and Britain don't want to talk about slavery and its vestiges. Africans and African Americans do.


Even as Britain's streets light up with Asian rage, Britain and the United States would rather not talk about racism.


Recently, Human Rights Watch stated that the United States' being voted out of the UN Commission on Human Rights is a sign that "people are watching the U.S. very closely."


It is my belief that people are indeed watching and we certainly cannot and will not continue to command respect across the world on the issue of human rights if we do not attend to our human rights issues here at home.


Bobby Kennedy said that we used to be a force for good in the world.


And, indeed we were.  What has gone wrong?


On the Memorial of D-Day, June 6th, when we helped bring freedom to Europe, we have been thrown off the UN Human Rights Commission.


I hope this panel today can help to tell me what has gone wrong and what we can do to return our international standing.


Thank you Madam Chair.


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[The USA - “Proponents of Human Rights,” so says President Bush - is in fact the Proponents of the worst atrocities ever committed against Blacks out of Africa.  The World is awakening to the facts concerning the real culprit and oppressors of pain and suffering, and that’s what’s gone right, Madame Congresswoman.   Giving the US the boot off the UN Human Rights Commission was justified, as they say in political circles, “The Right Thing To Do!”  The Congresswoman has made some fabulous and worthwhile points, and others should follow her lead.  Anyone who has visited or lived in any one of the big cities in the ghetto, knows that the United States sustains impoverishment and degradation of Blacks and other people of color.  Take a good look at Native American Reservations. 


Are other Black Congressional Representatives as savvy as Congresswoman McKinney?  They are?  Then where is the filibuster?!  Let them bring all these issues up front and center stage, especially our right to justice served for Reparations!  Oh yes, looks like the issue on “Voting Rights” is just that – still an “unsettled issue.”  What a fraud!  Tziona Yisrael, Editor]




Free The Mind... Free The People... Free The Land...


Robert Hazard


Board Member

S. E. Regional Representative








June 19, 2001


The Zionism and racism debate is back, this time in the preparations for the United Nations World Conference Against Racism to be held at the end of August in the South African seaside city of Durban.


Asian and Middle East delegates preparing for the conference have revived language similar to that contained in a 1975 U.N. resolution, which said that "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination." The delegates, angered by recent violence between Israeli troops and Palestinians, inserted the language after the U.N. High Commission for Human Rights moderated harsh criticism of Israel that was contained in a declaration made by the regional preparatory meeting held in Tehran earlier this year.


The 1975 resolution, which was adopted by the General Assembly, eroded U.S. support for the U.N. until 1991, when it was repealed.


"This would be back to the 1960s and 1970s and the old fashioned anti-Israel ways of using every forum to isolate and delegitimize Israel," said Abraham Foxman, president of the Anti-Defamation League.


The new dispute would put the Bush administration in a difficult position, once again endangering support in Congress for paying U.S. arrears to the U.N. and calling into question whether U.S. representatives would attend the conference in South Africa. The United States skipped two earlier conferences on racism because of disputes over Zionism.


Secretary of State Colin L. Powell met yesterday with Mary Robinson, the U.N. high commissioner on human rights, but it wasn't immediately clear what they said about the resolution.


Bush administration officials hope the controversial language can be eliminated in the next round of preparatory talks in Geneva next month.


The Bush administration is also fighting other language that could make the U.N. meeting in Durban an explosive one. The United States is opposed to a resolution that would buttress claims by African Americans and African nations for reparations from countries that had been involved in the slave trade in the 1700s and early 1800s.


An administration official complained that the African delegates who back the reparations clause said nothing about modern-day slavery in Sudan or about the involvement of Africans in slave trading in earlier times.


By Steven Mufson

For viewing the entire article, please go to: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/world/A16180-2001Jun19.html


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[Is Israel a 51st State, and the US government chooses to keep this information hidden?   T.Y., Editor]





Greetings Brethren:


When will the NAACP support Independent Black writers?  Since the NAACP and other national Civil Rights Organizations WILL NOT support the historical writings of Lonnie DeWitt or Carl Patton and true Christians who do they support? Is the NAACP a front for White and Jewish Racists who only want to continue the economic exploitation of Black and oppressed people?


Therefore who are the Negroes who support the national Civil Rights Organizations?


Peace and Love,

Carl Patton, FreedomJournal where we believe in God and not Uncle Toms.





Brother Carl,


Thank you so very much for your insightful e-mail regarding "The Slaughter" and the NAACP.  A few years ago (1998), I contacted the NAACP regarding the same subject.  A copy of my letter is included for your review.  Like you, I am VERY displeased with the NAACP's lack of support for authors like you and me and for the "ordinary" black person.




RLD Enterprise

P.O. BOX 22765

SACRAMENTO, CA 95822-0765

Telephone & Fax:  (916) 422-4246

(E-mail Address:  lonnie@inthecar)

(Web Site:  http://www.inthecar.com) 


October 5, 1998 


Mr. Kweisi Mfume, President


4805 Mount Hope Drive

Baltimore, MD 21215-3287


Dear Mr. Mfume:


I am certain that Americans of all colors truly appreciate your proactive position in addressing the alleged atrocity at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi, which occurred in 1943.  I am no exception.  As a black military veteran of more than twenty-three years, I am literally paralyzed to believe that our government was involved in this horrendous massacre and subsequent cover-up!  Clearly, I wish that this entire revelation were simply concocted by the active imagination of a gifted fiction writer; however, I fear the worst.


Mr. Mfume, the seriousness of Mr. Carroll Case's allegations (given the magnitude of implications) - addressed in his book, "The Slaughter:  An American Atrocity" - clearly warrants an immediate federal investigation to determine either their validity or falsity.  I am, however, extremely disappointed in the NAACP's passive (and, in fact, inactive) approach to many of today's social issues that adversely affect people of color.  While I clearly do not intend for my personal issue to be one of a black-white thing, I simply cannot help but observe how the NAACP literally jumped on Mr. Case's (who just happens to be white) bandwagon even before his book was released! 


On the other hand, I (a black man) have written several letters and e-mails to the NAACP addressing some very serious issues that adversely impact black peace officers in the State of California yet, the NAACP only managed to send a luke warm response.  Just like Mr. Case, I also wrote a book titled "iN tHE cAR."   Just like Mr. Case, I also included irrefutable evidence of blatant institutional racism.  Granted, my issues do not even compete with those alleged by Mr. Case.  Unlike Mr. Case, however, the NAACP did not take that extra step for Mr. DeWitt. 


I failed to hear a national cry or uproar of disapproval when I proved the existence of white extremist groups - wearing badges - within the California Department of Corrections.   One of the groups openly solicit the membership - of other white peace officers and white inmates - into the Ku Klux Klan, using the medallion that I scanned (and currently have physical possession) onto a page of my book.  Another group - known as S.P.O.N.G.E. (an acronym for the Society for the Prevention Of Niggers Getting Everything) consists of white correctional staff at the California Institute for Men in Chino, California. Black peace officers are trapped in an atmosphere of institutional racism and indifference that occasionally erupts into physical violence. 


Each business day, black peace officers face a hostile working environment that is perpetuated and openly affirmed by the sheer arrogance and systematic indifference given to racial sensitivity issues by managers within the California Department of Corrections.  Black peace officers are at risk simply because of their skin color.  These peace officers frequently find themselves being systematically targeted by a racist institution that - by design - offers no sanctuary.  Where is the outcry, NAACP?   Where is the concern?



Lonnie F. DeWitt


Cc:  Honorable Bennie G. Thompson, Congressional Black Caucus African-American Parole Association, National Urban League, Legislative Black Caucus, American Civil Liberties Union, and others           


Lonnie F. DeWitt

Author of "iN tHE cAR"


(916) 422-4246


Brother Carl,

PS:  By the way, I NEVER did receive a reply from the NAACP!  Though, we both know THAT is NOT surprising!

One Love,

Lonnie F. DeWitt

Author of "iN tHE cAR"


(916) 422-4246








Girlhome:  Please Note:  A lot of in depth work has already been done on this topic, and a book has been published [The Slaughter:  An American Atrocity by Carroll Case]. 


The Slaughter Home Page  (www.theslaughter.com) and there was scheduled to be a documentary on the History channel which has been cancelled on a couple of occasions.


For some reason, the powers-that-be do not want the world to know about this.


A Call to Arms in Search for Truth We need your help!


By now many of you may be aware of allegations contained in a recently published book entitled, "The Slaughter: An American Atrocity," by author Carroll Case. This book represents thirteen years of research that indicates more than 1,200 unarmed black soldiers were killed on Camp Van Dorn, a remote military base in rural Mississippi, during 1943.  


On June 30, 1943, the NAACP, under the leadership of Walter White, Roy Wilkins and Thurgood Marshall, intervened on behalf of the black soldiers who were stationed at Camp Van Dorn. Determined to be an advocate for the men, they boldly notified the War Department, sending letters and affidavits from several members of the 364th who felt they were trapped in an environment of racism and violence and were in a no-win situation.


Facing the prospect of dying for their country, many began to ask the question: why should we go abroad to fight for freedoms that our own people don't even have at home?


Today, under the direction of President Kweisi Mfume, the NAACP is continuing the critical work begun in 1943 to search for the truth.  In newspaper articles, letters to our national headquarters and press releases, the United States Army denies such an incident ever occurred.  In an October 29, 1998 letter to President Mfume, the Secretary of the Army says, "We have examined a sizeable portion of these records, and we have found nothing that supports Mr. Case's allegations. In fact, the information on hand appears to contradict Mr. Case's account of the events at Camp Van Dorn in 1943."


While the NAACP would like to believe the Army's response, we are reminded of several tragedies in the history of African Americans in this country. Therefore, in a response back to the Department of Defense, the NAACP has pledged its support and assistance to identify veterans or the descendants of veterans who served in the 364th Infantry and to obtain their account of events. 


We need your help to do this. We need you to spread the word amongst the members of your family who have served in the military during the World War II era. Tell them about the allegations in Mr. Case's book. Tell them about the Army's response. Ask them to recount any memories they may have of such an event. Find out if they served in the 364th Infantry unit. And if so, get them to come forward and help the NAACP and the United States Army discover the truth surrounding this horrible situation.


Please forward any inquiries on this matter to NAACP Armed Services and

Veterans Affairs, National Headquarters, (410) 358-8900.


Contributed by Girlhome, CALPatton, urban-leaders@nul.org




FROM THE DESK OF T'Zirah B. Yehuda…




Chapter 1


In the coming years of the 21st century identity, self discovery, and self determination will become an issue of even more importance for people of color more than they realize.  Black academicians, the so-called black intellegencia, the black middle class, and the poor among us will come together in unprecedented numbers as we continue to build coalitions and bridge generation and gender gaps only to return looking back at history to research our beginnings.


What we will discover will be the how and why our minds, bodies, and souls were captured in the first place.  For there is a purpose and reason for all things.  We will take a hard and honest look at the even more sinister plot for this captivity in the first place.


For many years black peoples have lived within the larger part of American and other societies (captives).  We have aspired for acceptance through various methods of acculturation whether through notoriety both negative and positive, education or crossing over by marriage or choice.  This should have given us the idea that we were part of the larger extended family of humanity.  But in reality we are not treated as such.  We as a people are given overt and covert hints of how we are viewed as a people which is base and somewhat lower then other groups of humanity unable to garner even public support or sympathy for justice. 


These attitudes are demonstrated whenever there is a cry from black people in America for recognition of wrongs committed against us.  Blacks cannot fathom what the larger problem is. They know something is there lurking, an answer for all this misery.  We need only take a severe look at history to find the answer for ourselves, and it started even longer ago than slavery.  But because of this period of time which was referred to as "The peculiar Institution" we witness the ways in which this captivity was carried out and the forces behind the undertaking.


At a 1998 Y.O.U. (Yisraelite Organizations of Unity) convention in Chicago professor M.E.R. Mathivhva a Lemba from South Africa in his presentation told of the wars  (ethnic cleansing) between the Hutus and Tutsi's of Ruwanda was based on ethnic reprisals. Mathivhva continued that one group was influenced by the Catholic Church which exploited both groups for land and influence.  One group was from a monarchal family (Tutsi) and the other Hebrews (Hutus). 


This story is but one in modern time which was used in the past and has been repeated in many countries since successfully although now it may take other forms such as economic development the religious approach is still a viable one.


In Christopher Taylor’s book, M. I. L. K. HONEY and MONEY, he documents the tremendous influence Christian missionary work had and its influences on the hearts, minds, and souls of Black Peoples on the African continent especially in Rwanda and Burundi.  Since this history is fairly recent we have only to look back several years to see this influence at work.


Religion and the Body Politic Chapter 2 P. 51-52


"Recent research on sub-Saharan Africa shows that Christian missionaries acted as the sometimes unwitting: culture brokers:  (Geertz 1973) of European capitalist culture (Auge 1975; van Binsberge 1979; Roberts 1989; Comaroff 1985)/ Rwanda, in its passage from a gift economy to a commodity economy, was no exception to this general pattern.  Catholic missionaries offered Rwandans a first-hand model of commodity practices and concepts. Such as wage labor, private property, contract, egalitarianism, and individualism.  Most important on the question of misfortune, the missionary experience exposed Rwandans to the notion of essential human inadequacy: an image of the self divided between a material, corruptible aspect-the body- and an immortal soul constantly in struggle with the body as the instigator of sins that accumulate and have to be confessed.


Catholicism reinforced the individualistic tendencies of capitalism by insisting that the struggle with fleshly desire was a personal one; salvation was an individual achievement gained at the expense of a life-long struggle with an egotistical, desiring body."


"Nothing remains of the Tutsi monarchy and the former condition of Tutsi dominance.  Rwanda's Hutu majority managed to use the ties it developed with the Catholic Church to advance itself politically and economically.  Today Rwanda's Hutu government remembers the debt it owes the Catholic Church, whose privileged status, temporal power, and success in discouraging heterodoxy seems likely to persist".


"Milk, Honey, and Money:  Changing Concepts in Rwandan Healing

Christopher C. Taylor (1992)

ISBN 1-56098-104-0


Smithonian Institution Press

Washington and London


By T'Zirah B. Yehudah


Copyright 2001 T'zirah B.Yehuda






My Dear Brother Mawusi,


First, let me tell you that I am not a sister just of words and not substance for I too wish that the nations of dispersed Africans find nationhood, and I stand ready to assist organizations who are interested in the self determination and compensation efforts for black peoples in the Diaspora.


I will continue to send suggestions and ideas which will give direction and focus to any endeavors made by these organizations which state as their mission and appear to address issues for black people.  As you say there is much to be done and I might add there is must to be learned too on the road to nationhood.


The key here is NATION.  Like the Native Americans, blacks are from many tribes of Afrikans though from a common nation.  Identity subject matter must be considered and recognized as a topic foci. 


Blacks within the Diaspora have been indoctrinated and have adopted many forms of identities through various forms of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc., yet we don't examine their origins to Europeans and Arabs beginnings.  If we are to examine nationhood, we must take a closer look at these subjects to see how this has hampered our progress in the past, present and future.


 Religion or belief systems govern how we think and the day to day behaviors which dictate our existence.  These are also aspects which will determine nationhood for without these directions we will wander, be prey to the continued dictates and dogmas, thereby perpetuating our present dilemma.  If we are serious about nationhood we cannot and must not continue using those systems which have failed to allow us self determination and respect in the past.


HISTORY and etymology (The study of the origin of words), should be a great part of conference topics and how not having knowledge of these play a role in the misdirection and  miseducation of our peoples.


We must summon the scholars within the Medical, Academic, and Judicial arenas so that those who profess to have black interest at heart can make a serious and public commitment to our efforts at self determination. 


As in the past, all serious changes give the masses notice, and then efforts move forward.  There will be those who just want to look at history being made, those who change history, and those who work against it.


Those of us who are serious and committed WILL strive for change, but we must know who and where our detractors come from so that we are aware of them.


I feel that efforts at education begin at learning the needs within individual communities.  First, self education.  This involves knowing what is taking place or not taking place within our perspective communities.  Asking hard questions. Who or what agency or person serve OUR best interests.  Find out who they are and have a discussion about self determination and identity.  Most of our people are making attempts at learning about our past histories.  Is the community aware of H.R. 40?


Last summer at an African American Festival I educated the community about a slave ship which was found in 1973 by a black scuba diver, Moe Molinar.  This ship is the first ship found that was involved in the slave trade.  This venue was welcomed by the community and the effect of black people opening up to their slave history gave them the courage to ask questions.  Copies of H.R. 40 was passed out along with other literature about the slave trade.  Because black people were reminded of a past which needed redress they were able to address present day issues without discomfort. 


Today's efforts to quiet black peoples are the same used in my generation.  Keep those fun loving comedic programs and movies going, invite them to our society balls, give them just enough money to keep them busy.


The Christian churches which preached that blacks were cursed therefore enslaved because of it are now making us "intermediaries" and drawing Christians ever closer to European Judaism by accepting that Jesus was a Jew therefore Christians must now protect the Jew against all.  Now you see crosses with the Jewish star if David firmly implanted within it to signify this new alliance. 


Peoples AND religions are uniting peoples as ever before and this is what this self determination movement is up against.  Religion is preached to keep peoples part of a whole in order to guarantee the one world government planned


This is SERIOUS BUSINESS! Nationhood means giving up the Old and embracing the New.  We must learn just what these New things are!  So, brother what will be these new things which will unite us all because the old things have failed us!


Don't despair the questioning I know what you are doing...we do have to unite and come together, but we need an agenda with which to work from and the comments, suggestions, above serve to do just this.  I'm hoping that when others see these comments they are inspired to do the same.














Hoteph and Great Ancestral Blessings from the Creator to yo'll.  It is Monday June 11, 9:30 P.M., and I am letting you all know I am back from my sojourn around Florida. It was a very successful journey capped off with the most enlightening and pleasurable conversations with Chief Elder Osiris and Brother James in Orlando today.  We talked and taught and learned about each other for about 3 hours.  We agreed to take our places as responsible Black men along side each other (with many more similar mindsets to come and be identified) and carry out missions to build a nation state mentality in our folks as we simultaneously build a nation of citizens with privileges and rights determined by a pure collective Black Afrikan mind concept.

Repatriation and Reparations are vital to the cause.  Devine Intervention for the creation of a Self Determined Nation State of Afrikans Populated From Around The Diaspora is in motion and offers you the opportunity to build with us our reunification with our ancestral lineage and homeland.  The nature of this task calls and mandates for only the righteously serious, dedicated, fearless, committed, pure with intent soldier amongst us to offer assistance.  "Many are called."  Only a few are moved by the spirit to step up and take on the roles needed as the models of Black Nationalist Unification in this movement. The arrogant, weak minded, co-opted, alternative thinkers and doers need not step forward.  Chief Elder and Brother James are two of the many to hear the call and are qualified to respond.  It should be taken as an honor to apprentice with them. This Brother’s writings need to be read and discussed after we pray for clarity in earnest thought to inculcate the message.

"Therefore, I hereby declare to Chief Elder Osiris, Brother James, you and my spirit guides My unrelenting effort and unwavering commitment to building the 55th Black Afrikan Nation State.  I shall work with others of like minds and shall be held accountable to selected Black Afrikan Nationalists scattered around the world for my sincerity.  This I say without duress or force or without choice."

I promise more to come.  I am going to set up a unique email address in the near future just for this effort.  I shall use my "chosen name" and some numbers as my special email address.  Be on the look out for <<Mawusi.....@aol.com


Free the mind..... Free the nation....


Mawusi.... me, Robert Mawusi..... IT’S NATION BUILDING TIME.................. YAh....


[My Brother, you don’t realize just how much truth you have denoted!  Before it’s all over with, you will have more exiled Blacks helping you build this “Nation” than you can shake a stick at.   The United States is a sinking ship, and people are starting to realize that a good life and peace of mind are more important than greed, power, and sex!  T.Y. Editor]




FROM:            RHazard988


     TO: AFRIKADZATASI@webtv.net


     RE:          Calls for Slavery Restitution Getting Louder



<<When one takes into consideration that up until recently most of the history europeans and "america" same people, taught was and in some cases still is false and racist in nature.


I dig yah miss sister lady soldier.  You are right to recognize and to teach.  "It is HIS - STORY" being "taught".  Some of us know consciously it "is false and racist in nature." Others don’t.  We are doing righteous education of "OUR - STORY" at levels never before imagined in this country.   We have researched, produced, and distributed our material after seeking out the rich home grown resources of our ancestors glorious past.  We are about to battle the false and racist nature to a stand still. 


Beware though.  He is next going to attack us openly with more overt violence and not try to rationalize to the White public the disgrace of his actions.  We must prepare ourselves for the violence coming.  We must train our selves and others in the ways of self-defense with and without weapons. We must strike back against anyone who attacks us as individuals or as a collective group.  With the "Ballot or the Bullet" and in the media, as well. 


The White Militia is ready and has been getting prepared for the race war they say is coming.   We, too, must get prepared for the race war they are bringing our way.  They will kill and maim us when we try to practice self determination and declare ourselves a Nation State.  Or "Forget our place" or support black businesses or "move on up."  The Declaration of Nation State within the borders of the usa would be considered a threat to the security of the country.  That justifies intervention/war for white folks.  Just a caution to the wise.   Be prepared.


Free the mind... Free the spirit... Free the Afrikan in you.... Free the land.....


Mawusi.... (aka Robert)




Mawusi’s (Rhazard) Response to “Calls for Reparations Getting Louder:


<<Hoteph My Brothers And Sisters:


I cannot for the life of me see what is all of the rambling about reparation needing a legal foot to stand on and all of the various scenarios about who it is we must approach for restitutions for the most barbarous act ever to be perpetrated against humanity.................................


It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!


A fool verifies  himself by one action, after which it becomes a statement of fact.


Much love to the Afrikan Nation.


Osiris Akkebala

Chief Elder




Please Go to Peace within you my Friend.  It is not for you to "see the rambling" of others.  If you go looking, it will turn out to be a frustrating confusion for you.  I think it is time for enlightened activists to stop reacting to the "Johnny Come Latelies" with their efforts to get on the reparations bandwagon. NCOBRA, P.A.I.N., and other organizations have made reparations and nationalism popular words today.  The concept isn’t as clear to most who use it, still.  So Be It. 


I am coming to you for the purpose of focusing a discussion on the establishment of a strategy to create a United Afrikan Diaspora Peoples Nation State.  How do we make that happen????  That is the key point of my visit with you. With that in mind.  I found the need to not be concerned with those who do not share that vision.  I want to work and play with conscious Brothers and Sisters who have a focus on NATION STATE STATUS.  I believe there are enough of us to layout the route of travel to get to our state.  I know we must help those who want to journey with us.  But, we cannot wait for those who are not ready.  Yelling at them, encouraging them, and having dialogue with them is loving them. 


The hard actuality is that if we don’t keep moving, we won’t get there ourselves.  We must show tough love.  Let some fend for themselves while we mark the trail.  Self Determination and collective work and responsibility will get us a nation state without reparations.  Cooperative Economics will fund it.  Some just don’t and won’t get it.  I say cut them loose for now and keep on pushing. 


The beacon of our nation will draw them to the light.  We cannot hold the water without the container.  Let’s ingather conscious workers to build the container. While others who are awakening on the outskirts seek the water on the way in.  Once we have the container established.  We can go back for the others at the water anytime we determine. 


I said all that to suggest that "We stop responding to all new travelers crossing our paths."  Let others do that.  We have more uplifting work to do. 


Free the spirit.... Free the mind...... Free the time..... There is work to do.... It is Nation Building Time!


"If you who are wise enough to understand what has just been written, then act on it!!"  Your words  will calm the spirit...... PEACE.....


Alafia...... Mawusi

[And may the All-Mighty GOD of Hosts be with you!!!]




1 Afrika




I returned form my weekend sojourn around Florida and had to immediately go back out for an extended visit.  Upon my return there was a package awaiting me containing audio tapes from the NUBIAN Agenda. I cannot read the return address and do not know from whence they came.  If you sent me the tapes, Asante Sana.  Please identify yourself so I may thank you directly. 


I had the opportunity to hear some of the tapes and was impressed with most of what I heard. Some information was not new. I was most taken with the "Law of Responsibility." I pray that natural law becomes more known and practiced.  I will forward the law from that tape in the near future.  As the tape stated, "An idea whose time has come is unstoppable."  Referring to reestablishing the greatness of the Nubian Empire, please be on the lookout for info describing the First Law of Responsibility.


Free the mind..... Mawusi.....




FROM:  RHazard988@aol.com



     TO:  NgoneA@webtv.net wrote:



<<Take care of yourself and I will stay in contact, please do the same.



Alfia Brother Mawusi,


Thank You.   I have been anxiously awaiting to hear the good news. It is wonderful news, and I am honored to be a part of and serve in whatever capacity will benefit this timely and historical movement towards "True Freedom." 


Take care of yourself, and I will stay in contact, please do the same.





Hear the Drum Beat of the


55th Afrikan Nation


"Up You Mighty Race"





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